Absurd Rummenigge, Regan


When Juventus scored in the opening minutes in the away leg of their last 16 Champions League tie last night it felt familiar. It’s just three years since you and I saw them in person do the same thing at the same stage of the competition.

It took Bayern Munich 70 minutes to rebound but we’ve not really recovered from a lapses in a tie which could otherwise have been far closer than the five goal margin it turned into. Getting back onto the same field with the likes of Juventus after Christmas (or even after August) is now the big challenge. It will take some doing.

I liked Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as a player but as a Usurper of Meritocracy he’s falling well down my list. He celebrated both teams after last night’s game before asking how long Uefa would countenance teams like Juventus exiting the competition at this stage? Not only would he like clubs like his get guaranteed entrance to the competition, he feels that elimination in March should is too harsh a consequence for losing.

I’m sure Rummenigge was being deliberately absurd last night. He’s trying to provoke alarm before playing his hand.

John Clark, on Scottish Football Monitor, attended SFA chief executive Stewart Regan’s presentation at Edinburgh University yesterday on values and integrity in football. Mr Clark questioned Mr Regan on whether Rangers failure to pay overdue social taxes in 2011 broke Uefa competition eligibility rules. Clark informs us Regan said he would do “Nothing” if incontrovertible evidence was available that social taxes were unpaid and that debt collectors had been employed.

We have a criminal lack of oversight in Scotland, not just in football.  This attitude would not be possible in London.

The spirit of Jack Warner, Sepp Blatter and so many others is alive and well at Hampden. This is what we’re up against, and remember people, Blame the Victim is the hottest game in town, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the background, anyone can play.

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  1. Hail Glorious St Patrick dear Saint of our isle.


    St Patrick or Patricius to give him his Roman name was not Irish but born in Scotland no matter what the Cymri say.



    He was born near the town of Dumbarton, in the west of Scotland, about the year 372 of the Christian era. His father Calpurnius, was in a respectable station in life, being municipal magistrate in the town in which he lived; conjecture has it as being Kilpatrick.



    His father is supposed to have come to Scotland in a civil capacity with the Roman troops, under Theodosius. His mother Cenevessa, was sister or niece of St Martin, bishop of Tours; and from this circumstance, it is presumed that his family were Christians.



    In his sixteenth year, up to which time he had remained with his father, he was taken prisoner, along with his two sisters and carried over as captive to Ireland.



    Here he was reduced to a state of slavery, in which he remained for six or seven years with Milcho, a petty king in the northern part of that country.



    At the end of this period, he effected his escape in a ship to France, and repaired to his uncle at Tours, who made him a canon regular of his church.



    St Patrick had already entertained the idea of converting the Irish. During the period he studied he was sent to Rome with recommendations to Pope Celestine, who conferred upon him ordination as a Bishop, and furnished him with instructions and authority to proceed to Ireland to convert its natives.



    On this mission in 432, he sailed for Ireland from Wales, which is possibly where the Cymru connection comes from, having come first to Britain from France, and attempted to land at Wicklow, but being here opposed by the natives, he proceeded along the coast, till he came to Ulster, where, meeting with a more favourable reception, he and his followers disembarked.



    He soon afterwards obtained a gift of some land, and founded a monastery and a church; from this establishment he gradually extended his ministry to other parts of Ireland. During this time, he paid frequent visits to the Western Isles in Scotland, with the view of disseminating there the doctrines which he taught. Being now far advanced in years, he resigned his ecclesiastical duties in Ireland, and returned to his native country, where he died.



    He was buried at Kilpatrick—this, indeed, appears all but certain from many circumstances, not the least remarkably corroborative of which is, the name of the place itself, which signifies, the word being a Gaelic compound, the burial place of Patrick—that he died about the year 458; and that he was about eighty-six years of age when this event took place.

  2. South Of Tunis on 17th March 2016 10:40 am


    A Sicilian radio station’s choice of choon for San Patrizio ?



    Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue ( from the great Astral Weeks Lp .)



