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  1. Interesting using Chelsea and Man Utd as examples. One legendary manager has gone and another legendary manager is dead man walking.




  2. Go tell the Spartim on




    First and foremost the team needs our support, have we failed them before so i hope this is not a first.


    if you’re implying that RD is the enemy within then im not buying that, he may not have what it takes but i dont think he’s trying to scuttle the ship



    The enemy within has no interest in the team, nor the club, purchased in the faint hope we would get to a bigger platform so he could large it up with the rest of his billionaire pals, as for his lacky well as long as DD pulls the strings with a minority of preference shares he’ll continue to weave his ways, based on some Machiavellian economic model, to the detriment of all.

  3. The Battered Bunnet on




    “Counsel says in 2014 Ashley was not a shareholder in Rangers Football Club Ltd, which is the entity that is a member of the SFA”



    That’s important to understand: The SFA member is TRFC Ltd, formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd, a company incorporated specifically with the alleged intention of criminally defrauding investors, creditors and football authorities, as described in the indictment served against Green and his Duff & Phelps pals.



    Remember that.

  4. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Couple of years ago DD presented Lawwell with Roy Keane – Roy thought it was a done deal


    PL made Roy aware only one boss and it wasn’t Roy – Roy says no way – you can work out the rest


    So PL presents DD with Ronny !!!


    DD says OK I trust your judgement



    PL picked Ronny because Roy would have caused PL a problem.



    Just my opinion




  5. WEEMINGER @ 10:10 AM,



    Well I admire your optimism but a couple takes on reality…



    As Paul67 stated on his piece yesterday, Aberdeen went through a very bad period where they lost four games in five weeks, there was internal strife, that has allowed us to stay on top of the league.



    They have a squad of very good Footballers being professionally Managed. See the way Niall McGuinn a good winger made way for Considine a solid defender.



    Almost seems old school to us now but very effective, Aberdeen have had their wobbles, we are having ours. Aberdeen smell blood and will chase us all the way.



    Did you notice the Aberdeen Player’s celebration after the match, unlike RC’s on Sunday who celebrated like they’d won the Cup, the Aberdeen Players, looked delighted to have won but there was something of a steely determination – no over the top platitudes, more a sort of well done, but we push on from here.



    Hail Hail

  6. There have been some good constructive comments today, all very good.


    However, the Celtic I have supported for over 50 years ALWAYS, had fight in them, always. There is no guts in our team with the exception of Scott brown, and frankly that is not good enough. In the past when we lost a goal or two and went behind in the game there was one thing I could count on, sleeves up and get stuck in and in most occasions this attitude would win the game for us.


    I think too that too much complacency is running through the club and that has to stop.


    For my book and considering our budget constraints, I’ d go all out to get Gordon Strachan back, peltrers expected.


    It breaks my heart to see the club in such a bad situation and I hope things get better soon.




  7. TBB



    As I said on KDS forum once.



    “It’s not that common sense doesn’t surface occasionally, it’s just that it struggles to stay afloat.

  8. If we can get a draw against East Kilbride we should be able to do them in the replay at Celtic Park.

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on 4th February 2016 11:04 am



    Thing is if we’d got a draw or (horror of horrors a win) would people have given him credit for the tactical change. I suspect not.

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Robert 88


    In your opinion of course – but if I accept your view – then 2 of them are better then Ronny



    Ronny is a good man but in must win games – Aberdeen last night – Molde Malmo Legia Maribir Ajax ICT Ross County – Ronny just doesn’t win them


    And for what it’s worth the Ronny roar was pathetic immature and a reasonable reflection on Ronny


    Do the Ronny arise when we win a trophy not 3 points




  11. ROBERT88 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2016 11:14 AM


    67 European Cup Winners







    O’neill is on par with Derek Mcinnes at best.



    Its all about opinions, Michael O’Neil has guided Northern Ireland to the top of the group and they will take their rightful place in the summer at the Euros, International football is a very high standard as the Scottish national team has been finding out in the last two decades, im not convinced Derek Mcinnes would guide Scotland to the Euros despite having a superior group pf players to Northern Ireland…………….just my opinion

  12. Auldheid,



    Are you still at the keyboard? I wish the players and management had your energy levels.

  13. MWD



    One of the balancing factors you mentioned was unforced changes and one of mine was absence of a consistent selection for various reasons.



    I started to check selections since we played our first competitive game against the Iceland team up and got up to Malmo.



    Ten or eleven games so far.



    Not once was the team starting the same as the one who ended the previous game.



    The best was one change, the worst was NINE!



    I’ll carry on checking but I’m not sure how we measure improvement when the baseline differs from game to game especially in key positions.

