Abject failure of leadership


After they hatched their plan to blackmail Scottish Football League clubs into voting Newco into the First Division, Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir might have paused to wonder what reaction they would receive.

You better believe they didn’t anticipate the reaction today from Clyde and Raith Rovers.  Rovers chairman, Turnbull Hutton, told BBC Scotland’s Jim Spence, “If we are at the stage of bending rules and accommodating, threatening and blackmailing, we want to give it up.”

“Bending rules… threatening… blackmailing…we want to give it up”.

Hutton went on to suggest heads should roll at the SFL, SFA and SPL.  He’s the first from within the football establishment to call for sackings but he’ll not be the last.

An extensive statement by Clyde FC concluded, “The papers include a proposal to allow a Newco to enter the 1st Division. This is contrary to the rules of the SFL and nothing within the papers justifies this proposal.”

Regan, Doncaster and Longmuir will now be contemplating that their bully-boy tactics will fail. SLF clubs will vote against their recommendations and SPL clubs will not stop promotion from the lower leagues based on merit.  It looks like abject failure of leadership.

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  1. leftclicktic on

    •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on 30 June, 2012 at 17:11


    What about for the banner



  2. The actions by the game rulers in this country is utterly shocking, but sadly not surprising. If they were not corrupt themselves ,then I doubt the now departed bigots from Govan ,would have been allowed to get away with cheating for so long.


    They should show some dignity and grow a pair of balls , and give the punishment out that has been merited,instead of trying to bully,bribe and re-write the rules.


    Well done to Clyde , Raith Rovers and Falkirk for not bowing down to these Idiots lets hope the rest of the Div1 clubs realise that an extra payment of £30k is not that much when they would not be geting promotion for 2years if newco are bribed in.


    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled ,was convince people he doesn’t


    exist” while-:


    “The greatest trick the SFL/SFA/SPL ever pulled, is trying to convince people without a team from Govan Scottish football would enter Armageddon “

  3. jungle jam67 on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on 30 June, 2012 at 18:13 said:



    ..I don’t think the SFL board were similarly compromised…??



    this whole shambles is run from the top


    sfa ogivie and regan to spl and doncaster trying to break rules and force clubs to allow newco into spl


    when that was rumbled as a no go next option div1 and sfl help


    this is where longmuir had already stated in the press that their was no route except to apply to start in div 3 and quoted various rules and regs.



    lomgmuir failed to tell the sfa were to go and issued threats about spl 2 and going ahead without clubs that said no.



    when the senior person fails to uphold rules and regs then that person is not fit to hold office.


    longmuir assisted ogilvie to deliver the half baked powerpoint presentation.


    as for doncaster and the 2 contract investigation which has now taken16 weeks and still no futher foward.


    ogilvie and regan still have the sectarin singing and fit and proper investigation to complete








    each and every one have failed to uphold the laws and regulation of association football




  4. leftclicktic on 30 June, 2012 at 18:32 said:


    •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on 30 June, 2012 at 17:11


    What about for the banner









    I’d love to claim that as original, but I saw it on Facebook.

  5. thomthethim CQN (genuine) Badge Wearer on



    Brilliant synopsis of the rotten state of affairs.


    It should be printed and hand delivered to UEFA/FIFA.






    I totally agree.


    The conditions that existed for Cardiff and Swansea are similar to the situation today.



    Then, it was teams who had no equals in resources in Wales,as the league was amatuer.



    Celtic now have no clubs in Scotland with equal resources



    The case previously was not to bring the big Welsh clubs down to the level of their competitors.


    It was to admit them to a league of their peers.



    The logic was correct then and it is correct now.



    European Law re restrictions of trade should come into play, should we opt to pursue the matter.



    Let’s test the theory that ” no one wants us”.



    I’m sure the Celtic support will stand by the club during a temporary loss of stature in a lower level.

  6. The Comfortable Collective on

    Celtic’s opening game in the SPL. Couldn’t be tougher.



    They are playing the last SPL team apart from Celtic who actually win the league.

  7. Fassreifen - you can't put a price on integrity on

    All possible fan and club pressure needs to be applied to force the creators of this plan to resign.

  8. northshorebhoy on

    However they want to drees it up it’s going to fail.



    Unless I’m wrong, any club wishing to join the SFL MUST start in Division 3, only after being voted in and – CRUCIALLY – must present at least 3 years of audited accounts. But HEY! Forget all this coz they are(wuz) da peepil!!



    Said it beofre and will do so again; They are total CHEATS. They CHEATED to gain tens of millions of pounds from my club by way of prize money and Champions League money which would have gone to Celtic. Totally disgusting that we should even be voting on the future of Voldemort FC. THE RULES ARE THERE. APPLY THEM!!



    Oh, if you’re reading this Graham Spiers, this is one of the many reasons why you get such a hostile response when you question if Celtic fans have anything else in their lives when they(correctly) refer to them as ‘Sevco’, not Rangers.