    Hope the self styled ” Reverend Dr ” could hear it !



    *there were only 2 jehova witnesses families in Belfast at one time, his was one of them.



    Saw a collaboration of Van and the Chieftains on tele where he has a wee dig at Derek Bell for drinking lime cordial, he laughingly suggested it should have been bitter orange.



    Derek incidentally brought up like James Galway a ken dodd converted tae Buddhism.

  3. My friends in Celtic.



    Interesting pub conversation last night.



    Is the name Rangers engraved on the Scottish cup.?



    We reckon not. There are 12 teams engraved on the cup. Celtic being one with their win in 1892. By the time the huns won it a few years later they were relegated to the plinth.



    Haven’t verified it yet, but if true it would be a brilliant reply to any huns saying “our names on that cup”



    GIRUY lurking huns as one of our own would say.



    Hail, Hail.

  4. Maybe it’s time to avoid the deflection tactic of Regan and Co,let’s light a fire under Peter Lawwell and the Celtic Board for some answers on Res 12.

  5. Italiabhoy




    Thanks for your reply.




    I’m not sure that you’ve provided substantive evidence though of ‘too left wing’. We’ll obviously disagree on the importance of the LW, personally I believe it goes to the very core of Celtic. In addition, it’s been costed and would hardly brink us to the brink.




    That aside, what else has been proposed that would cost the club money?




    Apologies for the delayed reply.

  6. Paul67


    With respect, if the club are not willing to tackle them, it is what we are up against.


    Warner and Blatter are gone, some people had the balls to stand up to them and bring them to task, a might more I dare say than the cowards that are running OUR club.



  7. Paul 67



    Sorry, that doesn’t wash.


    This isn’t a defenceless victim, it can retaliate.


    To play the it doesn’t matter if you know the background card, well the board should come out and communicate with the fans and shareholders then.


    Maybe if we had qualified for the Champions League in 2011 and were richer to the tune of 15M, we might have had a better chance of reaching the promised land on a more regular basis.

  8. TONTINE TIM on 17TH MARCH 2016 12:19 PM


    South Of Tunis on 17th March 2016 10:40 am



    A Sicilian radio station’s choice of choon for San Patrizio ?




    Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue ( from the great Astral Weeks Lp .)




    Hope the self styled ” Reverend Dr ” could hear it !






    The fact that Papa Doc lived on Cyprus Avenue just shows how well remunerated being a fundamentalist bigot was.

  9. Top o’ the mornin to you all and happy St Patrick’s day. Looking forward to my first ‘wet’ St Patrick’s day in over 30 years.



    Not been on the blog for a wee while so this may have been asked and answered already.



    What’s with the pictures (leaning tower of Pisa, mountains) that appear on another page which you have to then try to navigate away from? Damn nuisance to say the least.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    Look – one of they nasty Regan squrrels !!!



    “…Mr Clark questioned Mr Regan on whether Rangers failure to pay overdue social taxes in 2011 broke Uefa competition eligibility rules. Clark informs us Regan said he would do “Nothing” if incontrovertible evidence was available that social taxes were unpaid and that debt collectors had been employed…”



    Substitute “…Regan…” with “…Lawwell…” in the above two sentences, and you arrive at the real scandal for Celtic supporters.



    It has never been a secret to Celtic supporters that the SFA are corrupt / biased / in collusion with many who do not have Celtic’s interests at heart.



    That’s not the concern.



    The concern is that our Board is colluding with them – utterly disgusting.










    Celts For Change

  11. Well I am going to the Hampden semi, even though I hate the place – Celtic supporters will sell-out their allocation.



    What is the point of a boycott?



    We do what we always do – support our club with our heads held high, like we have always done. We have done nothing wrong and we shouldn’t behave as if we have.



    Letting the actions of others determine your life is surrender – I don’t surrender to cheats and bullies and neither will 99% of the Celtic support.



