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  1. WITS



    If i could just tweak it….” hav the newco sevco suffered enuff”




  2. TheLurkinTim, do you think we are reliant on other results?


    We aren’t at present, our destiny is in our own hands, even before today’s results, it always has been.

  3. Speaking of the ol’ Auld Alliance, just realised I got the winner of the King George, (at 16s) picked the horse with the French sounding name with Clan at the start of it. Who needs the form book when you apply some good old fashioned Scottish Celtic logic? Not me!

  4. FRAMBO11 on 26TH DECEMBER 2018 5:03 PM


    When will he start being known as a rookie manager?



    smiley that wid stick in their craw thing …



    “the second craw …could nae flee a taw …could nae flee a taw …ah ah ah the second craw …could nae flee a taw …could nae flee a taw…on a cold and frosty morning ”




  5. Half decent game to watch, delighted with the three points.


    You would struggle to make a one penalty from the two that were given against us today.


    Odsone, magic substitution, great to see Scotty back to near his best.


    Niall McGinn staying on the park was a disgrace, shocking tackle, could have broken Ryan’s leg no problem.


    The bhoys should have a very decent trip home.


    A few on here were wetting their panties earlier, where are they now……….

  6. Even cheating cant halt the famous Glasgow Celtic.


    Thank you CelticCSC


    Ps Johnny Hayes instead of Izzy for me on Sat.

  7. Doc



    It’ll allways has been in our hands…but a fukup along the way from rivals allows us a bit of welcome breathing space

  8. BSR


    They are scared of our visit to Ibrox on Saturday. They fear we will score 5 goals again. I think we will.



  9. Hibbee supporting goalie in a tangerine sweater no looking like the bestest in the country by a long shot for that goal.



    Two words for Rainjurz




    ” Not good enough ”








    Good to see you’re still in top form. :-)) Merry Christmas.

  11. THE EXILED TIM on 26TH DECEMBER 2018 5:15 PM


    Yesterday felt like a sunday, today feels like a saturday.








    smiley join the club thing



    hope you had a braw day …regards to the smile …




  12. GFTB


    Love a scapegoat silencing the doubters.


    When he runs down the wing he is fast as lightening. Frightening


    SS CSC

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    BSR 5.19pm



    We should be coming ‘ to places like this ‘ and WHINNING ”




    Seethen Gerrard



    Fixed that for you :-)




    The Brain Trust over there will work out soon how poor a coach he is tactically, won’t they.)))



    If we beat them this weekend his jaiket will be on a very shaky nail..




  15. Haha…jist tried to fone OldTim67….somehow foned my old man…he wisnae chuffed wae my opining statement …wit a lol

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD 5.23pm



    No Celtic scapegoats in my mind, the jersey might be heavy but am sure not one player tries to be rubbish



    Anton Rogan CSC



    I loved Anton but an easy target for far too many back in the day



    Loved Johnny Hayes & Sinky bhoy doing their wee “handshake” on full time then in the interview … we reside in beautiful Celtic times

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