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  1. I’m thinking of changing my moniker to something like, ” TONUPCELT” ?


    VFR, if so who do I bribe and how much ?


    VFR ” pipe and slippers” ?????? Surely not with you being that Wild Easy Rider kind if guy ?


    I never saw Brando wearing pipe and slippers, think of your street cred man !



  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Oops; looks like when you shaft someone on the way up they can get you on the way down! From the pen crayon of Gary Ralston.



    Dave King loses chance to weaken Mike Ashley’s Rangers influence after legend Ally McCoist failed to vote on vital resolution



    Dave King’s bid to weaken Mike Ashley’s influence at Rangers has been thwarted – after Ally McCoist failed to vote on a vital AGM resolution.


    The Record understands that chairman King failed by less than one per cent to win 75 per cent of ¬shareholder approval for his boardroom plan, known as Resolution 11.


    It would have allowed the board to ¬introduce a new shares issue next year but give King and Co the mandate to allocate shares as they saw fit.


    McCoist, who owns about 1.25 per cent of the Ibrox outfit, could have pushed the vote over the line and helped dilute the influence of Sports Direct owner Ashley and his allies the Easdale brothers at the club.


    However, he did not cast a vote at Friday’s AGM and neither, for the second year in a row, did former chairman Malcolm Murray, who owns about 0.25 per cent of Rangers.


    It is unclear why McCoist failed to vote. If Resolution 11 was passed, it would have seen his shareholding diluted by half without him making 
a fresh cash injection.


    There is anger and disbelief at Rangers 
boardroom level at the actions of McCoist, in particular, who was awarded penny shares by former chief executive Charles Green.


    Ibrox followers will also be dismayed at the action of their greatest goalscorer in failing to support a board widely seen by Rangers supporters as having the best interests of the club at heart.


    McCoist’s failure to vote will disappoint King, who backed his friend during most of 2015, when he was on gardening leave after quitting as manager the previous December.


    Many fans felt McCoist should have ripped up his £750,000-a-year contract when King’s regime took over the club last year.


    However, the South African-based tycoon argued the former manager and first team coach was right to expect his contract be respected and honoured in full.


    Had Resolution 11 been passed, Rangers were expected to exclude Ashley and the Easdales from the offering, which would have diluted their collective share by half to about eight per cent.


    A similar resolution at last year’s AGM failed by 1.2 per cent, but the fact it is closer this year will be a source of frustration to the board.


    They are still expected to give the go-ahead to raise cash after another resolution was passed by more than 50 per cent of shareholders.


    However, Ashley and all shareholders, will be offered a chance to buy shares at least to the level of their current holding.


    McCoist and Murray 
declined to comment.”





  3. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BIG JIMMY at the top right of the screen it will say How are you BIG JIMMY. If you click that you can edit your profile. When that page opens, scroll down to where it says Nickname and change it to whatever you want it to say.



    Go to the bottom and click Update Profile and you are sorted.





  4. OH DEAR,


    According to reports this very morn, Sevco’s attempts to have resolution 11 passed has FAILED by 1%.


    It appears ( no don’t laugh ), that the Gardener McCoist DIDN’ T VOTE. His 1.25 shares would have tilted the result. The ipox board are not happy with SuperSally. I don’t imagine his fikth followers will be either ?


    Malcolm Murray director ? Also FAILED to vote, ipox board mystified ? He apparently holds 0.25 %. But McCoist failure to vote ( and the reasons) are apparently upset Dave King who supported McCoist in 2015, when he was still picking up his salary when on gardening leave !


    Has McCoist DELIBERATELY not voted as his shares would have been seriously diluted ?


    This nut job mankie mob just can’t help themselves can they ?


    Oh the Joys !




    If that resolution had went thru

  5. VFR, sorry it appears that when I was typing about McCoist, you had just posted the same story. No attempt on my part to steal your thunder mate, sorry.


    I’ll have a think about moniker,I may confuse myself, yet again thanks .?

  6. archdeaconsbench on

    ‘Dave King loses chance to weaken Mike Ashley’s Rangers influence after legend Ally McCoist failed to vote on vital resolution


    The former Rangers manager failed to vote on Resolution 11 which would failed to be successful by just 1%.’



    Once you recover from the general mirth and merriment, check the sub-heading from the Daily Reprobate. And they wonder why their sales are going south…..

  7. Morning all. No sore head today as I knocked the bevvy on the head earlier than planned last night.


    Looking forward to Saturday lunchtime already when we take on the “family club” just down the road.



  8. Archdeaconsbench



    Oh stop talkin rubbidge :-):-)



    “End of merriment”



    Hehe just startin (again)



    Hail hail

  9. Delighted .



    We wanted it more. The fouls total maybe reflects that. I do not think the referee had a particularly poor game.



    If there was a Hampdump hoodoo, then BR has exoricised it. I thought our fans were magnificent.



    Sometimes I wonder if CQN is a wee bit out of tune with the greater Celtic support ( myself included). . Our fans turned up and gave the team tremendous backing. They were not deterred from supporting our team , despite the shenanigans at the SFA.