  14. WEEMINGER on 4TH FEBRUARY 2016 11:24 AM


    67 European Cup Winners on 4th February 2016 11:04 am







    Thing is if we’d got a draw or (horror of horrors a win) would people have given him credit for the tactical change. I suspect not.



    I thought start the match with a 4-5-1, Aberdeen had to win, play the percentages, be patient, longer the game goes with no Aberdeen advantage we have the physiological edge



    My tactics would have been narrow FLAT back four, 5 in midfield, let Leigh battle away up front

  15. I think Ronny is far to nice to be our manager. Remember the Commons strop? Mulgrew going AWOL?



    They should have been hunted, instead our team plays like our manager – all nice and polite and lack of fight.

  16. 67 European Cup Winners on 4th February 2016 11:27 am



    I’m sure you would. It was a more general point.



    People talk about lack of progress in the team. I’ll reserve judgement until the end of the season, as we can still amass more points than last season – which to me would be a sign of progress.



    The one area that I definitely like from RD is his happiness at making an 18yr old 1st pick at LB – because he’s the best in that position. I have serious doubts that any manager in recent memory would have done the same.



    If we’re going to promote youth we’re going to be more inconsistent.



    I am happy to put some of the blame for lack of fight at RDs door but at the same time why do some players have it and others don’t. A lot of that lies with the players – who again I accept he’s picked. However perhaps the steps have been taken eg will we see JF again now that Roberts is here?

  17. Auldheid



    A key point. We need a settled starting 11. That might be difficult given the ease with which our squad pick up injuries, however an 11 made up of the players who are willing to grind out results and capable of playing direct. It’s time for some Martin O’Neill tactics until we are through the rocky patch.



    Some players need to sit this period out – Armstrong is certainly one of them.



    My line up for these tactics would be:






    Lustig Boyata Sviatchenko Tierney



    Commons Brown Mulgrew McGregor (or even Izzy)



    Griffiths CKR (or Cole)



    It’s an extreme change, and it would be extremely ugly to watch but for the sake of getting some grit on the pitch I think it is what might be called for.

  18. Kinglubo



    I’m hoping that only being 3 points clear ends the complacency on and off the field.



    I think it plays a huge part in determining attitude which plays a huge part in determining performance



    It gives games an edge and a league won whilst walking the edge is ultimately much more satisfying than a walk in the park.



    Celtic have been in a comfort zone for a while. It’s nice being there. You don’t like to move out it but last night we got a prod in bahookie.



    Time to be courageous, time to encourage.

  19. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Lawwell and Paul67 having a long Tete a tete this morning trying to find a positive spin on last night..,?

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    For me the biggest problem we have had this season is the amount of injuries we’ve had in key positions, not least CB. Also I think we took a major gamble on Boyata from M City, no way could he have been scouted properly as he hadn’t played regular football, so you would have to say this was a Peter Lawell son recommendation. Let’s hope the recent loanee wasn’t his recommendation as well but I think we all know the real answer to that one.

  21. Progress?



    Last season, Europe after Christmas, league cup winners and 4 games lost in league.



    Defending corners, let’s get everyone back in our box and hope for the best.

  22. AULDHEID on 4TH FEBRUARY 2016 11:40 AM



    Celtic have been in a comfort zone for a while. It’s nice being there. You don’t like to move out it but last night we got a prod in bahookie.




    Really. No place on CQN for sectarianism. :-)



    IMHO the biggest problem for us this season has been a settled and competent defence. That’s it.

  23. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Peter a Lawwell’s son?



    Is that J Park? Or is his son an agent?

  24. I was quite comfortable last night before Haynes struck that opener, comfortable that we were dominating the play, though I had said to my son that I was a bit concerned as to where we would get the goals from as Leigh was working across the pitch and not in the box often enough to apply the final touch.


    Even when we went one down I thought ‘ OK plenty time’ but we seemed to lose confidence from that point, and it was clear from the 46th minute onwards that the team talk at the half time break hadn’t resolved our problems, indeed we could have been 3 or 4 down quite early in the second half.


    That’s the big concern. My first thought was ” no tactical nous and Ronnie seemingly out thought by his opposite number”, but it’s more likely he simply does not have the players to make match changing alterations to the team.

  25. Auldheid



    I understand Ronny’s decisions back then to change the team so much. He was thrust into the job not knowing his team. Likely looking to determine at that time his best team and options to fit his system/s.



    My worry is that the tinkering and more concerning the playing of players out of their strongest positions hasn’t stopped. Allied with the evident fact that his changes rarely improve the performance of the team during any given 90 minutes.



