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  1. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 21ST APRIL 2021 10:47 PM




    I was there too. Big Billy was manager, I think. Couldnt believe my eyes. I was just a kid” Dad, Was Billy McNeill a centre half?”. “Yes son, you know he was”. “Why did he pick Willie Garner?”. No answer.

  2. Well I enjoys that, lots of possession and effort, we also had the best goalscorer at the club getting more than 5 minutes and grabbing us an equaliser at the end as well as wee Dembele making ab appearance, hopefully he may hang around tae see if the new manager fancies him more than the latest sky commentator did.



    Greg Taylor did ok in my estimation as did young Welsh who admits that he prefers right back, bring Belgium POTY home and buy another centre half and give the defense a wee run tae stabilize itself.

  3. RPM @1042



    spot on, i used to post on follow follow and make out the team and Warborton


    were not Rangers class but i was eventually found out and got barred

  4. Good morning cqn from a lovely sunny Garngad



    Let’s hope there is a new manager in place soon as some of the football/technical/coaching ability on show is poor, very poor.



    Coupled with decisions from another management team that are baffling to say the least.



    Dont anyone be bullied/persuaded not to post their thoughts it’s a blog and anyone can post what they like within Paul’s rules.



    To everyone have a good day.



    D :)

  5. ROBERTTRESSELL on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:39 PM


    GARNGAD TO CROY on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:31 PM




    If Eddie Howe is watching this, he wont touch us with a barge pole !








    I see this type of post alot. Do you think it might be possible that a competent and confident manager looking on might equally think ‘I can turn that around’? I’m not sure I would want a manager who thinks improving a team is too much of a challenge.






    Morning all,



    Agreed RobertT



    If anything I’d be thinking about how much of an improvement I can make, and how quickly I can make it.

  6. DAVID66 on 22ND APRIL 2021 6:53 AM



    “Dont anyone be bullied/persuaded not to post their thoughts it’s a blog and anyone can post what they like within Paul’s rules.”





    Totally agree. People moan the blog has lost posters yet some would want to dictate the narrative for acceptable posts.




  7. My friends in Celtic,



    Watching last night was hard work, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.


    What was really contrasting was our past performances as illustrated during half time.compared to the present.



    We have spent z lot of money on our current squad, but bhoy how the Celtic jersey’s have shrunk.




  8. Good Morning CQN



    As Celtic have spiralled in decline this season there has been a clear power shift, Sevco are Scotlands top club, as of yet Celtic are unable to halt the decline of the club as its football dept has been hollowed out in terms of senior positions and results continue to be hard to get, many of us are wondering when we will hit rock bottom, as we can see the SFA are even more emboldened with Sevco being on top, Ewen Murray is not noted for being a Celtic man.



    Ewan Murray@mrewanmurray


    The Rangers “Covid 5” had their little soirée on 13 February. It’s now 21 April and the SFA haven’t finished dealing with it. Whatever your view on the case… that’s outrageous.



    I have to commend our CEO, Celtic streams on Hesgoal are fought with tenacity by the club, we are the best at buffering streams, not so good at delivering on a 500 quid Celtic pass stream however, it would be churlish not to recognise our CEO efforts, so congratulations Peter I gave up with all the buffering at H/T last night you won !!

  9. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 22ND APRIL 2021 7:21 AM



    Exactly. Most of the time, jobs become available because things aren’t working out. Most jobs available to Howe will be ones where the team is underachieving, with the exception of Palace maybe.

  10. I see talk of ourselves and rangers international being linked with joining an english top league.


    Will this be enough of ab incentive to start the rebuild?


    Are we looking at a DoF model?


    Any outline dates for appointments?


    Should I continue to be patient and trust those in charge?


    When should I become impatient?

  11. UNCLE JIMMY on 22ND APRIL 2021 7:40 AM


    I see talk of ourselves and rangers international being linked with joining an english top league.



