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  1. I didn’t see the game last night, was diasppointed when saw the result. Then I saw team selected I wasn’t surprised. Ronnie has to change his set up. He must play with a 4 man midfield.



    Bit on and Johanson have been rightly hailed on here as ever good players, they may not be at the top of their game at the moment. That might just because we are too lightweight in midfield, if we go behind we are fighting fires in midfield – always a man short.



    I would preserve with Johanson and Biton, Bown and only one from our flair players and God forbid 2 strikers. If Ronnie can’t see that our midfield is a problem he should be gone.



    Regarding players not playing for him, chase them.



    I don’t know wether all the players bought were Ronnie’schoices

  2. SEVILLE67 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2016 12:05 PM



    A. Henrik Larsson is a poor coach. Don’t think he has the hunger and the wits.



    B. David Moyes probably wouldn’t want the Celtic job. Sooner or later he will be back in England for better pay.



    C. Brendan Rodgers: see above



    I also doubt that the appointments of Moyes and Rodgers would get 59,000 at Celtic Park



    Maybe Henrik, but that would disappear once we stop winning games.

  3. Sorry, trying to correct typo.



    ………were Ronnie’s choices or the coaches (JC and Jk) were given to him.



    Something has to change, Neither JC or JK will replace Ronnie next season if they were not his choices they should be gone now and let him do the job without interference.



    He has been unlucky with injuries to Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic and Mulgrew and has not been able to get a settled defence.



    My main problem him however is that he will only play one system therefore teams know how we will play and can easily prepare for it. This is bit like John Barnes and we all know how that ended .

  4. I am no “happy clapper”by any means,but for the life of me,I cannot see how changing the manager at this stage of the season would be helpful.Who would replace him?.Please dont give us the Moyes nonsense.Rd has had a thankless task since he took over.Our playing squad was in turmoil.CHs leaving,injuries,suspensions to Broony,new players having to be bedded in.Take a look around,same happened to Moyes at Man U.He flopped.Rodgers at Liverpool,he flopped,and now we have one of the worlds best managers at Man U,flopping.Mourinho sacked,and another very respected manager,not doing any better.The other side of the coin is you can be lucky.The Tinkerman at Leicester.Walked into a job,already nearly completed by his predecessor,and suddenly finds his own version of Henrik to lift his team.


    I have to support RD,as we dont have any better options at the moment.I dont agree with many of his choices,for example,Scott Allan.Last night an example.2 down and brings him on with 15 minutes left.Anytime the boy has come on,he has done terrific,why has he not started?.His luck has been terrible,but sometimes he just does not help himself.In my opinion,I think we have the best squad we could possibly have in our financial circumstances,and the future is looking bright.Wether RD is the man for that future,I am not sure,but we have a League to win,and he is in charge,so I will support him,and I think instead of constantly sniping,we all should at present.

  5. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on



    A port-mortom







    is when you know you left the hibs hall at the bottom of the clune brae last night,







    but wake up soemwhere in greenock the next day

  6. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on



    please join me.














    Ronnie is a patsy. a guy who was coming to coach is given the keys to the kingdom. not ready, unprepared.







    Lawell up is the problem. Retire you greedy greedy man, paid more than the players and the manager. wrong wrong wrong.







    Desmond , sell up and f off, you imposter. Money is your god.Celtic are not your darling.







    Only when the new standing section is belting out SACK THE BOARD will we have a voice.














    We will still win the league, but its an inglorious existence.