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  1. Dons will be blowing out of their arses on 75 mins…2 or 3 late goals coming.

  2. Well that was entertaining. The first half just flew by.


    Having such an attack minded team has left us a bit vulnerable in midfield.


    Obviously Brooney will sort that.


    Really difficult to get your mind around what we have just witnessed.


    However we are 2 goals to the good, not a poster here who wouldn’t have taken that before kick off.

  3. Phew what a 1st half. A football blitzkrieg from the Bhoys 3-0 up in 9 minutes. The Dons score an absolute cracker to pull one back. Aberdeen fired up Celtic unable to get agrip on midfeild which is exposing our defense and causing them to make a few mistakes gifting Aberdeen a lot of goal theating opportunities. Need to beef up the middy. When is Scotty back?

  4. Doc: I’m chilled, thoroughly enjoying it. Just commenting on how the balance of the game has changed. Still looking for a record score though:-)

  5. The Dons trying their hardest but just arent good enough. Expect us to hit another 3 in second half to really burst their bubble

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    We have no midfield foothold in the game.



    Entertaining stuff, but I expect a bit of tightening up in the second half.



    Not Big Tom’s night, though, in truth, no one is standing out.

  7. Griffiths delivery from set pieces in Nakamura-esque. A feature since his return in the last three games.

  8. Great game.



    You’ll not see a more entertaining team than the hoops.



    HH . COYBIG.

  9. cathedral view on

    Our central defenders are missing the easy out ball to Scott Brown. Callum McGregor is playing that position but is often too far up the pitch.

  10. 1-3 but could easily be 3-4.



    Started well but defensively we are shocking both in our defensive line and in our midfield. Definately missing the calming influence and class of Brown defensively. No one performing his role. Boyata looks to have reverted back in this game. Lustig, Jozo and Boyata losing the areal battles and failing to clear lines properly.



    Satisfied with result but disappointed we are allowing Aberdeen to come at us so easily.




  11. Corkcelt



    Agree I can’t believe I was annoyed when we are 3-1 up. I’m sure we will hit a couple more in the second half

  12. Well I was out at dinner for the first half hour. So I’m clearly a jinx…



    We always concede when I’m not watching. Johnny Hayes scored? From Right Back? Deserves that player of the year nomination…


    Looks as if something is causing our guys problem when knocking the ball about.


    Have they grown the grass a little longer ?

  14. Thom, I think Griff is a stand out. Created 2 scored the 3rd and came close again before the interval.


    Put in 3 or 4 great corners.

  15. Priority interrupt prevented me posting late first half.


    My 4 month old grandson was watching from my knee.


    Must have been our sensational start.


    We lost control after our 3rc goal.


    Tom and Calum need to grab the ball and indulge in a wee bit of possession.


    I expect BR, and I don’t mean British Rail, will sort out the MF at the break, and get us back on track. ;-))

  16. Game is too open for me, midfield is struggling to win the ball back , it has been a quick game, Tom Callum and SS not in it much.However in an instant these three can score another three

  17. thetimreaper on

    Game is a bit too open and stretched, we don’t have a sitting midfield to help prevent Aberdeen attacks and to take the ball off our defenders. I think Bitton will come on for Rogic soon. We are 3-1 up, we don’t need to chase it, even if we sacrifice an attacking player we will still create more chances.

  18. Absolute mayhem here! The goal celebration were crazy. Had no idea Aberdeen had scored until we were picking ball out of the net.


    Then the one empty seat in front of us is filled as Bhoy comes back from the long queue at the pie stall announcing that he’d missed ALL the goals. Hope he’s recording it!

  19. Almore, thought you would be.



    EmbraMike, sheep exposed at the back?


    Oh er missus:-)

  20. Can see Bitton or Eboue coming on for Rogic to shore up the midfield defensively. We also need to get the ball to our two wide attackers more. Roberts has Considine on toast when he gets the ball and Sinclair is always liable to score.

  21. ‘GG on 12TH MAY 2017 8:40 PM


    Priority interrupt prevented me posting late first half.



    My 4 month old grandson was watching from my knee.




    Considering how often and well you post updates you can enjoy and deserve a few minutes off..

  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. YAS! Good updates guys. Relying on them as we have to be at a party the night. I’m ragin!! As long as the Tic win!!







  23. Yorkbhoy


    It’s a small chance to wean him away from Yankees and Giants influences.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Yea, your right, but in general, he is suffering from the disjointed play around him.



    PR and SS are not in the game and Armstrong ,Calmac and Rogic are in each other’s way.



    Our full backs are getting roasted and our two centre backs have the jitters.



    Apart from that……..

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Corkcelt 8.40pm



    I think wee Griff has been a standout since he signed for us……



    He won Ronny over….



    And hopefully has won Brendan over…..



    The wee mhan is magic

  26. Aberdeen should be given credit for coming back into it after the first 10 minutes. They are showing why they are the number two team in the country and that the Cup Final will not be a case of turn up and win. Can see them tire as the second half progresses after the effort they put in to stop us running over them.




    Grass looks very long, like they don’t have enough sheep up there to munch on it.



    McInnes is that kind of two bob coach..

  28. embramike supporting Res 12 on



    Yes grass is longer to stop us playing and they aren’t using the grass anywayl !



    Doc – steady …..

  29. Quick question before the second half starts… Has Leigh got quicker in his running?

  30. cathedral view on

    BT show Aberdeens best chance of the first half but omit our two gilt edged chances from Rogic and Sinclair.



    We should’ve scored 5 in the first half.

  31. Ah, now, will the SFA give the grass cutters the day off before the cup final now?



    I would not put that past them.

  32. Celtic coming on.


    I fancy we will see Bitton early in this half


    Don’s kick off

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