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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    Inside SPFL has James Forrest credited with 100 assists and 88 goals with Celtic.





    ive never been forrests biggest fan



    too lightweight for my liking



    have said over the years that he isnt a first team player



    but is a player we bring on with 20 minutes to go when we need someone to create a goal for us



    but his stats shoot my arguement down in a ball of flames



    but i still think im right 😁

  2. So after 9 domestic games in 2020 we head off to Copenhagen on Europa League duty on Thursday with 9 wins out of 9 under our belt, scoring 29 goals and conceding just 4.


    Interesting that 7 of the 9 games have been away fixtures and Thursday will make that 8 out of 10. Amazing run of wins under the circumstances so let’s go for 10-in-a-row !!!

  3. Gerry Calm doon. Take a wee break, & come back when you are ready.


    Outstanding result today but it also shows how fickle the game is.


    We are in pole position but there is no room for complacency.


    Just one home League game against Killie squeezed in between 2 Europas & a Scottish Cup game.


    I am glad for a bit of diversion from the League to be honest, think the pressure is getting to me whatever about the team.


    We should beat Killie OK but then it starts all over again away to Livi, Anyhow Livi can wait.


    Looking forward to the changed atmosphere of a European game.

  4. The huddle 9.03


    A supporter who got lucky 9.17



    I agree that what happened in Germany as a response was good for the soul but it was in response to someone thinking it was ok to vomit their racism in the first place,these racist idiots need to be called out and that was what is heartening in Germany,


    In Portugal,ASWGL,you are correct his team mates need to look at themselves,as do the opposition players too.He should have had 100% support from all around,


    It is noticeable these occurrences are sadly becoming more frequent,time for all our governing bodies to stop the marketing bull about being open to all and start ensuring our game is played in an environment were the clowns who shout racism are ejected,and banned for life(nope wouldn’t even send them on a course).get them out.


    Hope your good gents:-))



  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Los hunos have a couple of away games coming up in Scotland- only one in the league though over the next cupla weeks- it may work in their favour – the EL might galvanize them, you never know. Lennie’s got a helluva job picking a team for our EL tie !

  6. Corkcelt 9:34pm. I believe our most difficult upcoming game will be 2 weeks today up at Perth in the SC. Since we thumped them at the end of a January they are unbeaten.



    Next Sunday will be the litmus test though as they take on, a hopefully deflated, sevco.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GFTB on 16TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:23 PM



    When I walk into the ” pub ” , I expect to see your friendly face.



  8. Disgraceful Post WeeBawbabitty, To me that is a lot worse than language violation.


    Not sure if there are still Moderators around but there are 4 or 5 that need deleting and your’s should be top of the list.

  9. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†whit he saidπŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†



  10. Fairhill, Gerry broke the language code on a few & these should of course be deleted as well.


    However to me the Post that drew my anger & contempt was totally beyond my comprehension how an adult would slag a fellow fan in that way about his dress code etc.


    Think I’m on here about 15 years I’m rarely shocked but that was about as low as one can go,

  11. Gerry call it a night pal, I am anyway. Great day for the Celtic, will chat again with you soon. Good Night & God Bless.

  12. β€˜GG on 16th February 2020 10:37 pm



    CQNPOTY choices from today.










    Is that your POTY predications or your Jobo player of the day picks?

  13. GFTB- calm doon and mind the language.



    Fairhill Bhoy – stop the wind-ups please as it’s a bit boring, you can and have posted better. No need IMO.



    Weebabbity – your comments tonight are despicable. Get a grip.



    OK that’s me finished with being blog polis…onto the fitba.



    Great win today, terrible conditions. Lost count of the number of free kicks Wee Dallas awarded to Dons allowing their lob it into the box tactic, much preferred by McInnes, to get them some field position.



    Second half there were at least 2 two footed tackles by Aberdeen in their half which put 2 Celts up in the air. Play-on was Dallas decision. Taylor, McKenna & Considine do this constantly against Celtic. First time I seen a yellow for Taylor for one such tackle. Hence the reason for his reaction. Scottish football will go nowhere while this is still allowed.



    Anyway, great move and composure for winning goal.



    Well done Celts.