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  1. Big Peat of Islay on

    That’s a decent slo-mo but it was a team effort: management, manager, team and the best supporters in the world bar none!

  2. We get a week’s well deserved break before we meet Motherwell in Saturday’s early kick off.


    A rested and recharged Celtic team is an awesome prospect.



    Anybody with links to Glasgow legal circles know if the lawyer who gave Rangers a bye on the Big Tax Case, Kenneth Mure, passed away this week?


    I am worried about the truth being buried by the passage and ravages of time.




    Do you think that Paul McBride QC, just happened to die….just as he was about to sink his teeth into the establishment’s erchie ?

  4. It was Brilliant seeing Emilio enjoy a Great Celtic Day.



    Some might say, he is learning from Kieran.



    I was delighted that Emilio was playing Left Back for Celtic yesterday.



    You can always, only, read between the lines when it comes to Celtic. The Dressing Room jibber jabber stays there.



    Trying to get info out of my Son about his team and how the coach is thinking/doing things is like Breaking into Fort Knox. Brilliant so that is.

  5. What an end to the Chiefs Broncos game.


    Chiefs beat the team in orange with a field goal inside last 5 seconds.


    Field goal hit the inside of the post and ricocheted like a bullet across the goal and inside for the winner.



    Cheers mate, your a gent !


    So in my lifetime the Celts have won 63 trophies ………..something tells me that I won’t be waiting too long for 67 !




    Someone mentioned on here soon after the game finished that KT had his arm in a sling at Hampden ,maybe so, but he didn’t have one on later outside Celtic Park when walking around with Brendan. ?



  7. Time for bed.


    It’s at times like this I miss the satisfaction of sharing a trophy win with friends and family.


    If Carlsberg did weekends.

  8. A blog like CQN is truly phenomenal when the Hoops are winning trophies and talking about the team and the football and there are no serious interlopers. Here is my upside down perspective…shameless repost alert. Hope everyone wakes with no real after effects from yesterday’s / last night’s party!!




    Stayinguplate on 27th November 2016 10:16 pm




    Up early to watch the game. Back to bed at four and up again at six. That is the lot of Aussie based Tims.





    DOMINANT display by the team. Here are my thoughts on the game below. G64. I know what you mean about KT. Imagine last year going into a Cup Final without KT and wee Leigh. We would have been depressed. As it was we were missing Scotty S yesterday too and we did not break stride. Please read, comment and share. HH!!






  9. BT Sport this early morning 6.00am


    The Celts Cup Final is on again, shall I watch it again ?


    Too Right Bhoys , where’s that remote ?


    Celts the TON UP ‘ TIC !



  10. BMCUWP-i kept up to date on here and seen the goals,I noticed sin city hasn’t been on as well,was it something I said:-))))





    I doubt it,mate. I’ve mailed him a couple times wi your requests too,so he’s probably busy.



    ‘GG posted extended highlights of it for us.






    26 minutes of it. Think how much money you could lose in those dens of iniquity in that time(!)



    Hope yer enjoying it,obviously I’m just jealous.





    My Dad would be on 67,a damn fine number,if the Coronation Cup counted!



    As would everyone else born between us winnning it and The Empire Exhibition Trophy fifteen years previously.



    Difficult times for the club and the fans…

  13. Reading back,this needs reposted.Beautiful,wonderful stuff.





    There was a time when I held sway. I strove for my team and heard the songs in my ears.



    My time in the sun. All my world was on that park and with the bhoys around. I had travelled half way the world to be here and had found my home. I shone brightly and the light reflected on my comrades.



    At last the shadow fell and a bright new star lit the heavens, I shrank and was lost. It would have been easy to skulk away, but I saw hope in the young star and swore to mentor him. He grew and I walked behind in the cold and dark, but I kept hope in my heart, one last call would come. And so it came to pass that the young sun was eclipsed by a great misfortune and in the wilderness I heard the call. From my secret store I brought out my sacred hoops, kept pristine throughout the sadness. At the lowest time I was called back and once more I shone for those I love. I am back for a short time but I have given, and will give, my all. I have come back to play for Celtic, remember me.



