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  1. I agree offside is like being pregnant, you either are or aren’t.


    My issue is with the fine margins – at what point in time is the ball played forward – is it when the passer makes contact with the ball or when it leaves their foot in a forward direction.


    Maeda could be 10 yds further forward in the difference between the points in time. 😉

  2. Big Jimmy


    I will – wee trip into Llandudno later – you can’t beat a walk on the pier – especially if there’s a bar at the end of it – but don’t tell BRRB

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  4. If you took the VAR technology and ran it across the half way line from side to side , do you think that the painted line would be micrometer perfect ?



    As a rule of thumb we often gauge offside be the way the pitch is mowed.


    Lawnmowers will certainly not meet the VAR technological criteria.



    How many times have you seen the wall not 10 yards ( imperial, lol ) back. The referee usually takes an educated guess and brings out his spray.


    This can be a major advantage/ disadvantage to teams as much as a marginal offside decision.


    Should VAR use its precision technology to intervene?



    Where do we stop ?



    Note : There have been 20 acknowledged and accepted VAR errors to date in the Premier league 2023 / 2024.


    God knows how many we have suffered.



    VAR despite its sophisticated technology is not infallible as has been proven.



    Give football back to the supporters. VAR has a place for goalline technology, but it kills spontaneous emotion and is now the major talking point in most games..

  5. I wonder what time our hun skelping Scottish Cup final will be playerd ?


    Will the polis have the final call ?








    Good description of the hun




    Aye , but only if it included ugliness and violence 🍻

  7. the long wait is over on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 22ND APRIL 2024 6:50 AM


    Just been reading back.




    Posters claiming VAR is killing football because a Coventry player was “millimeters” offside. It was inches, not millimeters, but that apart, offside is offside. You can’t allow a goal to stand because the player was “only just” offside.




    Where do you draw the line? 1 inch? 6 inches?




    The same posters would be calling for VAR to be scrapped if a goal was given against Celtic because it was only a wee bit offside.




    I felt sorry for Coventry but VAR did its job.






    100% correct.



    If that goal was in the 32nd minute there wouldn’t be the same furore.



    If people don’t want that level of margin then change the rule.



    Even then , there will be really tight decisions people will moan about as being right but still unfair.



    “Football is a game of inches and inches make the champion”



    ― Vince Lombardi

  8. Prestonpans bhoys on

    GREENPINATA on 22ND APRIL 2024 8:41 AM


    I wonder what time our hun skelping Scottish Cup final will be playerd



    English Cup Final on the same day, SFA changed it previously to avoid a clash. Don’t think the huns will accept that one, our board will do as they are told, so having the huns in the final may have some benefit!

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Queens Park. A fine morning to survey my estate and stretch the elderly legs.

  10. If my memory serves me well, Law 11 does not mention “inches” never mind millimetres and yet the VAR is attempting to apply the latter to key decisions. Ex post facto drawing of lines which do not exist on the pitch, using techology which is not up to the job, and in Scotland is so pisspoor (see Jota offside) it would not be allowed to decide the winner of the sack race. And here is another thing Law 11 refers to ‘any part…of the feet’ being in an offside position…the Coventry player was wearing fitba bits, begging the question, wis his fit aff?

  11. It was more the distance from goal,about 35 yards out…..bring back the Dryburgh Cup offside rule…..

  12. I think Scales played beyond expectations earlier in the season but now he’s playing like a squad player at best. I presume Brendan sees something in the other two CB contenders that makes him stick with Scales – perhaps they are too gung ho, prone to giving penalties or something. Nawrocki in particular looks pretty accomplished and reminds me of what’s his name (from Eastern Europe) who used to always get injured. But only Brendan sees them daily.

  13. “If you look at the last months, we showed what we’re capable of. It’s just the thing to find this vibe back. If we can find that rhythm back, I think we’re the best team in the league.”






    chump talk

  14. !!bada bing!! et al



    Or my own suggestion, on here a while back, that given the present offside rule (in relation to the goal line) means that a player can be further away from the actual goal line (between the posts) than the defender and still be offside, then we should make that 7.32m line (8 yards in Old Tam money) the key dimension. That of course would cause a problem for the VAR in that he would have to then draw concentric lines across the screen instead of the present horizontal ones. They would also have to be familiar with Pythagorean theorem and Euclidian geometry, which might of course pose another problem. Ye gotta know yer angles…(which to be fair most masons do)




  15. Just watched highlights again….The so called penalty incident against CCV in 111th minute….why did Robertson allow play to continue after Johnston was fouled, seems bizarre?

  16. And why couldn’t Michael Stewart not see that Johnstone was clearly barged in the back BEFORE CCV fouled the Aberdeen player, he was watching the same replays as us and it was a clear foul.


    It was bizarre that the referee did not blow up straight away, but who knows, either way the correct decision was made, eventually!

  17. Yes right decision…… the other thing, how many Aberdeen players got booked as they ran into their fan not once but twice after scoring !!