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  1. I think our board and management team are underestimating the hun. We expect them to implode so any panicking is bed wetting etc



    We’ve conceded the same goals today as they have in 12 league games this season. They beat us in third gear last week. They’ve been to Livi, Pittodrie, Easter Road and Fir Park – they now have a favourable run of games till we meet them again in New Year.



    They’ve a stronger squad this season – not a stronger team but there’s definitely more depth there. They have a pattern of play and they know their role within that play.



    They have an opportunity to build a substantial points lead while we participate in the SC.



    It’s a huge season, season tickets will plummet next summer if we fall short. The hun will be 2 rounds from the CL. This season will shape the future of Scottish football for a long time to come.

  2. Just so as you have the context of THAT rumour…It was NOT triggered by today’s game..I received it on MONDAY evening from two sources in the North of Ireland ….It was relating to the team meeting that day to review Saturday’s setback.



    The Lawwell and Man U ‘match up’ emanated from the same area at the same time but a different source (Man U fan club)… and stated that he was seriously in the frame to replace Ed Woodward at Old Trafford.



    There was an almanac of other allegations, accusations and flights of fancy.



    NONE were verifiable and therefore most people just discarded them and without that confirmation those I talked to refused to pass them any further.



    Obviously, since they now have been attached to today’s game, I would suggest that scales are weighted with “someone being at it!”.




  3. THE_HUDDLE on 25TH OCTOBER 2020 7:14 PM



    Lawwell will also be gone if we lose the 10.






    I very much doubt it.

  4. the reason sevco are better is because of coaching were we dont have any worth talking about because neil like his boss before reallydid not believe in them

  5. A couple of regulars posted a comment about a text they received making us think they are in the inner circle of knowledge ,then when they are found out that that they are rumour mongerin they try and make light of it .


    Many on here ,like myself,like to hear the truth about our club we don’t need fantasies ,and another thing if anyone ,they know who they are ,think leaking the team out before the game is good have a look at yourself.


    I have been supporting Celtic in person for over 60 years so don’t come bac with any of your crap

  6. Aberdeen closed us down first half no question. And got a timely penalty. We got back into the game twice on good effort and got our own timely penalty. Where do we go from here? Do what the Dons did first half and win the game, or try and win a game where we are already in front? We all know the answer to that one. We have all seen the movie, and the sequel. Priority must be the Scottish Cup semi-final next week, do as well as we can against Lille of course, but get into that final come what may.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    If we were rock solid at the moment you wouldn’t have all these rumours flying around , put out there by huns trying to further unsettle us .


    Mischief making by those who are no friends of Celtic.

  8. Bankiebhoy.



    you have the glint of the emerald about you :-)


    not a rumour btw.fact.lol




  9. Awoke to so much urine and faeces on here I thought I’d stumbled onto SewerageQuickNews.


    No; we’re not completely pish but we’re falling troublingly short of the quality we know we’re capable of.


    Yes; we were better in part v Dons but there’s sure trouble at t’mill via puzzling picks and performances.


    However, we’re still 2nd top with a game in hand DESPITE being dogged by covid, playing and selection probs.


    And for all the body lingo and facial expression gurus out there; ever seen Marco Bielsa during a match?


    Amateur speculation on the inner workings of players or managers’ heids belongs in the Darlinda territory.


    KTF for now; least til Lille and next Sundays results are in. HH

  10. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Last night, very angry, could have thrown the toys, the wean, and


    the pram oot the windae.


    New morning, peaceful head on, thinking about players making silly


    decisions i.e Callum going into the back of a few sheepies and an


    ever compliant Gollum happy to give free kicks, possibly he was too


    hyper to think straight.


    Big Shane ? ex EPL player doing what a boy at the Glesga Green would


    get pelters for and not putting that ball into the North Sea.


    Ollie? a player apparently admired by many, being the wrong side of


    opponents not once but a few times.


    Lenny? why not close the game down when we went ahead, and not for


    the first time.


