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  1. I wonder if the penny will finally drop for some on Thursday evening after we’ve been humiliated in France. We’ll see.

  2. Where are the accounts peter ?



    You praised we had 38.9M last sep before we sold KT



    Why you delaying the accounts Peter ?



    Won’t look good to have a great balance sheet this year Peter Might show your you haven’t backed the ten peter !!!!

  3. An Dun,



    Could not care less about Thursday.Getting players back and game time more important.No serious money to be made in this competition this year.Use it to get players back and try out new things.Big game at the weekend.We are seriously depleted at the moment.Think Biton is back training.Elhamed back at Lennoxtown today.Lenny saying Eddy could play.Would feel much better with a back 4 of Hamed,Biton,Ajer,Laxsalt,at the moment.Eddy,Griff up front.Game time required.

  4. AN DÚN on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 9:49 AM


    I wonder if the penny will finally drop for some on Thursday evening after we’ve been humiliated in France. We’ll see.






    I hope we don’t get humiliated fella. People here are choosing different ways to deal with this crisis and many are doubling down on defending the indefensible or reaching constantly to nostalgic days of yore (even if those consist of a 30 minute cameo against an open Hibs team at home) or shouting ‘In Neil we trust’ like it has some powerful, mystic powers if we all say it together.



    The penny should have dropped months ago but Hubris has kicked in big time and we are now past the date we should have taken action. Neil has been backed in the transfer window but he’s accumulated players without a defining system and it’s chaotic, even without the enforced changes. At different times those out of the team now have been lambasted – Forrest (empty jersey), Johnston (wee bhoy), El; Hamed (Remember Ferencvaros and other abject performances, he’s lauded because of the Israel game) and of course Eddie (looks disinterested)…



    We have now reached the point where we need a dead cat bounce to get pivotal players back in form and the Huns have killed off the route to the 10 by improving (how dare they !!).



    I’m not looking forward to Thursday or Sunday but I haven’t looked forward to watching us for months now. What a mess.







    Europe is a write off. I get that. On Thursday it’s a question of how many we’re beat by – who’s turn will it be to make idiotic mistakes that cost us goals ? Duffy again ? Frimpong? More comedy back trekking from CalMac ? Brown standing statue still while someone dances around him ?



    Europe not being the priority should not be allowed to disguise how awful we are right now.

  6. All this talk about the Huns being better than us this season.No one ready to look at facts.To busy wanting everyone sacked.


    We had a good start to the season,couple of good wins,then had to miss out on two games.Stop ,start.We drew them back in,to were ,with our GIH,would have been ahead.The Covid struck.How would the Huns have fared without,Tavernier,Goldson,Kent,Morelos,Arfield,Barisic,all out for their games.They have had an amazing run of luck,nothing else.We have had a nightmare with Covid,and injuries.To be only 3 points behind,we have done well.As I said earlier,forget Europe,we have everything to play for at home.

  7. As for Sevco having better coaches,but if our coaches set out our tactics which didn’t work ,and for our manager not to change tactics then Celtic players fell into the trap,and yesterday winning 3/2 with minutes to go he Lennon should have told the players to shut up shop,another tactical error from Lennon,Me personally if we don’t get the 10,I can afford to renew next season unless health or other issues come along which I’m no longer able to go and watch Celtic ,whom I have been following for over 60 years.




    Yeah that’s it now, I don’t look forward to our games. I could not watch us play if I was a neutral, our football is awful.



    How any supporter can refuse to believe their own eyes almost one third of the way into the league is beyond me.



    ElHamed is now a saviour – despite his comedy defending against the Hungarians. Eddie will sort us out despite his displays this season being nowhere near good enough. We need Bitton back – a squad player for years at Celtic. We need Jullien back – the man that threw two points away at Rugby Park.



    The sheer number of players off form and making howlers in every game is indicative of a bad coaching set up.



    I know it’s shouting into a gale force wind though, Lennon will stay. It’s going to be a very long winter.

  9. Here are three exhibits that indicate how hubris has impacted the support:



    “We had a good start to the season” – We played 2 competent teams. Lost to both. At home.



    “To be only 3 points behind, We have done well” – (Note – we are actually 6 points and 7 goals behind)



    “Forget Europe” – Europe has clearly forgotten about us.




  10. agree, frimpong is not a right back so he has either play the wing back role and go pass people and get to the by line other than passing the buck sideways or backwards but must improve his final ball or put him on the bench . also laxalt imo is not a left back but he has the ability to dribble by players so we have to select a left back and play laxalt further forward.

  11. agree also and have said from day one, europa this season is a distraction , we as club have once again gigantic history to be made this season and we are making an arse of it , oh and by the way what flight is Duff y on.

  12. TimBhoy2



    If we don’t win the ten I won’t be renewing unless Lawwell follows Lennon out the door. I want to see a Celtic where the support can hold people to account.



    Not winning the ten should be a Celts for Change moment.

  13. Calls for the return of Jozo on a temporary basis.



    Is he fit and ready to play or will he need to do a pre-season?



    Mibbe 6 weeks away from playing in a match.



    Just askin’.

  14. Send the U19s to Lille get the first team to Lennoxtown, have a greeting meeting, get the issues out in the open,get on to that training pitch,and get a formation coached in to them.

  15. No question that Ajer is good bursting forward, but he is a CB first and foremost. He is MIA far too often, as is Frimpong. Why on earth don’t we play 433? Protect the back line, and support the front 3, reverting to 451 when defending.



  16. I don’t agree that Europe is a write off.


    It is indeed a tall order but if we were to get a draw in France we would still be well in with a chance to progress.