    Mr. Spiers, I now inform you Rangers are DEAD. Calling the newco ‘Sevco’ is correct as they do not have the permission to be called Rangers. Keep up – the last time I looked, out of the two of us you were the journalist.

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    Awe Naw …..18.14



    Wandering into the realms of fantasy there, old bhoy…..LOL



    The sevco won’t even be playing in SPL3 next season, and you’ve got them applying for the Champioship ….. I know they are silly bhuns, but, come on…..

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on


  11. The Comfortable Collective on

    We know they will be anti Celtic as usual, but when do the referees meet to decide who they will be cheating with to help them win the league?



    My money is on Hearts, although it could be Motherwell. An outside bet is Dundee Utd.



    Maybe we’ll have to wait and see which one of these teams Willie gollum gives three penalties to in the one match to be sure.

  12. thomthetim


    I am sure Celtic could force their way into the english leagues . After all we are part of the UK (at this moment of time) . It would be much harder to do if Scotland gets independence though. Now is the time to go for it.

  13. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on

    right, toooo many pages to read, will do after this post..



    Auld Neil Lennon heid on 29 June, 2012 at 16:43



    you are an absolute genius sir!



    RE DAFC.. we should all be reading Sammy’s agents blog ;) this man is the only man on the planet that understands whats happening! he predicted this fiasco a long time ago.. he has become a Celtic fanatic through his client, The One and only Bold Sammy! as a result, and as a Sammy worshipper (F U you ya negative Sammy haters in block 101!), I believe we should listen to this legal genius.. (especially as oor special brother PMcB is no longer with us)

  14. How about the banner for aberdeen game being “No Club, No History, No Trophies”.

  15. The Honest Cover-up on



    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned by others but I think you were a little hasty yesterday in assuming SFL clubs would roll over and accept this dispicable plan. Within a day several clubs have come out and rubbished the proposal.


    That’s a lot more than we can say for SPL clubs who, lets be honest, only started publicly opposing a newco after a few weeks and purely as a result of fans not buying season tickets.


    I know the meeting and vote still have to take place but so far it looks promising the SFL clubs will do the right thing. The greedy SPL chairmen should be ashamed, trying to look like moral guardians when really they want a newco’s money so much they tried to throw a few scraps to the “diddy teams” under the false disguise of “upholding sporting integrity”.


    Doncaster must go. I hope the SFL Chairmen tear him to shreds.

  16. O.G.Rafferty on

    Foxy_1888, 18:04


    You read it right. It’s not often some at that level is so candid and you can rest assured he said much more than appeared in Alex Thomson’s article

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    jungle jam67 on 30 June, 2012 at 18:34 said:



    Understand….point taken……howeva, the way I see it, SFA / SPL are the 2 chairmen who tried to bully the clubs……. Think SFL will show the required integrity, as did the SPL CLUBS…….

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    irishcol on 30 June, 2012 at 18:50 said:



    Nice one …….. With an additional. NO DIGNITY

  19. TBB



    Excellent piece.



    On another point raised today (and I’ve heard on here a number of times) by no other than Gordon Waddell himself on shortbread with regards the possibility of Rangers possibly having to take a year out.



    If they are not in a position to compete for a season how do they go about getting back into any league structure?




    Fast forward a year.



    “Hi. We’re Rangers. Sorry guys! We couldn’t compete last year because we didn’t know exactly who was Rangers. We only had half a team. We didn’t have a stadium. We didn’t have any accounts. But we’re now back. We’re Rangers. We want back in”.



    So what do the league do having replaced SEVCO with an associated member the previous season. There is in fact no room now in the league structure. So what do they do?




  20. Now that they have been consigned to the


    scrapheap of football history can we


    concentrate on the challenges ahead.


    I can’t wait for the new season to commence.

  21. Magnificentseven on

    Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. on 30 June, 2012 at 18:59 said:



    they will re-organise the League…..add a couple of teams in the process

  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on

    For those who may not have read AT




    An extraordinary conversation with a senior Hampden Park insider. Best not to say which organisation this person works for, for reasons which will become obvious. This person asked that I do not quote them directly and I respect that wish, of course.



    What follows is essentially for those who matter most in all this: fans.



    Fans long convinced the governing bodies in Scottish football do not care to hear their views and are interested in little beyond the pursuit of money and the preservation of Rangers at all possible costs. That view’s never been entirely fair – not entirely.





    However, there is at least one person inside Hampden who agrees with much of what fans say and feel.



    For the first time I’ve encountered a football official in Scotland who actually seems to appreciate the game from a fan’s point of view. Who thinks – as so very many Rangers and other fans do – that the plan to try and parachute a football club which scarcely even exists in law at the moment, into the Scottish First Division, simply stinks.



    The emails currently inundating club chairmen the length and breadth of Scotland are being noticed – to put it mildly – as they were noticed with devastating effect during the recent SPL shoe-in attempt. And they are being noticed in Hampden at the offices of the governing bodies, too.



