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  1. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Thought we where dominating up until they scored,


    we wilted after that,not confident we will comeback.

  2. we need to make changes in order to win the game or even draw. The front four are continually giving the all away GMS and Armstrong are the worst.



    WE need to move to 4 2 4 and get Forrest on

  3. GMS and SA are wee boys trying to play against men !



    They should be nowhere near our club !

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Good first half from Broonie ….he’s not match fit and has disappeared



    The rest have been ineffective and poor



    Are we going to capitulate again ….if we do …serious problem

  5. We are an absolute mess.



    From top to bottom, on and off the field. A shambles.



    No heart. No passion. A clueless manager who persists with one up front when 2 nil down. Why?



    Probably because we don’t have any strikers. We let stokes go on load. Why? Cause we want to save money.



    GMS and Armstrong are like two men down. Lustig has suddenly become crap. The new CH looks mince.



    We got in a loan, a striker that can’t score and what looks like another dud CH. why? Cos we don’t want to spend money.



    Better every transfer window? What a joke.



    We have been lied to constantly, betrayed, downsized and now being humiliated.



    Disgusted. But sadly not in the least bit surprised.

  6. My worry is that we get a real doing one of these days. RC scored 3 Aberdeen 2 by halftime. Whatever the final score tonight….weaknesses all over ( except Tierney and Shviatchenko). Kennedy…nice guy but should be sacked if he’s coaching defenders. How many goals lost to set pieces now?

  7. This is pretty poor, in fact very poor. Aberdeen keeper not making enough saves, set play ineptitude in both boxes, lots of tippy tappy stuff.


    Sorry guys but I’ve seen this before, we need men out there and we look short of them..c’ mon Ronnie and the Bhoys , prove me wrong please.

  8. Dominated possession, passive possession, created little, caught out with a wonder goal. Second goal was the same abysmal defending of set pieces we’ve come to expect.


    Changes in personnel and tactics required in second half, a second striker beside Girffiths an play more direct.

  9. Allan for Armstrong (before his second yellow) and Cole for Bitton, with immediate effect.



    Get a bit of physical presence up front, and someone with the ability to play the killer pass, and keep the 2nd half play in Aberdeen’s half.



    At this point I’ll take 2-2.

  10. GMS a very poor executor of the 3 yard pass. Early door stats shown by Sky were a worry as we had all possession, but little penetration. Great opener for Aberdeen, poor second goal to concede. Big second half required, but not optimistic.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    For all the pressure we had how many shots on target have we had ?






    Exactly right.

  12. Ball into centre circle for GMS and he chickens out of the challenge. I am afraid that is a big part of the problem…not sufficient heart. Same thing applies to our shots and tackling……no power. Tierney and Brown are the exceptions.



    There are few options in the box for Celtic…usually it is only Griff.



    We need some luck here and if we lose the next goal, it could be embarrassing.



    OK, Ronnie here is your chance to show how you can motivate the team and make telling changes in the second half.




  13. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    This team this manager is not good enough.

  14. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Predictable a*se collapse. A team with no mental strength.



    Let’s see what Deila and Collins are made of now. I’ll no hold ma breath.



    Lawwell, this is the product of your work. Years of endeavour have got us to this point. Well done.

  15. Kazim on flat 442


    Armstrong off put McGregor there


    That’s my opinion


    On corners


    Gordon is awful


    He’s nae Forster


    Forster has better positions

  16. PFayr That’s is my biggest fear, if Brononie does himself in trying to carry the midfield we will get worse not better…back behind the couch.

  17. look at all the bloggers with the toys out the pram! spoiled & privileged the lot of ya! The game is not over yet!

  18. Completely dominated the game for 30 minutes, but created nothing of note.



    Then lost goals to a one-in-a-hundred shot and a corner.



    Now, team looks scared and tentative. Armstrong and GMS simply don’t have the heart to play for Celtic. It’s nothing to do with ability, it’s simply their mentality. Tierney has more guts in his big toe than these two combined.



    I hope we can come back, but I’m afraid history suggests this is where Ronnie’s teams curl up and die.



    Not good enough. And for the first time I genuinely fear for the league title…

  19. These possession obsessed coaches are mince.


    Watched Liverpool have way more possession against Leicester but only one team looked like scoring and it wasn’t pool.


    We are a bunch of sand dancers with no discernible shape.


    I have said all season we have no engine room with the players in those central positions.

  20. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    are things going well?



    yup we’re on top of the league ?



    can we cope when someone sticks it to us?



    soon see…..

  21. A big second half required now.


    Sheep look solid in defence Ronny’s got to change things.


    An early goal for us and i feel we could still take something from the game.


    If the sheep score next, Ronny’s peg will become a lot more shoogly tonight.

  22. For 30 minutes we battered them- absolutely hemmed them in.



    Then, out of the blue, a wonder strike from Hayes- nothing you can do about that.




    But…. that second goal???



    Only a soft defence develops that tendency as a rule. Scott Brown sleeping and static, Sviatchenko reacting too late but absolutely no block on the McLean run- terrible sloppiness.



    Aberdeen have been gifted confidence by that second goal and we have a mountain to climb now. We need to re-establish the pattern we had for the first 30 but this time with some added sharpness in front of goal.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    This has a depressingly familiar look to it.


    Not able to make anything of all that possession, no cutting edge. Too many lightweights. Lacking the traditional Celtic never say die attitude which has seen previous Celtic teams come back in games like this.


    Hope I’m wrong.


    We were cruising, playing well, without creating clear chances. No doubt related to playing 1 up top. Brought defence initially was solid.



    As the half has gone on, dons have created more actual chances. Genuinely could be 0-3.



    Bitton- not great, Brown- good initially but faded. Armstrong- nothing really. GMS- POOR MAN’S SIMON DONNELLY (who was a poor man’s Joe Millar- who was a poor man’s Davie Provan- who was a poor man’s Lou Macari….). GMS is an imposter.

  25. Neganon2



    Why don’t you go and support some other team?



    Celtic don’t deserve you.

  26. It’s been a bit like Barca going two goals behind at Celtic Park.


    Bitton very poor.


    Is it time to play the Belgian goalkeeper?

  27. Stebhoy oh yes it is. This manager doesn’t know what to do and all his players are heartless gutless wonders.



    Let’s see if delia will change it. He’s daft enough not to.

  28. Not watching game as haven’t managed to my usual venue in Deansgate , Manchester. However I posted in early January ( far from alone ) that a battle hardened holding midfielder was essential otherwise – sign who we like – we will remain a team with a soft centre with the opposition playing through us . I trust that is not happening tonight. I have always supported Ronnie and that remains my broad position. However we need to avoid the “shoehorn” system – strenghten everywhere except the core of the team.



    C’ mon the ‘tic second half !!!!!

  29. I’ve supported Ronny until tonight – this is Malmo all over again. We are weak across the park. Time to change manager is now and let the new man get settled for qualifiers. Ronny can’t or won’t change things