    Hail, Hail.


    BIG JIMMY on 28TH NOVEMBER 2016 8:04 AM






    IF Sevco have not received the last rites by the time to CELTIC Park in March 2017, maybe our stadium DJ could play ” WHO ARE YOU” by The Who as they take the field ?








    Any other suggestions?



    The Devil Wears Puma isnae a song-yet!-but…



    Won’t Get Fooled Again.


    Actually,I withdraw The Devil Wears Puma. I’m sure I remember Big Jock wearing a Puma v-neck when we played Ajax in 71.



    Well,I’m sure I remember seeing a photo of it a few years later. My memories of 71 are somewhat spoiled by later events.



    Btw,lost two late goals as we went down 3–0. Played them off the park in the 2nd leg,only got the one goal. Jee-zoh,we only got the one Big Cup. And I’m so glad we did,but heyho…

  12. I had a great day watching the match at the Wimbledon CSC – good to be back. I thought Celtic were excellent and gave Aberdeen absolutely nothing. Their 10 min spell wasn’t a spell of pressure, in my view, it was just that they had a few corners which were dealt with well.



    Watching the various occasions when we broke forward after dispossessing Aberdeen, it dawned on me that opposition fans (and teams) must brick themselves when they see Rogic/Forrest/Roberts/Dembele bearing down on them with ball at their feet. A joy for us to watch and must fill opponents with dread.



    Btw, I’m totally not suffering today…much…

  13. Great result yesterday


    Another page in our clubs continious history.


    Well done Brendan.6 months 1 week in job and this is what you’ve done.




    As a Celtic fan I look forward to tomorrow :-)



    Great displays by Celtic fans, 100 and on 67min.




  14. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Great day yesterday, Celtic were magic



    Davidopolous I might be suffering more than you :-)

  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Fabulous.Absolutely fabulous.


    No Sinclair or Tierney,yet a comfortable 3-0 Cup victory.


    No work today,so I may well indulge in a celebration swally.


    The notions of a Monday morning hangover blown away with the sight of the Hoops parading round Hampden with the cup.


    The Treble most definitely on.


    Brendan,our players, and most important thing of all. Our magnificent support.


    God bless you all.

  16. BMCUWP


    Hi mate did you text my mobile this morn , as I just switched it on on saw two messages. I can’t phone U as I need to top up tmorra, but I can phone U from my landline do you want me to do that. If so when ?



  17. Good morning bhoys


    Thank you for the kind words about my scribing on Izzy – I felt I had to write something and it just flowed.



    Hail hail

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Also on holiday the day, need a wee Monday off to watch the game again, think I missed most of it yesterday……..



    Brendan is the business hope he stays for years

  19. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    An Tearmann on 28th November 2016 9:03 am



    Rectum are reporting it as being lost.









    Hmmmmm,might be.



    Hope the Wim Tims were out in force yesterday. I always enjoyed myself when I went there,but now that me and my bestie have hooked up again after a lost 25 years,my time in that direction is spent in Maldon.



    No,not New Malden,if it was,I’d nip into the club.



    Maldon. Middle of nowhere. Lovely wee place,to be honest. But a good twenty minute drive from the nearest train station. Three hours plus to get there,but worth it for the company.



    I really need to get back to the club,though. They really welcomed me. Next time my bud is on one of his expeditions abroad,I’m off to see the Wim Tims.




    Yep, Maldon is a nice wee place – can’t blame you!



    Let me know the next time you do head to WCSC and I will try to make it down too.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys from a grey old Central Scotland. However, Im happy and bright inside after Celtic completely dominated Aberdeen yesterday and for me there was not a bad Celtic player on the park.I am not a fan of wee Jamsie but yesterday he turned it on as did the team. So well done Brendan well done the Bhoys and onwards and upwords. H.H.

  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Interesting that Barca had a European hangover yesterday in what Enrique described as the worst game under his management.



    Real Sociedad had 52% possession, had a goal wrongly disallowed and hit the woodwork twice so Barca scraped a 1-1 draw.



    Was it tougher for them than it seemed on Wednesday?





  24. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    An Tearmann on 28th November 2016 9:45 am



    Nope; just a report saying that Fat Sally would have won the day for GASL if he had voted.



    Seems like revenge is a dish best served cold for him and Malcolm Murray!



    I wonder how the SMSM and Sevco will dress this up?





  25. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Greenpinata at 9.03,


    Yer post there nails it for me.


    Spot on pal.


    Our hunger and desire won the Cup for us.


    Didn’t think we played that well at all but the scoreline tells the story .


    Good post there bud.

  26. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2016 10:01 AM



    Matches played after CL midweek ties are evidently more difficult. Our efforts to date have been exceptional. What this Celtic team will do when the European deck is clear, post winter break, we could be handing out drubbings every week.

  27. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    TIMBHOY3 on 28th November 2016 10:09 am



    I’m 73 how many trophy’s have Celtic won





    By my reckoning, 66.



    I’ve got 63.





  28. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TIMBHOY3 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2016 10:09 AM


    I’m 73 how





    Using the criteria here, I reckon you and I are on 66.