    Clickbait tabloid shoite



    The incentive is the fanbase, generations of Celtic fans



    We have a stale fat cat board, many of whom have grass around their positions in the boardroom, PLC are lacking energy, imagination, and the drive to take the club forward, unfortunately, the fanbase is powerless we have zero input and the PLC treat the fanbase with contempt refusing to engage at any meaningful level



    You asked perfectly reasonably



    Are we looking at a DoF model?



    The Answer, we don’t know, what happened to the “review” ? our PLC will not release even minor details to the support on what progress IF any is taking place within the football dept, not a cause for optimism



    Enjoy the sun



    aff oot

  12. I gave up at half time last night cos of buffering.


    Can anyone post a Link to the Celtic Goal by The Griff ?




    I NEED Beer !



  13. spikeysauldman on

    Hesgoal was mince last night.


    Returned to an old favourite link. No buffering at all.

  14. LIONROARS67 on 22ND APRIL 2021 7:35 AM




    The second half was better with a stream from the sheep’s own channel.



    The commentary was fair even though it was skewed towards the home side, as you’d expect. Celtic TV is too chummy.

  15. DAVID66


    Thanks for posting that.



    A couple of individuals trying to control the blog.

  16. A combination of watching the highlights and reading the stats leads me to conclude that , for all the moaning and groaning, our performance was good apart from the vital necessity of putting the ball in the net from good chances .



    Two questions:


    1) When will ST renewal emails/letters be sent out;


    2) Did the Huns really ban the MSSM recently? I

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Off topic admittedly but …



    Good luck to West Ham and Leicester in their pursuit of a top 4 finish in the EPL.



    The Manchester clubs have the top two places in the bag.



    Also ( and going against my natural instincts ) if 2nd place Man Utd meet 9th place Arsenal in the Europa League final – I hope Man Utd win.



    A 21/22 Champions League campaign WITHOUT Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool & Chelsea would be quick (rather than instant) karma.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  18. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 22ND APRIL 2021 8:18 AM


    Hesgoal was mince last night.



    Returned to an old favourite link. No buffering at all.



    I know Celtic fans who have as a household paid thousands for their Celtic pass season ticket have such poor quality they looked to other streams to watch the Celtic match with less buffering

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    No Scottish club with £40M in the bank loses the league unless it wants to….

  20. For what it’s worth……



    I bought a ticket for Redtv last night. Quality was better than my Celtic tv pass. No having to reboot and a commentator and analyst whose basic competence showed up our powder puff equivalent.



    Some people have mentioned that Howe or AN Other might have viewed last night and other games and concluded they could come in and make a difference.



    I suspect many – thinking about how best to achieve success also for themselves – would be horrified at the mismatch of expectations/ history with what they were watching. The jersey has fair shrunk, and quickly too. Less fit for Lions, more like wee subbuteo bhoys.



    I didn’t see much shape to our play last night. No fight. No guile or creativity. I was convinced the only shot on target was going to be Turnbull’s yellow card to the shins that could do easily have been a red.



    Apart from that, all good!



    Off for a wee half of deludamol to see if that brightens my perspective!



    HH jg

  21. 2021 Our abysmal goal-scoring conversion rate



    we have had 281 shots at goal



    100 shots on target



    scored 28 goals

  22. Morning all



    Cant wait for season to end and a new exciting manager and squad in place.



    Heres hoping



    SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 21ST APRIL 2021 10:47 PM



    would rather watch willie garner playing for the tic (was at his 2 og debut) than listen to some of the folk on here !



    Was at the game also and seem to remember there was nearly a 3rd own goal tho no sure if it was big Garner again.



    Hail hail

  23. glendalystonsils on

    We looked every inch a mid table side last night despite the illusory effects of lots of possession .



    I thought Aberdeen looked better than they did under McInness , yet their new manager has had less time in the hotseat than John kennedy . A huge revolution is required at Celtic Park or we could face a serious fight for second next season .



    Oh , and Jonny Hayes looked better than anyone in a hooped shirt .

  24. Our starting line up last night was inexplicable. I’ve no idea why Kenny, Christie and Eddie are still playing. Moi will probably be off as well and shouldn’t be starting.



