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  1. Calmac is wasted as a holding midfielder. He’s been played there to help out SB who has slowed down. Calmac is an attacking midfielder who can open up a defence and score goals – he used to score even in Europe against good teams like Bayern and Ajax. Steve Clarke is doing the same to him in the Scotland team.

  2. 31003 on 21ST APRIL 2021 8:39 PM


    Henrik hanging in the air.




    What a joy to watch. Mark Viduka looks really fit and sharp compared to what we have now.

  3. Previous year’s highlights at half time on CelticTV really emphasize by contrast the shocking paucity of talent in the current team.

  4. it might not be connected but maybe there is a scientific explanation for it, my streams only buffer when negative comments about celtic interupt the force



    yoda csc

  5. some scottish guy scored against man city in the first minute, how did he sneak under the radar, i blame the scouting.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    …acht fek it – I can’t help myself – away back to 2nd half RedTV stream. Reasonable commentators by the way!

  7. SFTB


    D’ya thin the girls might put up a better show against the Dons than what we’re watching now?

  8. this is quite a good way of following Celtic just watching posts coming in


    no anxiety no frustration


    Could this be the future




    Me thinks that big Frank McAvennie will be currently watching game on BBC Alba….wonder why?

  10. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Canny be right !


    Monkeys concede a penalty in 94th min.


    Mmm,I can see how it’s working now !



    Christie has his mind on more important things, playing for his beloved Scotland and getting a move away.



    do you not like that the bhoy likes playing for scotland ?

  12. Aberdeen pour forward, we win possession then hold the ball til dons players get back in position

  13. What is Lennedy waiting for? Get some subs on! This is not working. Is there a clause in the players’ contracts that tactical substitutions cannot be made at half time? What is the point of giving Dembele some hope, then leaving him to rot on the bench?

  14. May have missed it but is this an end of season dead rubber or pre-season match fitness game?

  15. I like how he takes christi off unlike lennon – christi should never start for celtic in current form