    My name is – Emilio





  14. BMCUWP-I’ve just watched the highlights, thanks again GG,thanks for going to the trouble of emailing sin city,it sure is a den of iniquity,but I’m to shy:-))))

  15. That’s the reading back complete,some magical thoughts and emotions posted.The odd curmudgeonly flavoured post too but i’ll put that down to imbibing.


    All in all a great day for and to be Celtic,as easy a final as i’ve witnessed.Our team didn’t give the ovine botherers a chance to impose themselves on the game.All our players played well and i agree Broonie and James excelled but for me the MOM was Jozo.After a couple of misplaced passes at the start of the game he got better and better as the game went on.I like defenders who go about their job in a stealthy,non-eyecatching way and the big fhella personified that yesterday.There’s a star in that bhoy.


    The whole team and manager deserve praise,though.Not a failure among them.


    Brilliant bhoys.Thank you and a couple more this season please.


    Couple of sidenotes:


    The dandies fans seem to use up all their energy prematch,I think they knew what was coming and decided,wisely,to enjoy themselves before the actual football started.


    What the kcuf was their team up to as ours did the huddle?It was like a limp haka put down.My bhoy and I were lolling at it’s lameness.Bet that was McInness’ idea.He’s naw very good at innovation is he? ;))






  16. Good morning friends from a damp, drizzly but who cares East Kilbride. Wee training event in the city today and a bright green shirt fits the bill. Roll on December and 9 more chances to watch The Champions play.

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Reflective of the gulf in class)



    Scission /ˈsɪʃən/





    1. an instance of cutting, splitting, or dividing; separation from the rest



    Word Origin


    C15: from Late Latin scissiō, from scindere to split





  18. Babasconi at 6.35 – thanks for reposting that wee piece from Jinkyredstar. I loved reading it last night but in the cold sober light of the morning it is even more wonderful.



    All thanks is due to JINKYREDSTAR.


    Had a wee lump in my throat reading it this morning.Just marvellous,so it is.


    Deserved to be read by as many as possible,sharing it was easy and incumbent on me.


    Being a tim is a wonderful thing.




  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Kevjungle, Mac Jay,



    Have always had strong suspicions about that.








    As have some members of the Scottish medical fraternity.



    A P.M. of undue haste in Pakistan.



    We lost a lion.

  21. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Not quite sure how a couple of posters thought the dandies were in the game at any point.



    Celtic had them beat from the Huddle onwards. We were totally dominant in the first half and Craig Gordon only had one save to make. They had a 10 minute spell at the start of the second half where they had a bit of possession but didn’t create anything from it. When wee Jamesie won the penalty and Moussa completed his task of scoring in every round it was pipe and slippers time for Celtic!



    Brown was totally dominant in the middle of the park, ably assisted by Armstrong. The back five were solid with some great distribution from Gordon and a rock-like partnership between Simunovic and Sviatchenko. (I wonder if the Torino Doctor had been sacked after THAT medical?) Lustig, reliable as ever and Emilio’s renaissance is a joy to watch.



    Forrest was fantastic and is becoming the player he has threatened to be for the last 5 seasons. Rogic was classy as ever and Moussa and Roberts constantly bothered the Dons defence throughout the game.



    Bitton and McGregor were both effective when they came on, just showing that Brendan Rodgers is quite happy to take the more creative players off to solidify the team when required.



    Wee Shorty would have had another 2 or 3 minutes on the park had Celtic not been so capable: the ball retention for a 3 minute period as he waited to come on just showed how much we were in control of the game.



    As comfortable a win as we have had all season to be honest; at no time did Aberdeen look like scoring!





  22. I meant JINKYREDSTAR sorry mate.




    If Celtic’s 100 trophies does NOT include Glasgow Cup, Empire Exhibition Cup etc etc, then it should, and while we’re at it lets include , The Alfredo Di Stephanio Trophy and bloody Quizball !


    So your old da ( like me will have seen more trophies than we thought ) ?


    HH mate.



    IF Sevco have not received the last rites by the time to CELTIC Park in March 2017, maybe our stadium DJ could play ” WHO ARE YOU” by The Who as they take the field ?