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    I feel it’s the shape of team with Broony rather than his inclusion.


    To many abdicate influence and responsibility when he plays.


    It leaves Brown with to much work to do.


    When McGregor plays further forward all it does is reduce the space that he and Rogic have to work in so nullifies their effectiveness.


    Would like to see McG and Brown sitting deeper together with a creative player like Christie ahead of the to form effective triangle.

  2. Well done today Celtic! Playing 12 men again, that dive was beyond belief! Poor, poor refereeing!



    Onwards to Mordor, beat them in their own midden Celtic!

  3. Hot Smoked



    We played our first game in December one day before Rangers, hence the slightly longer average gap between first and last games as both teams played the same number of games.

  4. Get a letter of complaint in against Coloumn and we won’t have him again all season (worked for sevco)


    Whilst we are at it, get one in for Beaton on Saturday coming.



    D. :)

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    50 shades






    I can assure you it was filling out a P86 form that made wee Mo ditch his arran jumper for the dark side … not paying tax sits ok in Govan :-)

  6. Hrvatski Jim



    I felt it might be something like that but then thought, ` Well, we had less time off before that first game so that doesn` t really work either.`but I suppose, if desperate enough, the BBC would be quite willing to clutch at any straw. It would seem that they have done.


    Anyway, thanks for your input.


    Cheerio for now,



  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    WITS 9.36pm



    I have read somewhere that wee Johnny started out as a left back



    Ronny Delia = 4 & 5 :-)



    Ronny in

  8. TURKEYBHOY, brown has been a very good player for the celtic and so long as he is pulling on the hoops i will support him.



    however, if he can get 40k a week somewhere else then celtic should not try to stand in his way or match it. Celtic should look to the future and try to get a younger player in to replaced him, not unlike lustig who has also been very good for us.



    Brown is less valuable to the celtic that was the case 3 or so years ago. some of the old guard need replaced its the nature of all sports.



    I would push boat out to get boyata signed up but think that ship has sailed. If We can secure a win on saturday i would be tempted to sell boyata in january if possible and to use money to replace him.




  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otAiRNxZbDk



    He’s Come on a Tonne


    And his name is Odsonne


    He’s a Champion with Celtic Already


    He scores for fun against the Sevco Huns


    It’s our French Eddie


    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !





    Whenever its Tom whenever it’s Griff


    Whenever it’s Lustig or Jamesie


    They all take their turns to hammer the Huns


    Just Like Eddie


    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !





    He’s signed for the four


    He’s here for the Ten


    For the Treble Treble he’s ready


    Like Broonie Ntcham


    Wee Cal is the man


    Just like Eddie !


    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !


    Repeat !

  10. Wits I would have Jonny hayes in the team on Saturday.



    Good night all and thank you for being here.HH

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Apologies Gary (sic)



    Apologies Garry… if Napoli has scored tonight I would have had a lovely wee St Stephens coupon up … but alas not to be






    Through your good self a lot of people actually do know that Johnny was an under 13 left back as I have told everybody I know that I have heard this on “good authority” :-)



    Right fellow Celts … Home Alone 2 is about to finish and some of us (not many) have work in the morning …



    Scotty Sinclair makes it an easy(er) shift



    Hail & Hail

  12. Wits,


    I see Johnny Hayes 2 or 3 times a week,


    a quieter more unassuming guy would be hard to find,


    though he is always happy to talk about the game.

  13. A lot of guys who go to CP snd on these pages have chased Scott Sinclair a couple of months ago the last few weeks he has shown up well. Great management from BR and he is getting back to his best.

  14. SUPERSUTTON on 26TH DECEMBER 2018 8:51 PM


    I may be in the minority with thinking that McGinn foul was worthy of only a yellow. He put the brakes on but skidded. Definitely no intention to go in with studs up.




    That was the way I saw it too. If the tackle was the other way round then I’m sure the majority on here would view it in the same light as you and I.



    I have already made my views clear about the ludicrous 2nd penalty decision. However we have the benefit of numerous playbacks and close ups. I agree with BR’s analysis that the player dived to con the referee. He suceeded.



    To be clear Shinnie cheated, not the referee.



    Willie Collum is hated by the huns, not rated by most other teams supporters. Very hard to be a biased cheat under these circumstances.



    He is simply not a very good referee who was let down by his equally incompetent assistants, although in general I didn’t think he had his worst game today.



    HH to all.

  15. Guys on here saying Broonie was finished……aye right….we will play a different formation v Sevco,and Callum will sit behind him and make the play.

  16. bournesouprecipe on 26th December 2018 9:53 pm



    Keiran Tierney taken out, but gets his cross in, against Hearts Same referee


    gives nothing.



    FTSFA csc






    Brilliant, should post that for someone. anyone at Celtic to ask wee wullie what the difference was?




  17. If the story about Timothy Castagne proves to be true, it will be interesting to see if Shaun Maloney has had any involvement as he is a coach to the Belgian international team.

  18. BSR @ 9.53


    Hope someone from Celtic picks up that recording


    And asks FTSFA referees to explain the difference


    Would like the response in writing



    Won’t be holding my breath though

  19. Today was a huge test. The Sheep were up for it big time, first half we weren’t quite on our game, when we got our noses in front they got a silly penalty, when we got in front again they got a disgraceful penalty decision.


    Yet we came back a 3rd time and this time we held on for the points. It wasn’t a perfect performance, Gordon nearly gave me a Heart Attack but it was gutsy and I was just thrilled. The late equaliser in Ibrox was icing on the cake but today was all about Celtic for me. Team, Manager & fans can take a well deserved bow.


    French Eddie won us the game plain & simple, he is a huge talent but he is young and will have his ups & downs & needs to be supported.


    Brendan made the right calls, Hayes for Izzy & Eddie for CalMac, they were big calls but he got them right.


    Great to see Sincy get a hat trick, great to see Hayes playing well but the peach of a goal & the brilliant set up for the 4th by big French Eddie will be my abiding moments of a brilliant St, Stephen’s Day.


    God Bless all Tims worldwide.



    Astonished if Celtic start Jonny Hayes on Saturday.




    NotHappening csc






    If KT doesn’t make it JH will start at left back. He did very well today.

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