    There are people in those offices who have long predicted the Rangers meltdown. Officials who insist there is no possible way the club met the financial criteria for SFA licensing last season and question why they were playing football last season at all.



    I have – once again – been taken at length through the details of licensing rules for the Scottish Football Association, which governs teams in the Premier League and Football Leagues.





    There appears to be no loophole. The comments of the Football League chief executive first, saying there was no way a Rangers newco (new company) could be admitted into Division 1 as opposed to Division 3, and then soon after saying they were looking at doing just that, were described as the words of a man and an institution (the second oldest football league in the world, I was told) in a state of utter panic.



    The proposals for the SPL two-tier league were described to me as a “coup” and a “blatant takeover bid”, and I was advised not to think for a second this has anything at all to do with integrity. It was , I was told, about nothing at all except the preservation of Rangers and about money, money and money.



    Equally I was warned not to take the acceptance of the SFL clubs as given, even with the not-so-veiled threats about the breakaway top two leagues if the league clubs don’t buy it.



    Again, the scenario that so many fans talk of was suddenly – for the first time in months of investigation – coming from the mouth of a serious player in Scottish football governance. If Rangers Newco (new company) is simply invited into the First Division, what’s to stop any other club simply going bust and demanding the same treatment. Forget all this pedantic rulebook stuff about application to Division 3 and doing your time if you’ve done the crime.



    Civil war between the offices of Premier League, Football League and Football Association at Hampden Park might be overstepping into hyperbole. But only just, judging from what I’ve just heard.



    From my source, utter incredulity that the old Rangers FC could even attempt to transfer its share – its official league status, if you like – from the old company to the new during a period of insolvency. My source was quite adamant that this is simply not possible for the SFA to accept. Clearly the SFA thinks there is some way this can be done but SFA Article 14.1 was quoted to me carefully and in detail. Since checked again, it does appear unambiguous on this issue.



    In sum, my source spoke of feeling absolute and utter contempt for what is being proposed by the Scottish Football League in the PowerPoint paper published yesterday by Scottish TV.



    When I pushed on this, the response was the lack of information to back up some of the frightening figures in the headings on this presentation. The statement that income would fall 30 per cent in football if Rangers entered even Division 1. Talk of financial meltdown left unexplained.



    No doubt that adds little to what fans already knew in terms of fact. But I believe it adds enormously when you consider how shut out of this attempted diktat Scottish football fans feel. All I can say is there is at least one sympathetic ear at Hampden, as there are others in various football league boardrooms. And just look at what happened to the Great SPL Rangers Escape Plan when fan power turned the anger on chairmen across Scotland.



    Fans sent them home to think again over the SPL. Can they do it again over the SFL Division 1 idea?



    Follow @alextomo on Twitter



    Related posts:

  23. jungle jam67 on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice HAS prevailed on 30 June, 2012 at 18:55 said:



    yeah totally agree the clubs will do the right thing ;)))))



    the fail was in regards to the head of the sfa spl and sfl


    they know the rules and are their to support every member club.


    not some failed buissness that is not even a member of any association



    hail hail




  24. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    When Rangers challenged the findings of the Appellate panel through the courts, didn’t UEFA put the heat on the SFA to get that particular topic sorted?



    Now that topic (like so many others) has been put on the back burner.



    Couple of questions:



    – Who in Scottish football has the power to postpone further action from the Appellate panel on this and effectively leave the decision in limbo? Is it just Caampbell Ogilvie pulling the strings, or are there others actually pulling the strings of CO and the SFA?



    – Why is UEFA seemingly unconcerned about the inaction of the SFA on this particular topic (member association challenged through the courts)? They were quick enough to hammer Sion.



    If the Appellate panel were allowed to complete their task, there would have been no need to drag every football club in Scotland into this mess that is RFC.

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    If the beaks are to be believed there will be at least 80 following the hundead into liquidation over the next season. so there will be plenty of places

  26. Mountain_Bhoy is Neil Lennon on 30 June, 2012 at 18:50 said:


    here he is:


    Mr Ioannidis gives a very good analysis in the Sports Law blog, thanks for posting it.

  27. Magnificentseven on

    Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. on 30 June, 2012 at 19:09 said



    yes it is ridiculous but it will still be proposed, if there is no Sevco in the league next season the season will be spent trying to restructure the leagues to let them in

  28. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    The Battered Bunnet



    Only you are worthy of that username,I haven’t read beyond the end of your post @1734 so unsure of the reaction,its another one of your posts that deserves to be an article in itself, its well written,easily understood and frames the state of Scottish football perfectly,I think the apocalypse is going to need a 5th horseman.

  29. Paul67


    Turnbull Hutton


    The Battered Button


    The Board of Clyde FC


    Henry Clarson (good name that, thought it sounded familiar)



    Terrific contributions from one and all!



    Good luck to Andy Murray! John McEnroe in the studio, no better analyst out there.

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