    Again though I will point out that Ronny should not have been offered the position. I also believe Neil should not have been offered the role given his lack of experience also. That though is the underlying problem!



    We should not be offering the managerial role to inexperience or someone we had initially identified as a no2.



    We struck it lucky with Neil, mainly because he knew the players and the club and understood the size of the job. We were very lucky that worked.



    The change needs to happen at strategy and planning level before it will improve at managerial and team level!



    No point in my view sacking Ronny right now. I don’t believe we’d be happy with replacements. Likely just more of the same or worse.




  26. mullet and co 2 on

    Evidence that Ronny doesn’t have the day in who we sign?



    Craig Gordon signed before his arrival.


    Tonev scouted by club before he signed for Villa signed on loan.


    Ronny said last year there is no point in signing other clubs players on loan as we don’t get any long term benefit. We then sign Guidetti, Denayer, Tonev, Wakaso and Berget.


    Lawwels son works in player recruitment and analysis at Man City. Ronny quotes indicate he has a personal relationship with City that go back to Stromso. Ronny may have a hand in getting played from City but the undeniably stronger relationship is father son. Did Ronny think Boyata was a find? He insisted on Roberts signing longer than 5 months or he wouldn’t play him. Did he want him over a permanent signing?


    Paul67 published an article a couple of years back around money ball and scouting and continuity with coaching staff. This article revealed that Celtic no longer relied on a coach to determine the players that would come in. It happens at a lot of clubs, big clubs so let’s be adults about this and not ignore the facts.


    Gordon Strachan showed his frustration with players foisted on him. ‘We like Bosnians’. Neil Lennon the same.


    The decision to bin Samaras? Who took that decision? Now we sign Cole on a large wedge to watch Kazim Richards from the bench.


    There is no doubt in my mind that the fundamental issue for us is the coaches power within the club. If the coach plays 4 2 3 1 and requires players to play that then surely you listen to his judgement based on his expertise and go with his thoughts on players to fit the system?


    The other issue is planning recruitment. We consistently fail to manage timescales. Ronnys appointment was a disaster in terms of getting someone in on time to have a good shot at the Champions league. We consistently fail to sign players for key positions for the qualifiers.


    Third issue is volume of signings. It’s no wonder our wage bill is as high as Seville season when we have about 12 players vying for 3 positions in front midfield. We have 2 players for 2 positions in the holding role and neither are suited to it!


    4th issue is club loyalty or the sense of belonging. Patrick Roberts sees this as a play act for the real thing. He has no loyalty. How many of those 12 players vying for the same position feel any connection if they are rotated all the time? This lust for a 10 million sale every season is driving that culture. This is Celtic not some hawking shop for might be something somedays.


    A partnership with City? They are our competitor not a partner. As soon as you go down the feeder club route you are doomed.


    Celtic are not answerable to the public and this is a pity as something stinks with the way people are using the club.

  27. MR Pastry.


    You are at it again, using CAPITALS to try to make your point.


    You say there is not one shred of evidence that RD doesn’t have players foisted on him, fine it’s your opinion.


    There is not a shred of evidence he doesn’t have players foisted on him, in fact, there is evidence he does have players foisted on him.


    When he was appointed he was asked about the likes of Tonev, Wakasso, Gordon et all, these are players you are saying he scouted and signed, he said that they had been scouted extensivly and was happy to trust the scouts judgment.


    Now either he was lying, or you are talking pish as usual.



  28. Dear Dermott,



    here are your choices.



    Fast forward to the next home game. Inverness at Celtic Park.



    Choice 1 : Ronny and Peter remain in place : 26,500 fans very angry, on the team and managers’ backs. Discussing whether or not to buy a season ticket next year.



    Choice 2 : Peter gone, Ronny gone : Henrik Larsson, David Moyes or Brendan Rodgers standing in the centre circle ” I have been given a mandate to make this club great again” 59,000 fans in the stands maybe singing “You are my Larsson…..” Fans discussing their sons who no longer attend buying the empty seat next to them for next season.



    OK Dermott you decide…… It really is that simple – it’s time to end Peter’s vanity project.













    Agree to differ ..







    Time will tell. I reckon he is another in a long line of non scoring striker. Griffiths rolled one in for him- had he a true strikers instinct he would have anticipated it. Griffiths looked at him as if to say Wtf?



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/aberdeen-v-celtic-live-updates-2/comment-page-31/#comments



    A wee bit of nit picking there CB.He did make a decent attempt to get on the end of Griffs cross.He also took up great position for a cutback from Shivatchenko,which the CH played straight across the goal.Won a fair share of head flicks,and got involved.


    I thought he made a difference.