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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Just chilling oot.



    But who in there right mind thought that Broonie wisnae motm.



    Said to “wee ” shades on the way back home from hamdump that if Broonie was 5 yrs younger the hun media would be trying to punt him doon south in January.



    100 Not Out. I am claiming to be alive for 59 of them, not counting the soon to be league trophy win of course

  2. Delaneys Dunky


    I was watching the game in my mates today, my phone wrang when moussa scored the penalty,”come on you Bhoys in green” my 6 year old grandson was singing to me.




  3. ROY CROPPIE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2016 7:01 PM






    but feel for young Tierney in the background………..



    hope he’s back soon




  4. Leftclik



    Lewis is 6 too. So proud to see the grandson in the hoops. He has two grampa’s. I am Celtic grampa. Allbhoy’s da is sevco grampa. :)

  5. SOS ( Summarise Our Silverware ? ) please ?


    Help this old happy Celtic man , I was born in December 1955, how many trophies does that make in my lifetime ?


    I’m curious.


    100 and counting !

  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    broonie excellent today, cg very good, back 5 picks itself now, we’re finally reaping ronnie’s harvest

  7. To Mr Adam Gallagher….have a hoopy birthday…your a fortunate wee mhan !!!


    Godfather and father baith braw…yer mum,s probably brawer…


    Smiley thing




  8. ROY CROPPIE on 27TH NOVEMBER 2016 7:06 PM



    Agree …… just hope the injury doesnt affect his confidence



    and of course hope he stays with us




  9. 50 shades of green on

    Nearly fell oot with Tom from Aus today he interrupted our singing of GRACE by sticking the baw in the net. Has the bhoy nae class he could have delayed his shot till we finished after all the chasing sheep where naewere.



    P.s Whit a Goal.




  10. Well done Celtic,






    Well done Brendan. A thoroughly composed performance which underlines the massive gulf between us and the rest.



    No failures in the Hoops today, but I thought Rogic and Forrest were both superb.



    One hundred not out, with plenty more to come…

  11. \o/ \o/ \o/


    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


    \o/ \o/ \o/

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I think Scott Brown is our most inspirational captain of the modern era.


    I also believe that his influence is as great off the field as on.



    His is the personality that bonds a multi national and multi cultural squad of players, where everyone is a team mate.



    I believe that we are a club with no on field egos, Broonie would not tolerate it.



    Of all the good performances today, none surpassed our captain’s.

  13. I’m loving the way Brendan is keeping moral up by including all the staff on the podium at the trophy presentation and young Kieran when the cup came back to Celtic park.

  14. I thought the whole team were outstanding today.Merits to Jamesy,Rogic,The two CHs,Izzy,Lustig,I could go on,but the daddy of thm all was BROONY.What a run of form.Never gave the Dons a minute,snarling,tackling,passing,gallussness,he had it all today.Fantastic performance.

  15. SFTB



    You said we would lose a domestic game soon and Brendan would be critscised.



    I said that critiscism would be a consequence of that first defeat, but you said it wisney.



    Who is going to beat us SOON. and any idea’s on the lotter numbers next week or are you still making it up?



    Support your team!



    Or, consequently, don’t bother.

  16. Ra Gers huv won merr league titles than Celtic have won trophies. True story 155 and counting. The majority won honestly (honest) and such a feat for a four year old, eh? Onwards and upwards

  17. Quite incredible scenes of togetherness as the team arrive back at Celtic Park. Good strong Belgian beer must be kicking in as I get a bit moist eyed watching the scenes.


    BR has to take the credit for this and his representative on the park Scott Brown. I watched Broonie after full time embracing Moussa and telling him just to let it all sink in.


    No idea if that was his exact words but the body language spoke volumes. Scott Brown was miles ahead of every player on the park today and James Forrest had a brilliant game.

  18. Thought the ref tried his best to get Aberdeen in it at the start of the second half… Craig Thomson-esque… nothing outrageous, just judicious awarding of freekicks to them for innocuous challenges and ignoring fouls on our players.



    The penalty was a stonewaller and I think after that he thought “Ach, **** it, I cannae dae anymore…



    One further thing: despite 2 goals in the first half, the first 45 stopped bang on 45:00, just as we were breaking up the field.



    A penalty and six subs in the second half, and we get 2mins added time. Sevco yesterday got 4…



    It’s the little things, innit?

  19. 100 up,well done Brendan and the Bhoys,


    I am a critic of James Forrest, but todays performance meant we didnt miss Scott Sinclair,


    So well done Jamesy



  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Very enjoyable day at the national dump.



    Broonie definitely man of the match for me.



    Big Jozo and Erik were immense also.



    Nice to see Gary Mackay-Steven in the squad.



    I hope now we start to use our squad more and see Ryan Christie and Liam Henderson get some more game time, even from the bench.



    Finally a big thank you to Celtic for giving my son a belated birthday present.

  21. 50 shades of green on

    Roy Croppie.






    Seen that pic getting taken, Brilliant and joyfull. Think I’m in the background with a scarf above my head.



    P.s Was Izzy doing a Henrik:-)

  22. Shut TFU about Griff.We are our worst enemies sometimes.Yes he was not pleased not too be playing,but I am sure BR has told him he is a big part of his plans when he has the balance he wants in the team.Looked happy enough to me with Broony.Big part to play in our future has Griff.

  23. Thank you Celtic for a day that was beyond criticism and full only of happiness and joy!







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