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  1. Happy Hoop tonight.



    Green and white ribbons on a silver trophy is always a heart warming sight.



    Doesn’t matter who plays what way in a cup final. Winning is all that matters. As it happens I think they all played well.



    Tierney and Sinclair will improve the team in time. But izzy looks like the player we grew to love in his first couple of seasons. New lease of life for a guy i thought was done in the hoops. And he loves the Tic.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    What a job Brendan Rodgers is doing for us. He is a top class talent. Long may he reign at Parkhead. Who would’ve thought this time last year anyone could coax a performance like that from wee Jamesy. And I’ve never seen Broony perform at this level so consistently. He’s a joy to watch. Those years of frustration at watching the Board downsize are a distant memory. Great times to be a Tim.

  3. PHILBHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2016 8:42 PM






    It was a stonewaller.




    Otherwise his performance was awful.







    Not often i disagree with you but today I must disagree.I thought he was 90% fine.If you think this referee was bad,then I have seen much,much worse.Gordon etc.All I hear on hear is “Referees blah blah”but we are 14 points clear,we have won a cup,how really poor at they f====in us up.

  4. Shortly after we went 3-0 up ours fans burst into a rendition of ‘Brendan Rodgers’. Brendan was standing on the touchline at the time but as the song gathered momentum he walked back towards the dugout. Maybe it was a coincidence but i think that was him telling us it’s not all about him and very much a team effort. Pure class.

  5. Off topic.


    My boy is studying at Glasgow University and had the misfortune to wander into some Hun dive (I know, tautologous) called the Royalty on Maryhill Road which is effectively his local.


    Him and his mates aren’t football fans but were out of there quicker than Joey Barton’s stay at Sevco. Are there any Celtic bars in that part of the world?


    Thanks in advance



  6. There was a time when I held sway. I strove for my team and heard the songs in my ears.


    My time in the sun. All my world was on that park and with the bhoys around. I had travelled half way the world to be here and had found my home. I shone brightly and the light reflected on my comrades.


    At last the shadow fell and a bright new star lit the heavens, I shrank and was lost. It would have been easy to skulk away, but I saw hope in the young star and swore to mentor him. He grew and I walked behind in the cold and dark, but I kept hope in my heart, one last call would come. And so it came to pass that the young sun was eclipsed by a great misfortune and in the wilderness I heard the call. From my secret store I brought out my sacred hoops, kept pristine throughout the sadness. At the lowest time I was called back and once more I shone for those I love. I am back for a short time but I have given, and will give, my all. I have come back to play for Celtic, remember me.


    My name is – Emilio




  7. Aberdeen committed 5 fouls to our 14. A ridiculous statistic. Beaton was a disgrace. He did everything possible to control the game an build momentum for the Dons. He even hesitated to award the most stonewall pen you will ever see. GIRFUY.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Re the foul count……it is meaningless.


    Celtic were penalised for everything, including a few that were not fouls . Aberdeen, on the other hand ,had countless fouls ignored by the referee.


    The foul count would have been much more even if it hadn’t been for the referee’s ‘interpretation’ of the laws.

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, sorry for the delay in replying.



    I still can’t take in Davie is no longer with us. I can’t imagine the torment his family are going through. Davie and his wife were meant to go to Milan last week to see the Milan v Inter game as part of his 50th birthday celebrations. He’s a huge loss to everyone who knew him.



    I bumped into Gerry Black after the game and he still can’t believe Davie has passed away.



    I was told today that Jc took no well about a week ago but is feeling better now.



    Despite being very pleased with today’s game and our performance today, Davie and his family are still in my thoughts.

  10. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    What a brilliant performance that was today to win our 100th honour. Have returned from Hampden and watched every second of coverage on BT Sports and it was as good second time round as it was live.



    I thought individually and collectively the players were exceptional with Broony absolutely running the show in midfield.



    A special mention to James Forrest who after the semi final I harshly rated 4/10 earning a mild rebuke from JNP as a result.



    Today, James was worthy of a rating of at least double that, he was excellent from start to finish and will be a proud Bhoy tonight.

  11. Just on briefly.



    Brilliant Celtic,absolutely strolled through the game.



    Brown was immense and wee Jamesie, despite an exceptional performance, couldn’t prevent the ridiculous criticism he received from the guy behind me.



    My ex wife isn’t a very nice person and does whatever she can to stifle the weans love of Celtic. To turn round today and see her joining in with ‘Grace’ brought a tear to my eye.



    Thank you Celtic.

  12. This is all that matters today:



    Brendan Rodgers



    You heard, us calling in the night



    Brendan Rodgers



    You came home, to lead the green and white




    Galvanised, enhanced & there’s more to come.



    2nd bottle of champers popped, should we do the treble?

  13. Dallas.


    Lovely post. You are a star.


    Yes JC improving after a scare, also young Lee ” only had a virus” so that’s great news too.