    I agree the odds are heavily against us but anything can happen in football.

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 11:09 AM


    Send the team to Lille fired up, but today have a greeting meeting, get the issues out in the open,get on to that training pitch with a new coaching team who know what they are doing,and get a formation coached in to them.






    Fixed that for you :)

  18. time will tell.


    it’s not over yet.





    hope isnt blind optimism, Its believe that you can turn extreme adversity around. faith if you will in a champion team with champion players’


    we have been knocked to the canvas and have a bloody nose, a long road ahead with hills and setbacks to come. many battles to come but a war to win.



    Maybe the problem in the dressing room is they read the P@SH on here.



    “the greatest fans in the world” ???



    time will tell









    ( if the world is ending, party like theres no tomorrow :O) )

  19. Had a quick look at the buns European results since 2018 under Gerrard.



    Played 36


    Won 19


    Drawn 12


    Lost 5



    This includes playing 19 qualifying games of which they have lost none.



    Their 25 European games before Gerard read:


    2 wins, 11 draws, 12 defeats.



    Just lucky, eh?



    We have been asleep at the wheel. Too busy laughing at their board’s antics, their kit catastrophes, their Morelos shenanigans and fights with the blazers to see that, on the field, they are a good team. Especially in Europe.



    If suddenly we click, if suddenly we become “lucky”, we will still face one hell of a fight to win the league. We now have a razor thin margin of error.


    I laughed when people said we were even with them on pts as if winning our game in hand was guaranteed. Now we are only 3 points behind they say. No, we are 6 back and will almost certainly be 9 behind after next weekend with away games to Hibs and Motherwell next up.


    We coped with the pressure to do the same earlier in the season but can we do it again?


    My nerves are being shredded . Heaven knows how the players feel.

  20. BIG WAVY,,We lost 1 game,to Ferencvaros.A one of game,anything can happen.The went on to beat another very competent team to reach the CL.We lost to the Hun with a massively depleted side.These are facts.Not airy fairy wishful thinking.I see someone a few days ago saying Milan were nothing special.FFS.Aye right.


    Players make balls up,Lennys fault.Players can’t see out a game,Lennys fault.Covid,Lennys fault.Injuries,Lennys fault.You see a pattern here.

  21. Anyway,another wee break while the feeding frenzy goes on.Enjoy yourselves.Hope it makes you feel better.

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Each individual will make their own mind up about the current situation


    Some will say all will be OK


    Others will say we have been unlucky/they have been lucky


    Plenty want change (my thinking)


    And some very loyal to NL regardless the situation



    I respect everyone’s view – we are all Celtic supporters



    But at the end of the day only one view matters PL



    So I wait for Paul67 to update us on PL thoughts later today




  23. Celtic’s woes continue with a draw that felt awful like a defeat.



    The most surprising thing about yesterday was that we were in front 3-2, but not for long. Despite the usual criticism we scored two good goals and Neil Lennon at last ditched a back three for a back four, unfortunately our serial defenders, did a rinse and repeat.



    Benching Mr Motivator who allegedly can’t play in the same midfield as Olivier Ntcham only showed that the moody Frenchman can’t play without him either. Instead Calmac was left firefighting for 93 minutes , including a trailing leg tackle that Willie Collum was all too happy to wind back, after Cosgrove’s miss.



    Five man midfield plus two swashbuckling fullbacks where nobody ever finds a bye line Calum McGregor and Tom Rogic got pencilled straight back in for Thursday, for at least finding each other. Enthusiastic Christie picked up where he left off, failing to find a teammate with a cross, or even a short pass , and El Younoussi is still the ghost of £16M.



    When three out of four defenders are not doing the basics, at all three goals, such as putting the ball out for a throw in when you’re facing the wrong way, ‘tonight Matthew Neil Lennon has to be Harry Houdini’. At least El Hamed is now back in Glasgow, let’s hope he gets well soon, and we can line up with El Hamed Laurel Hardy and Laxalt.



    Celtic are so last year the irony would be kick starting this season with last season’s Cup. If only we could skip Lille sitting joint top of Ligue 1, what can possibly go wrong is like asking for another Shane Duffy 35 yard diagonal.



    If it walks like a sieve, it’s a sieve.



    M.O.M Rogic / Laxalt/ Griffiths


    CQN player of the year

  24. Turkeybhoy,



    We’ve been gash since the start of the season. The poor level of teams in the SPFL have covered up the cracks as the Hail Mary tactics at the likes of St Johnstone saved us. We’ve bought players ill-suited to our system (think Duffy and Moi), the players missing have all been on the naughty step at some point underperforming. Two of them looked world beaters in an Isreali team but we can’t get a tune out of them.



    Ferencvaros beat us by exposing our setup. The Huns beat us by exposing our setup. Milan put their slippers on at 2-0 and scored from 3 attempts at goal. The Dons got the benefit of our inability to game manage when we were 3-2 up.



    Blaming external factors are just deflection tactics. We can invent new ones but something has been found wanting this season – it’s Neil and the coaching team.







  25. 67 European Cup Winners on




    Blimey things are bad when you start getting critical !!



    Fair assessment



    But what next ??




  26. Has Peter summonsed Lennon to Celtic Park yet. Because if he hasn’t, he should be immediately.



    Being saying since Ferencvaros debacle , don’t wait until it’s too late.

  27. I don’t agree that Europe is a write off.



    I also agree that is the case but we as a club should write it off this season and fully concentrate on the job in hand and once again create gigantic history.

  28. Has Peter summonsed Lennon to Celtic Park yet. Because if he hasn’t, he should be immediately.



    he is probably too busy organising Duff y departure.