    Barkas and Ajeti not even in the match day squad and Brown gets the go ahead over Soro because we want to get his appearance stats up.



    We’re the basket case.

  25. Go tell the Spartim on

    I second An Dun’s statement we are indeed a basket case, a sort of watered down version of an ESL club (if there are any left).



    Supporters are still being treated with contempt, it seems we only got rid of NL as he was becoming toxic to the support (I know not all), what we’ve seen so far is just a continuation of his footballing philosophy from Kennedy, in my opinion. Now they may have a manager etc in place but why no communication, is it down to Pistol Pete still being in control and his farewell GIRUY to the support (ridiculous of course ? ), there’s nothing coming out from the PLC at all, except the usual birthday wishes. We’re continually told his fan club that there are clever people (much like we’re told there’s good people at BBC ) surely there would be a suitable way to relay updates without the contravention of stock market rules

  26. With the collapse of the Super League project, I see a “British Super League” is once again doing the rounds, but this time it is the English teams talking it up as opposed to us.


    Birmingham online sites saying Aston Villa source says it is top of the agenda.


    They quote one club source as saying: “Whether or not the Super League was going to happen, we all feel that the Premier League has to be changed and improved.



    “It is time we opened it up to Rangers and Celtic. That would make sense for everyone.”



    Probably will come to nothing but the next few weeks might be the only time for the foreseeable future that there is genuine interest in it. Sky and BT, I would think, would be in favour of it as it refreshes their product.


    We know DD has always wanted this and newco’s rise to the top cements the case that both clubs come as a package.



    Would be interesting on everyone’s thoughts IF this gained traction. How would we feel supporting a team that for many years to come would probably win no trophies? It would take a long time before the SKY TV money funded a rebuilding good enough to challenge the top 6 teams, never mind trying to avoid elegation.

  27. coneybhoy – thanks for the link. Great through pass to make the goal and the absolute delight of the players and manager – that’s what it means to be Celtic :)

  28. Deniabhoy



    A British super league would also be attractive to pro union politicians who are presently plastering the union fleg across all and sundry.



    HH jg

  29. from JK , what a statement .


    Ajeti, who made a cameo appearance at Ibrox, was also omitted last night as he strives to attain match fitness.



    and too think we should have, could have bought Ivan Toney, who wanted to play in the hoops and not someone who had to be coaxed.

  30. Paul67 et al



    News Just In!!!


    The FA was founded in 1863


    The SFA was founded in 1873


    Football was played in both England and Scotland before either of these Associations were founded.




  31. I’m undecided about a British league.



    I like the fact that we put money into different clubs and communities around the country. I also like that I can wind up workmates who support other teams.



    However to open ourselves up to better competition and access to better players is appealing also.

  32. I like Leigh, love to see him scoring goals. Okay he is a bit of an enigma, but hasn’t Celtic had its fair share of those over the years? He should be playing every game till the end of the season, and we should be keeping him, let him loose at Ibrox, please! por cierto.



    No Scottish club with £40M in the bank loses the league unless it wants to….




    I say no Scottish club with £40m in the bank SHOULD lose the league – so agree to a certain extent.



    However let’s consider this: we had a triple-treble winning squad (two thirds into a quadrouple) kept intact and the manager was given £20m of that £40m to bolster it.



    Given what we know now, where does the blame lie? I lay it firmly on the players who look disinterested/demotivated & the manager for spending on Barkas, Ajeti, Duffy, Laxalt & Kenny.



    Addressing this season only – what else could the CEO & Board have done?



    Should they have sanctioned the whole £40m to be used – who is to say it would not have been as ineffective as the £20m?



    Bearing in mind the Covid effect on revenue, the £20m that we did keep in the bank will probably just about cover this season’s losses – was that not being prudent?



    I know the Ibrox club don’t do prudence, or, living within its means…..should we follow suit?



    Remember it was our decision not to follow their out of control spending and their subsequent ‘suicide by debt’ that allowed us to stay strong and pick up so many trophies in the last ten years.

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