    Yes I want answers to lots of questions, yes I want HMRC to win in the Supreme Court, and yes I want the ongoing Fraudco court cases to find against the wrongdoers – but I am damned if I will let any of it stop me supporting Celtic.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Win the cup – then don’t go up to collect it.


    These clowns need to be embarrassed.

  13. Greenpinta, naw they’re no on the cup, only the following are:



    Queens Park, Vale of Leven, Dumbarton, Renton, Hibs, Third Lanark, Hearts and Celtic are, the latter only in its 4th year of existence while it took the “plucky” kinning park side 22 years to accomplish the feat.





    Send Lawwell up to collect it. The response from the fans would,I reckon,be interesting.

  15. Paul 67



    The ball is in Celtic’s court re Res 12



    Regan has stated he The SFA have responded to Celtic’s questioning.



    As a shareholder I want an answer. Yes, I did lend my shares to Auldheid and Canamalar.

  16. THE EXILED TIM on 17th March 2016 12:37 pm



    It wasn’t people within football that exposed Fifa though.



    Just after the issue of the club not writing to UEFA came out, I suggested one route might be shareholders writing to AIM about the directors not meeting their responsibilities. To me it looks increasingly likely that any progress will have to made with pressure coming from outside football.



    Either that or legal actions against SFA.



    Since it’s against UEFA rules for a club to take it’s Association to court(I think that’s still the case), it’ll need to be the shareholders.

  17. MR PASTRY on 17TH MARCH 2016 12:46 PM



    Well I am going to the Hampden semi, even though I hate the place – Celtic supporters will sell-out their allocation.







    MR PASTRY on 17TH MARCH 2016 12:46 PM


    Well I am going to the Hampden semi, even though I hate the place – Celtic supporters will sell-out our allocation.



    Fixed that.

  18. Regan really in’t fit for purpose. As BRTH has said the man is a disgrace.



    Imagine saying that if presented with clear evidence of wrongdoing in the industry in which you are the Chief Executive, that you would simply do ‘nothing’ (expect insult the whistle blowers).



    What now for Resolution 12?



    James Forrest argued yesterday that shareholders wouldn’t be successful in a challenge in the courts. He told us he has researched this extensively. James is no lawyer but neither is he a mug.



    Barcabhoy told us via Twitter that Celtic would face potentially dire consequences if they took Resolution 12 to UEFA and that regardless of this UEFA would simply refer the matter back to SFA.



    That’s the SFA who have told us that even with the evidence of wrongdoing being presented to them, they will do nothing.



    Celtic’s suggestion last week, which was widely criticised, was for shareholders/supporters to write to UEFA directly. Last week that seemed like the coward’s way out. Today less so.



    The emboldened SFA a few weeks ago let it be known that they regarded Rangers 2102 to be the same club as Rangers 1872 and that liquidation was simply being overlooked. They told us that the only way we could counter that would be to walk away from their corrupt game, just the conclusion that BRTH has come to this morning.



    I always worried that the Resolution 12 guys were being for too gentlemanly in their dealings with the SFA on this matter. Now these gentleman, whose real names are widely known within the Scottish game, have had their brilliant work dismissed and themselves insulted by Regan.



    One other thing that has always been suspicious to me. Regan, like Doncaster is English. Were they put in place so that they could be controlled and manipulated within a deeply sinister and unpleasant organisation like the SFA, ahead of the Rangers debt shedding scam?



    Both terrified of seeing the game and ‘it’s biggest most important, establishment club’ (sic) die on their watch. Both fearful of having that on their CV?



    Celtic’s hints last week pointed us to UEFA.



    Rather than write letters, engage lawyers and sit back and wait years for action we should look at a much more direct approach. We achieved our objectives when we did this with the newspaper advertisement ahead of our first ever meeting with Sevco.



    Regan last night dismissed the Bampots.



    Under-estimating us at your peril, you disgrace of a man.

