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    From previous thread.



    Yes Peter Lawwell did say he would fire the silver bullet but at the minute we are beyond that because the SFA did bring charges.



    So, the big issue at the minute is how and where those charges proceed as opposed to anything to do with evidence.

  2. Today’s official starting line up v Aberdeen ……



    Forster; Frimpong ,Ajer, Jullien, Bolingoli ; Brown, McGregor; Forrest, Rogic, Elyounoussi, Edouard


    Subs: Gordon, Bauer, Bitton, ElHamed, Hayes, Bayo, Sinclair

  3. I think we need more right back coverage on the bench. Let’s get wee paddy back from the Norwich bench to keep Sydney’s favorite player honest.

  4. Embramike


    Thanks for the team news. I am happy enough with that selection.



    Re Res 12, I agree with this post:



    ” JIMTHETIM53 on 27TH OCTOBER 2019 8:31 AM


    Educate the masses? I would love to see at the next home game a huge GB banner saying something like ‘Support Res. 12’ At the same game 60k flyers handed out with the succinct points.”



    Over to you, GB. You do a great job in supporting Celtic; supporting Res 12 could do with that support as well.


    PS I am not saying you have not supported it in the past.

  5. One of the most important games of the season for me. Drop points and that away record looks very bad. A win will steady things and set us up nicely for a good run. Any win today, Celtic.

  6. I thought that it’d be Bauer fom the start wih Frimpong on the bench, then maybe getting a start next Wednesday. However, Neil knows best and we will surely get to see how the wee man can actually defend.


    So far, he’s played twice and been runner up on both occasions (based on the ole CQN votes). So no pressure!

  7. Overseasbhoy


    I presume in your humorous post you meant `cover` but it may be that El Hamed is cover for Central Defence and Bauer for Right Back.

  8. Jobo


    I agree re Bauer.


    Hard to say if young Jeremie can defend. From what I have seen of him, he is more like Jimmy Johnstone than Danny Mcgrain !

  9. When I am actually there watching us play Scottish teams at Celtic Park, I feel very confident. Watching on TV makes me nervous and I almost feel that my viewing affects the outcome !!!.


    As a result of that, I will go out on the bike at 12:15 and return two hours later !


    Anyone else have wee pre-match rituals ?




    I’ve managed to get CTV up on Safari, well at least i’ve got the tunes.


    I’ll sing along if no picture and check the bhoys updates lol.


    H.H . Mick

  11. Jobo


    They certainly do…..as long as it is for every game. I might make an unannounced check at CQN Corner :-))

  12. Frimpong….is that no a braw name…cannae see him needing to do much defending…..running aboot and annoying the bejesus oot of defenders ….creating space and then big braw smiles being shared between the Celtic team as the onion sack bulges for the fifth time on a dreich east coast harry day …



    smiley come on the Celtic thing ..






    BigJimmy gute besserung to you …

  13. HOT SMOKED on 27TH OCTOBER 2019 11:28 AM



    I work shift and I never record the games I can’t see – almost always seemed to jinx us so stopped it few years back.

  14. Neustadt-Braw


    ` a dreich east coast harry day …`


    I can`t speak for Aberdeen but it is very sunny here in Arbroath.


    Harry who ? :-))

  15. M M and Embramike thanks for the info. M M hope Paddy is on the mend regards to you all, may be out your way for another visit in the future Hail Hail Hebcelt

  16. A bit shocked to see 2 very much attack I full backs playing today. (Attacking).Not too sure about this.Bauer would seem the choice, Frimpong for Wednesday.Looks like a very tough game today,with a gale force wind.


    Don’t really know about result.Rogic needs a big game.Will miss,Ryan’s endeavour.


    More hopeful than confident.

  17. God bless NFL .



    We have to take the elements out of the game , the low sun glare , the blustery conditions and the refereeing decisions ;))))

  18. Jobo



    I now pay far more attention to games that I can view the full 90mins due to your wee player of the match thingy, a very welcome addition to my Celtic viewing :-)

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