    Despite that I sensed a good attitude and maybe big Elhamed and others


    back, and a bit of a confidence injection we’ll get our mojo back.


    Personally don’t think it would be a good time for a change of manager


    he’s got us most of the nine so he deserves to sort this out and see it




    H.H. Mick

  11. Seems some on here are more concerned about Sevco than our Club ,Celtic have some good Players but I don’t know if they have downs tools ,especially after Lennon slated a few off them for wanting away ,why would they be asking to leave,something went badly wrong in the summer transfer window,which we haven’t fully recovered from,anyhow it’s not pretty watching Celtic




    Absolutely agree about getting into that cup final.. and.. winning it.


    That would be the confidence booster we’re looking for.


    Can imagine the huns erses twitching at the thought of the Bhoys


    getting their mojo back.


    H.H. Mick

  13. sick like everyone else , but it was a train wreck that has been coming with a club our size having a mid SPFL coaching set up. why, sorry most of know because a top class coaching staff would tell PL to take a hike.



    i will say it again and said it when transfer window shut , it was another transfer window penny pinching shambles. 11.5m net spent .


    in September 2019 we had according to interim results end of year cash results before season tickets for 19/20 season game in was 38.9M!!!! net cash in bank( that’s was the Rodgers 9M and Dembele money plus profits ) then we sold KT for 25M so we never even used his money this year



    End of year results are usually out end of September , where are they???



    it would not look good to have a shambles of a start to the most important year in our clubs history with end of season cash in the bank of greater than 30M+ would it Peter?



    what has to happened now?



    it cant get any worse But wont get any better under Neil and the coaching staff (inexperienced at top level ) appointed by Peter lawell



    so need a experienced coach hired by DD, Not PL and in this week

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Good morning CQN from a ecstatic Melbourne, the state opening up


    now after 0 new infections recorded today.


    As from tomorrow all retail, cafes, restaurants pubs will be opened.


    Congratulations to all Victorians for staying the course, it’s been very


    difficult but worthwhile.


    Now about the Celtic situation??????


    H.H. Mick

  15. Good morning cqn from a dark, rain and windswept Garngad



    That’s great news Mick.



    Unfortunately we have football clubs in the west of Scotland flouting Covid laws (well 1 to be precuse) plus Europa League games and International football where players are travelling all around the world and back to the west of Scotland. Flights in and out as well bringing people from all over the world again.


    But its oor fault according to the Government so they restrict our movements.



    Anyway bring on the Frenchies of Lillle.



    D :)

  16. Melbourne Mick on




    And indeed the whole of Australia who’ve battled this horrible


    virus and got it under control.


    Need to get to the pub now spend some dosh, just to boost the


    economy you understand 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    UEFA greed and corruption, as far as the super immune athletes


    from the sooside?


    Maybe they’re all bleach guzzlers.


    H.H. Mick

  18. Starting to get a wee bit worried that we might not get the league this year. I was very confident after the transfer window, no major departures and some good signings. I have no idea why we seem to be so off so far this season. Going by the amount of different theories/reasons posted, It doesn’t seem that anyone on here does.



    I still believe we have the players and the manager who can do it for us but we need to get a run of performances and results together soon.



    Sevco are organised and conceding very few goals this season. We are in a real battle this season.



    A lot of blaming and shaming this one and that one isn’t going to help anything. It’s time for some shared responsibility at Celtic fc.



    Collectively as a club from top to bottom we need to get our finger oot!



    And breathe..:)




  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Agree DBHOY, baffling that so many seasoned pros. making basic


    mistakes, not to mention the lack of fight against the bleach guzzlers.


    But as CELTIC MAC posted earlier, it’s imperative we get into the cup


    final and win it, confidence will come from success.


    H.H. Mick

  20. It’s more than a finger out situation for me ,and for that ,failing so badly in this season ,with what it means to the support should mean only one solution , it seemed to start after the players don’t want to be here comments which he then withdrew but the damage was done, his great guys comments after made him look weak, the team are playing by instinct and it looks shambolic particularly defending as a team.


