Aberdeen urge SPFL to wait, it will make no difference


I’m delighted Aberdeen got on-board with the suggestion the SPFL refrain from making a quick decision to curtail the Premiership season.  In a letter to the other 11 SPFL teams, the League and SFA, they want to explore every way possible to complete the remaining league and Scottish Cup fixtures, while keeping a full 2020-21 fixture programme.

There is no reason for the SPFL, or our governments, to act quickly to cancel the season, and every reason to monitor what happens in countries where plans to relax lockdown have been prepared.

Chairman Dave Cormack outlined objectives and concerns, including the health of players and their ability to perform during a heavy fixture burden without affecting the outcome of games.  His optimism is commendable, but almost certainly misplaced.

Players are in a demographic considered among the safest from the worst consequences of virus, but playing football games will spread Covid among squads.  Fixtures cannot be fulfilled if your squad is ill with Covid, or isolating because they have been exposed to the virus.  Recuperation time from an illness with such consequences is also likely to be substantial for an athlete (this remains uncertain as no athlete has yet recuperated and returned to competition).

I would love to see the season end competitively.  We will not be able to attend games, but we would be able to watch Celtic win the title on the field, see Hearts relegated the way nature intended and watch Newco play their home games in Paisley.

Instead of cramming lots of games into the available time, I suspect the first year football returns will see lots of fixture cancellations and competition overruns.  We have yet to get our heads around where the world is right now, but there’s no reason Aberdeen cannot look into possibilities.  Wait until June, realise what you should have known for months and call it then.

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  1. Happy Friday eve from a much needed rain soaked Kentucky.



    The man in the trench coat, badge out, laid off


    Says he’s got a bad cough, wants to get it paid off




  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    TIMALOY29 on 23RD APRIL 2020 12:11 PM







    Like the way you think.







    Whisper it.





    Time of opportunity.





    P.L. is unlikely to ignore it .

  3. Paul any comment on The Gaurdians Ewan Murrays demented ( now including the DUP ) campaign for an independent inquiry into the SPFL vote

  4. Timaloy- kind of agree with you,less money on transfers in and out,so after we all reset,we could be looking closer to home.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    I agree don’t see anything wrong with the sheep’s statement, play it out if we can and we all agree to that. What I don’t understand is why the Huns are getting excited about it but then again they are thick😱

  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Everybody knows there are two Ewen/Ewan Murrays to avoid whenever possible.



    There’s Ewen Murray the Hearts fan who waffles a lot about golf but is pretty sound on swing mechanics and there’s Ewan Murray the Hearts fan who writes rubbish in the Guardian.



    You ‘n’ me would prefer to talk to Alisdair Maclean about why Ewan Henderson at Ross County couldn’t match the impact McCann made at St Johnstone. There’s only three months age difference between the two.

  7. “Big gatherings and events are likely to be off for some months to come.



    So a return to normal as we knew it is not on the cards in the near future.”



    So says wee Nicola the noo.



    And it’s one, two, three,


    What are we fighting for ?


    To stop the Tims winning spree.


    Next stop is admins door.

  8. Paul 67,



    Another poingnant article in a series of great ones. Thank you for your time and effort.



    The huns playing home games I’m Paisley ? Interesting.



    Our country has changed forever, most definitely in its values and mindset.



    What do you think about a players wage cap. It’s inevitable this subject will arise as we re- evaluate just who is invaluable to our society.



    Going forward I do not think public opinion will allow market forces to decide players renumeration.



    HH to all and stay safe 🌈🌈🌈

  9. SHUGGIEBHOY67 on 23RD APRIL 2020 9:12 AM


    Some say love, it is a river






    That drowns the tender reed





    Some say love, it is a razor





    That leaves your soul to bleed





    Some say love, it is a hunger





    An endless aching need





    I say love, it is a flower





    And you, its only seed







    It’s the heart afraid of breaking





    That never learns to dance





    It’s the dream afraid of waking





    That never takes the chance





    It’s the one who won’t be taking





    Who cannot seem to give





    And the soul, afraid of dyin’





    That never learns to live







    When the night has been too lonely





    And the road has been too long





    And you think that love is only





    For the lucky and the strong





    Just remember in the winter





    Far beneath the bitter snows





    Lies the seed that with the sun’s love





    In the spring becomes the rose





    Frankie Miller











  10. When is payday for Sevco ?


    And are they still trying to put pressure on FtSPFL for a loan meet that payment ??



    So let’s hold off until after end of May and make the call on this season – just to ensure Sevco sink


    PS – what’s the last date they can confirm an Admin to take a points hit for this season ??


    And then after that date the hit would be 20/21 season, but hopefully they will be gone before then

  11. During lockdown most of us have an odd half hour that we could


    spare in a good cause. What could be a better way to spend it than


    to make a sick kiddie smile – and it only costs the price of a stamp!


    Please click on to the following site and you can not only make a child


    smile but I bet you will also feel good as a person!






    Hail! Hail!



  12. Norrie



    Huns have suffered wages for 3months then the bomb will go off end of june.







    Further to that point…. other Scottish clubs might be so hard up for cash that they are willing to agree to purchase & loan back deals



    We will see how hard up they all are.

  14. Bamboo: from previous thread:



    I’m with WITS. Those protesters at the Dublin court are complete nutters.

  15. Forgiveness is the Ki.



    Dave whit ye talkin aboot.



    FORGIVENESS is the Ki.



    We wrestle not against…….

  16. If and when football returns we should insist that 19/21 season completes. UEFA has implied they will accept nominated Champions from each member. This allows Celtic as provisional champions and qualifying for Champions League at whatever stage we have to start.



    We should look at the effects on Sevco. They have no line of credit from any Bank. It may be that they don’t qualify for Government loans either. They have no commercial income and no Kit sponsor. If rumours are true then they cannot use any 20/21 season ticket money until the season has a start date. If the 19/20 season is to be played out then SPFL cannot pay out the final tranche until the 8/9 games are played out.



    Now their players have deferred salaries for a short time. Can they defer till December 2020.



    in fact they have no income from any where soon Their accounts said they needed £10m to finish the season what can they do about the 6 months of no income following the season end of May 20

  17. Good article Paul



    Sevco to play games in Paisley? Hope you know something here.



    I still think there will be no games played until planet earth has been vaccinated against this cruel virus.


    I do not know how Football clubs think holding off until June will somehow give an answer.


    I do like keeping Sevco hanging by a thread and draining there DUP cash.



    D. :)

  18. UEFA/FIFA don’t impress me much.



    Wan of my Favourite ever games. Because Win Lose or Draw.



    We Won but we lost.



    Wow – in the Jungle. The Mighty Jungle

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nice work Pablo.



    Important that some outlet projects the strategic, realistic view as an antidote to all the nonsense.



    Loved the line about Sevco and Paisley.




  20. Tavernier says the club and the players have a winning mentality, problem is that mentality hasn’t produce a win in any competition.


    Nice of sky to promote 15 laptops from them. If that was my club I would be embarrassed by that.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 23RD APRIL 2020 1:34 PM




    Glad you`re on here . Peter.


    Because this is where you belong .



    ” Praise the Almighty ” .


    With you on that.


    Respect to those who are not .

  22. Paul67



    ” I would love to see the season end competitively.”



    Kick the can further down the road? – give Celtic our richly deserved title


    and forget about football, till the world is a safer place.



    The UK goverment unlike Germany made a mess with CV19.




  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sevco donate (probably from a sponsor) 15 iPads to NHS,…….that and 2 tubs of hand sanitizer (which was from a sponsor)……totally embarrassing

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