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  1. i always find it interesting listening to another teams tv channel.



    redtv now worried that forrest wont make it for scotland, and basically he is a real player

  2. Ray Singh-Carr on

    The main thing is that we have had 68% possession, over twice as many corners as them and nearly twice as many shots. The whole thing just smacks of bad luck……………again.

  3. Ray. Come on bad luck? No conviction. No pride in the jersey. No respect for the fans. £700 for a season ticket and we could have watched this carp all season for fa.

  4. INIQUITOUSIV on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:10 PM







    Love your posts, and historical pics, but let me ask you this. If there is nothing at stake ( and I agree with you ), why are we not seeing Dembele, Montgomery, Murray to see how they do?






    i really dont know.


    i think if you want to do that, you declare it before the game, we are playing the prosepcts for the expereince ah las stein.



    breaks the “play your strongest team” all the time rule.



    i would have been ok with that and cut the kids some slack,



    many posters wont, and a bhoys future will be determined in 90 minutes.



    interesting TT posting the larsson comback game after injury and the team then, i really though simon lynch was a future star ……………. no one esle in that team that day made a dent in celtics future, kennedy apart i think.




    Celtic ladies ram it to the sevco






    some comment….are you McAvennie in disguise?

  6. I think the vast majority would like to see the youngsters on.


    Even if we get beaten

  7. ST TAMS on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:14 PM


    Griffiths getting some more game time.





    Might be fit for next season






    your tedious with this, please dont renew a ticket here or at celtic park, unfunny, boring, repetative,

  8. Ray Singh-Carr on



    I was being sarcastic……as well as pitching my hat into the ring for the job of Lennedy’s post-match spokesman.