    I know you love your 80s football, so a wee daft thing for you. Do you know that Melly was very friendly with Danny Crainie back then, puffer as he called him.


    Not the view were very cruel to Danny but the bhoy was Celtic through and through and scored against oldco. I bought not the view were out of order.


    Hail Hail.


    P.S. I got SM to join our LMS last week, he bombed out in week 1., so did I right enough :-((

  14. For those slaughtering the referee,go onto a Dons site tomorrow,and see what they thought about his leniency towards Broony,and a few others,in not dishing out yellows.Sick every week coming onto this site and listening to this guff.I KNOW when a ref is giving us F all,and today was not one of them.Same shit every week on here.How do we ever win!!!!!!!!!!?


    Get over it.

  15. Dallas & JNP



    Cannot believe what I am reading. Is this Davie, 6 foot tall , dark hair, wicked sense of humour, pushing his glasses up like Eric Morecambe? I crossed paths with this guy playing amateur football in the 90’s. I was seriously past it but this guy Davie wasn’t. He joined us in a couple of weekends away and was a terrific lad. He came to us with his mate Griff another good player, ex Fauldhouse player.


    Please tell me he has not gone.

  16. Oh,by the way,I am never defending the MIB on here.When they are C===s I will say they are.What I will never do is just go along with the sheep.Wrong guy for that.

  17. Big Pierre's 2 front teeth on




    Was reading back and seen your post wondering if I got tickets to take my dad for his birthday. Never managed to although HT called me and had 1 but had to spend the day with him and he wouldn’t have took it if I said there’s one for him. We enjoyed it in the pub with a few refreshments and enjoyed every minute. Nice to hear I was in your thoughts though and truly love the family that us cqners are and the thoughtfulness on here from people I’ve never met! Really humbling.


    Like every family there’s disagreements and some heated discussion (don’t want to say fighting!) But we all love Celtic and want the best but have different views, which is fine. We all know who the ones are that pretend to have Celtic in their heart but all they do is berate but their to be pitied as we all know the joy that being a tim brings!


    Lurk mostly with the occasional post when I see someone spouting pish but will definitely be posting more often after the heart warming sentiments and efforts I’ve experienced since last night! God bless every bhoy and ghirl on what will be a historic day for us in the first of many honours under our new leadership!

  18. Colour blind bhoy.


    Magic, but Jeezo, Jamsie has his best ever game and you still only give him 8ish :-)). A big smile, don’t take that at all seriously.




    Thanks for that post, gladdened my heart.


    What is it about ex wife’s??????


    Thankfully both of us have made much much better choices second time around.


    Love to Minx.

  19. O.G.Rafferty on 27th November 2016 9:07 pm



    That’s what growing up in London does for you …




    Not trained well enough leaving old Londan Town coming to the big smoke of Glasgow ;o)

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jmccormick, it’s good things went to plan for you and your son today. Everything fell into place for you.



    Davie was originally from Chapelhall and was in the same year as Peter Grant.



    He was a big Airdrie fan, one of the few Catholic Airdrie fans.



    When he worked in St Anne’s, him and his flatmate who was a Celtic fan, went to a testimonial we played at Old Trafford, I think it was the one for Mark Highest.



    Things were a bit quiet so he started off the singing with some of our support.



    He despised Uber Hun, Jimmy Ballantyne, who bought Clydebank’s league membership to become Airdrie United even though it meant a team from Airdrie playing in the town.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    O G, the Captain’s Rest, on Great Western Road along from St George’s Cross, was possibly is, a Celtic friendly pub.

  22. J.McCormick.


    Sadly I think that is the same man.


    Hopefully Dallas will confirm.


    Davey died suddenly just before his 50th birthday, his funeral was the day he should have flown to Milan. He leaves behind a wife and 3 children. One still at primary school.


    Sorry to pass that news on to you.

  23. Dallas.


    That sounds like the same man. Sorry to say that is has taken the gloss off today.


    So I cannot imagine what it has done to his real friends and family.


    A lovely big guy, won’t go into detail but his patter was a great foil for my Victor Meldrew patter on a lads weekend. .


    Really sad news. God help and support his loved ones.




    Fed up aboot same shite of referees every week….welcome to our World numbnuts!

  25. Big Peat of Islay. Lawwell's Gravy train has left the saps at the station. on

    When in Glasgow, I generally head to the Bon Accord. Ned free, real beer, brilliant selections of hawfs, Paul is a Tim.

  26. JNP



    Utterly bereft at that news. I am no close friend of Davie but I knew him to be a lovely man. I hope and pray his wife and kids will be sheltered and comforted.


    Sometimes this world knows how to kick you in the nuts.

  27. Jinkyredstar, earlier on this page – that deserves a wider audience, absolutely fantastic!



    And just when I think today can’t get any better, it’s time for Ant and Dec!