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  1. MICKBHOY1888 on 26TH DECEMBER 2018 6:05 PM


    Oh and just one more thing before I return to the Roma game, McGinn today totally disproved the theory once a tim always a tim, shocking tackle that could have put Christie out of the huns match on Saturday





    Not often I agree with you ( FEKN NEVER) McGinn was out of order ,should have had a red card.

  2. William Collum you are a very sad human being if you believe that your efforts today will somehow ingratiate yourself with the powers SFA that be in not so Bonnie scotia. Mr Collum you are a disgrace to football. Hh

  3. They’ve imploded. 4 points dropped in over a week, 6 but for a last gap winner. Aberdeen was always our toughest league game in these last series of games so I’m confident for Saturday.

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    from ff no less



    ‘Unfortunately can only agree, Celtic will do what Rangers used to do…. motor on after the break and win the title at a canter.’

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    When will the sheep realise that McInnes is a dud, park the bus tactics like Hamilton or Dundee, to no effect. Then again I would put their support in the same vain as The Hun’s and Hertz, horrible mob , no time for them. Only difference is that they hate the Hun more than they hate us, big deal…..



    £6.5 Million? for Celtic’s RB in our wee diddy league




    I blame Peter Lawwell CSC






    Just had a look, he played the full match today for Atalanta v Juventus so unlikely to be a done deal although that is the story doing the rounds.

  7. Another story doing the rounds is that Brown is unhappy that Ntcham is earning more money than him after signing his new deal. Apparently there is an issue with Brown signing on again.

  8. Delighted for “gabby” Hayes WITS, he probably knew that he would only be a squad player and yet gave up guaranteed first team fitba just tae pull the hoops on, plenty on here would have done the same

  9. Right what is left of that Turkey??? Cause I’m just back fae pub and Hank Marvin.?



    What is that Coloumn all about, we should have been playing against 9men as McGinn should have had a red, and Stevie May constantly fouling ffs.



    Never 2 penaltys in a month of Sunday’s



    Any lurking Huns ????



    GIRFUY ???????????????????????



    D. :)




    BR said KT unlikely for the weekend he could have been spinning a yarn



    AN DUN



    Indeed contracts wind down likely to be for much less for obvious reasons, including the fact he’s


    had a testimonial.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Was probable more apt, not sure why anybody would choose a moniker then change it



    Fellow Celts unless the ref can give a stack more of non penalties than Collin today we will be top of the league with a game in haund



    Take care and appreciate everything we have :-)

  12. From the BBC site:



    ” Brendan Rodgers side have also played eight games in December, albeit have had marginally longer on average between those matches.”



    Can anyone explain how that works?




  13. Right got the remains of the turkey burkey.



    Watching the game back…. Come the hoops…



    Unusually the commentary telling us Scott Brown has had 4 Fouls… Yet Stevie May has been spoken to twice…



    Cheating bassas



    D. :)

  14. HS



    We’ve had an average of 3.6 days between game and they’ve had 3.5. Amazing attention to detail by the BBC, or desperation. The statistic is an irrelevance.

  15. Broony,MC Gregor,Ntcham




    Think this will be the middle,front for Ibrox.


    Thought Ryan ran out of ideas after his wonderful first goal pass.

  16. I said earlier, make no mistake, the huns are hurtin real bad. Todays disgraceful refereeeing didn;t even work for them so expect a lot more on Saturday. They are really hurtin’ bad and will stop at nothing to get their shit team to win against us.



    We should really be prepared for anything and all forms of cheating on Saturday.


    Message to the team, keep the heid and keep 11 men on the park against their 12



    Hail Hail






  17. glendalystonsils on

    DAVID17 on 26TH DECEMBER 2018 7:30 PM



    The statistic is an irrelevance.



    As far as objectivity goes……….the BBC is an irrelevance.

  18. Broony in the team today, rendered Callum back to being the “invisible-man” again, and big Tom joined him.


    Broony’s position is now a ceremonial position, thank him, and let him go.



    Merry Christmas. ????❄⛄?⚽?✔







    smiley wake up and smell the porridge thing



    Saor Alba








  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Cheers. Didn’t catch the interviews.


    Bummer if he is out but no point risking him if not fully fit. We have a good enough team to win that game.

  21. “But Aberdeen came back again with Graeme Shinnie going down after being closed down by Mikael Lustig, the defender penalised for a push, and Cosgrove confidently converted.”



    BBC Scotland.



    Only God knows how increasing desperate and frustrated they are becoming.




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