    I am hoping that the board act this morning as to continue as we are will end the pursuit of 10.


    NL has been the victim of terrible personal victimisation in this country which has resulted in some jailed ,racist abuse dressed up as banter in some cases by our media,I just think now it is time to change and try to rescue the situation.

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    The first one after more than 3 months will be epic lol.


    Wonder if I’ll find any supporters of the most wonderful and


    skilful team in the whole universe when I’m out and about?


    Na me neither.


    H.H. Mick

  22. Big problem for me is tactics and coaching. The team is not greater than the sum of its parts and the players don’t seem to know their roles or what they should be doing. Contrast that to across the city where they have a clear system and style of playing which they have worked on and refined over the last couple of seasons. The players all know their roles and exactly what they should be doing and that is now starting to pay dividends at domestically and in Europe. We don’t seem to have a clue what we should be doing either as a team or individually. The more I look at our coaching set-up it seems a bit shambolic and it looks as though Lennon has a ragtag team that has been foisted upon him. Who leads our tactics and strategy? Is it Gavin Strachan? We seem to have no cohesive strategy or way of playing. It’s not just about formations but a style of play which we don’t seem to have at the moment.


    Who is working on our coaching to make our team better? As if anything our group of individuals look as though they are regressing and getting worse. Our movement and patterns of play are limited at best and we are relying on individual moments of brilliance to dig us out of holes which will only take you so far.

  23. ” ERNIE LYNCH on 25TH OCTOBER 2020 9:04 PM


    So we’ve had rumours on dressing room bust ups and French Eddies medical reports.


    How thick do you have to be to fall for this crap?”



    If your question was not rhetorical,a perusal of CQN of late will afford you many sources who could help answer your query.

  24. This week’s CQN will be brought to you by the phrases “Let’s get our players back” or the time-honoured “they collpased last year, didn’t they” whilst the can keeps getting kicked down the one road, the road to god knows where.



    Everything’s gonna be alright…if we keep telling ourselves that.



    Deludamol csc


    Any HAWKEYES about can you check highlights from BBC and see if 2nd DONS goal was knocked in by the guys left hand.

  26. Garngad to Croy on

    We should get Big Jozo back on a pay as you play deal. It was a strange decision to get rid of him in the middle of the Covid crisis. Depth of squad will win the league this season.

  27. Garngad to Croy on

    Favourite Uncle.



    I thought the same and was screaming at the Telly but there is a camera angle that shows the ball coming off his thigh and not his hand.


    DENIABHOY on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 9:20 AM



    FRANK used to do early morning show for BBC. There was a film about MARTIN MCGUINNESS and the bold FRANK says to his co-host “HE COMES ACROSS AS BEING A NICE GUY”

  29. Canny get ma head around the defensive situation at present. Frimpong needs rested, he is being overplayed, and is never a RB anyway. Ajer and Duffy need to play where they are meant to as CBs, we are continually getting caught out with defenders too high up the pitch. It goes against the grain, but don’t concede and you won’t lose, and less likely to draw if you have decent quality players. Onwards to Thursday.



  30. Friesdorfer



    If we are going to play that way at the back then we should have bought players to fit that system – pace, play from the back, with a focus on a left footer, etc.



    If we are going to play that way i the middle then we should have bought players to fit that system – a DM permanently shielding the CHs, pace, breaking up play, quick forward transitions, etc.



    We are now praying for a developing teenager to be our new messiah. You can already hear our fans turn on him.




  31. Hey FRIES – I think Ajer’s uniquely pretty good at rampaging forward and retracing his steps PDQ.


    Studying the EPL, Kris seems a pretty skilled CB (prone to similar misjudgements as many more expensive than he) No wonder he’s coveted by clubs who can confidently configure their systems to enable him to play to his foraging strengths. We cannae, which disnae fix our problems readily!


    We seem to have fallen for wee Jerry’s charms aplenty; other teams are easily figuring how to nullify and exploit him.


    Come back Chris Jullien; I genuinely thocht there wasn’t much wrong with what you were giving us. HH