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  1. I did love CQN over the years and yearn for the day we can talk about everything as well as politics, too much politics methinks, just saying like, no need to fall out, win or lose an argument? Who cares, yes it’s good to articulate yir thoughts and win an argument, but this website becomes a lesser place if we lose our caring, social friendly way.


    I can’t put my thoughts properly into words like some/ many can, but you all hopefully get my drift.


    It was always about CELTIC



  2. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on




    In memory of @wee_oscar we will take part in 233 mile cycle to help Eileidh https://t.co/ymYtBGSCno #rideforeileidh Text EPAT50 £5 70070







  3. Burgas Hoops on

    Snake Plissken


    13:58 on


    10 May, 2015


    Burgas Hoops



    Did Neil Lennon not say that figure was incorrect?






    3.5 M Euro’s was the figure mentioned on Ajax off/site at the time of us signing him.



    Canamalar, i remember that post guy was on the button eh?

  4. Vinny..,


    I just snapped after watch the goose steppers ganging up on anyone off message, I’m not going to apologies for that cause sometimes I just need to let it loose.

  5. Sky showing where they prioritise Scottish football. Beginning of programme delayed for Mauritius Open golf.

  6. Always used to love the bus Fae the Greenock Celtic and Shammy up to Aberdeen, in the old days as a member of the Greenock CSC you got money for a fish supper and a pint, can any other CSC best that ?

  7. Apologies for the re-cycling but I do fear today’s political landscape will affect the club.


    As for the football I hope we hump the sheep.


    Obviously from a football perspective.











    The analysis you point to is a good start but as always it doesn’t tell the full story.



    Labour was up against a number of falsehoods that it didn’t do enough to expose.


    I fear some of this is structural in that some in the party want to believe them as well.



    They allowed the following to become the common currency of political debate in the UK without doing enough to expose the base political lies that they are:



    Labour caused the deficit / economic crash — Rubbish the economic crash has caused the deficit and the economic crash was caused by an American economy that had nothing to sell to the rest of the world apart from its debt.



    Thank you Dubya Bush — You might have got elected in 2004 on the back of thin air but the trends generated then nearly destroyed western capitalism.


    Anywhere the banking sector was either living an ego trip or running close to the edge was going to have problems — we foundered on these or similar issues.



    Labour spent too much — absolute tripe, the deficit was less going into the Credit Crunch than Sha**er left in 97. GB was running a current spending surplus in 2007 in the face of an increasing strident tax avoidance strategy being orchestrated by the Big 4 Accountants and Barclays.



    Dave the Rave and the Gimp have a long term economic plan — Total tripe, they ruined the recovery that GB / AD had managed to cobble together in 2009 / 2010. They then wasted 3 years scaring the plebs frat less with all the loose talk about cuts / austerity / slash and burn politics. They are making it up as they go along.



    We have a meaningful recovery — Again nonsense squared, we have a dead cat bounce based on a housing revival and peasant level wages. Allegedly we have 2 million extra people employed, just a case we have the same amount of shovels so wages and productivity have tanked and we have the highest balance of trade deficit in living memory.



    We have a low pound and still we can’t pay our way in the world.


    March of the Makers — No chance, it is just a bad joke.


    What we have is the “Return of the Takers” — the upper middle class and the City hoovering up what little progress has been made in the past few years.



    1997 till 2010 — Labour ran the economy very well in the face of a huge amount of global pressures.



    JM with the Forgers Gazette urging him on would have collapsed the economy in the face of the 2000 / 2001 financial pressures and then they would have been first into the Credit Crunch and last out. The Tories have been kept afloat by £375 bill of QE.



    Worse than their friends in the city took the cash and then rigged the interest rate and commodities market to push up inflation where no excess demand existed.



    Milli-E could have done better — but that is at the margin of the political situation we now have. The Tory press do the donkey work, they prepare the ground then they find some useful idiot to lead the way.



    2010 = Clegg / The Guardian.


    2015 = Vinegar T*ts and the Tartan Children’s Crusade.


    They actually excelled themselves as the were useful both sides of the border.

  8. Stir up English nationalism, UKIP take votes from Labour and the Tories benefit.



    Simple but effective.



    Hence this.



    ‘Paul Waugh @paulwaugh • May 6


    Tory sources tell @BBCAllegra they fear they would have been ‘trounced’ by Labour in this election but for the SNP.’




    Having said that, the Labour share of the vote in England increased by 3.6%, so there’s something to be drawn from that.



    And in Scotland although the SNP won a landslide they managed only 50% of the vote, still a full 5% behind the record held by the Tories.



    Another interesting snippet is that fewer people voted SNP than voted yes in the referendum so I wonder just how much the nat leadership actually want a rerun. A second defeat so soon after the previous one would make all the once in a lifetime talk a raelity.

  9. Burgas…,


    Sadly yes, would have loved him to have been wrong but sometimes it’s worth taking a look at supporters websites, some clever clogs suggested that a few years ago, I wish our scouting team would take up good suggestions.

  10. kevinlasvegas on

    The site is blessed with lots of clever posters with lots of great points and opinions, But at times can be a bit over whelming. Back to the Hoops today please Gents.




  11. kevinlasvegas



    13:57 on 10 May, 2015








    You spoke too soon!!

  12. Good to see Fisher getting a game.


    Any thoughts on why he seems to get targeted for some agricultural tackling?



    Bit lippy on the park?


    Young guy so they try to intimidate?


    Reputation from the youths?


    Anything else?

  13. James Forrest being left out today is a snub for right wingers. Ronny is looking more for a centrist position from us today. Izzy meanwhile will be the main hope of the left.



    No thoughts of coalition today Celts, a clear majority of goals is required.




  14. canamalar



    14:03 on 10 May, 2015




    I just snapped after watch the goose steppers ganging up on anyone off message, I’m not going to apologies for that cause sometimes I just need to let it loose.




    You snap away pal, I’ve never met you but I know when we do the craic will be 90 HH

  15. A big thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday, never got a chance to post because the good ship celtica brought his fleet of children up to visit!


    Where’s the fitba?

  16. Celtic team to play Aberdeen: Gordon; Fisher, Denayer, van Dijk, Izaguirre; Brown, Bitton, Commons, Johansen, Armstrong; Griffiths



    Subs: Zaluska, Matthews, Ambrose, Scepovic, Mackay-Steven, Rogic, Forrest. Kick off at Pittodrie is 2.30pm (MH)





    /Bishop B

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Just in case Darnell missed my advice on the last thread, I’ll repost for his benefit.




    Fisher will have to be alert for Aberdeen’s not so secret tactic of Considine sneaking in at the back post.



    It has been a feature of their games recently.

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