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  1. aberdeen tv astounded Christie is taken off when he is the player who obviously speeds things up for them.



    oh to see as ithers see us

  2. Like for like substitutions again exactly on 60 minutes. Formulaic, in terms of interval and personnel, with no relationship to the game.

  3. 79caps on 21st April 2021 8:42 pm



    Calmac is wasted as a holding midfielder. He’s been played there to help out SB who has slowed down. Calmac is an attacking midfielder who can open up a defence and score goals – he used to score even in Europe against good teams like Bayern and Ajax. Steve Clarke is doing the same to him in the Scotland team.






  4. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Griff on and Eddy off. Thank fook…..thought for a moment there he was going to try 2 up front, because THAT didn’t work well last season!!

  5. just realized he took Eddie off – still only one striker against a team with 10 players behind the ball – awful!!

  6. 69% possession



    16 shots at goal



    5 on target.



    We’re playin’ great………………….so we urr.

  7. and on and on and on and on, that fleck i aint sitting next to youse negatories at the match



    win lose or draw,



    dead rubber game with nothing, absolutely nothing at stake.



    same types that shout at their weans at games.

  8. I’m reading a book called “Shuggie Bain”.



    It’s pretty depressing but not as bad as this mob!

  9. ST TAMS on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:05 PM


    Is Kennedy on the phone to Lennon



    you on the phone to the hotline ?

  10. Thats tactics.Striker,midfielder of,same on.FFS.Theres boys sitting in the stand,wingers,like Dembele,maybe give us a bit of width.Nope.Same old.



    Love your posts, and historical pics, but let me ask you this. If there is nothing at stake ( and I agree with you ), why are we not seeing Dembele, Montgomery, Murray to see how they do?

  12. JJ kenny – passes to midfielder and runs back INSTEAD of driving their defense wide and back! not celtic like at all.



    unlucky turnbull – he is a player!