  19. The Johnatron on

    Right Celtic, enough is enough on this Res12 issue. This now HAS to be dealt with by our Board. The cheap-shot of Prof Grant to try and turn it into a Celtic/Rangers thing is typical of the mentality. As Mr Clark pointed out this is nothing at all to do with that, and everything to do with governance, transparency, accountability, honesty, you could go on and on. It’s basically about following the rules, applying the rules, and to use Mr Regans own words, “without fear or favour”.



    So Mr Regan would do “Nothing”? Astonishing. Absolutely astonishing. Even if he were presented with irrefutable evidence that monies were due to HMRC, and the European License should subsequently not have been granted to RFC (IL) he would do NOTHING!



    What’s the point then? All other clubs abiding by the laws of the game, the rules of administration and governance, for what? I suggest all 39 other clubs don’t pay their taxes if the SFA will not apply the rules. At least that will create a level(er) playing field!



    I for one am an armchair fan now, completely hacked off. Until the SFA is brought to task over ALL the goings on over the past 5 or 6 years I will be putting not a dime into the Scottish game. IF HOWEVER, my Club act, and act NOW, myself and I believe countless others, would flock back to CP in support of their efforts to clean up our game. That includes stripping of the ill-gained titles from RFC (IL), and all titles removed from Sevco’s “history”.



    C’mon Celtic get the finger out!



    TJ HH

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    Hows it going.


    Right on your case on that one…’What is the point of a Boycott?’


    Now, far be it from to state the obvious, but a Boycott would send a message, that Celtic supporters are not prepared to ignore, and therefore condone SFA cheating.


    I wouldnt say that was difficult to understand.


    But…maybe just once, you might consider showing a bit of solidarity with your fellow supporters, rather than going to to the semi.


    Im not criticising you in any way(i miss not seeing the hoops run out, badly), i totally get why you want to see the game…however, if we want justice in any battle with the SFA,..we need to show that we can hurt them financially.


    I would say this is more than reasonable, we cannot just stand back and allow ourselves to be blatantly cheated…NO.


    Enough is Enough.




  21. Legal eagles,can we go for a judicial review of the conduct of the SFA in respect of issues raised by res 12 and if it implicates our board its their problem as they have been warned?


    What would the cost be for the above? Could it be done by crowdfunding?

  22. Has there been much thought given to the fact that mibbees just mibbees Celtic’s hands are tied here.



    Is there no a ruling out there that Blooter and company made that prohibits a club from challenging the football authority of their country as well as UEFA and FIFA which is punishable by exclusion to not only the club but all clubs as well as the national side from UEFA and FIFA competitions..



    Is it also a coincidence that the Americans, who probably don’t give a Donald Duck about expulsion from FIFA tournaments, are leading the charge in the investigation of the corruption in Zurich? An investigation it seems that has been prompted by the FA after the farcical WC selection of venues as the said FA and the member clubs would also be liable to punishment for doing so themselves.



    Mibbees now that friend of Big Billy, Gianni Infantino is in charge we can see positive change in the way the game is run in the birthplace of the dear saint of our isle where his day is not celebrated while the likes of evangelical Birmingham Alabama holds its 32 annual parade.



    Or is this just another stick to beat up the Board and PL with.

  23. Was surprised last night that two “diehard ” Celtic men had never heard of Res 12.



    Celtic must voice this in the public domain. Bring this issue to the masses. It is blatantly obvious that cyberspace discussion is having little effect. Use the press conferences. Play the media.



    All silence will achieve now is that we take our reserved seats on the back of the bus.



    Hail, Hail.

  24. I think the point is, do you think that the SFA are going to answer to guys called, BRT&H, Auldheid, Canamalar, and Morrissy, and take the complaint serious? then again I could be wrong, do they use they’r real names when corresponding with the SFA and Celtic?



    Now I’m only asking because I really don’t know? But I think it’s a valid point, IMO.

  25. Greenpinata on 17th March 2016 1:17 pm



    It’s what I’ve said before (maybe more on Twitter than here though). The online community is nowhere near as big, or influential as some think and it’s certainly not a good barometer of the support as a whole IMO.

  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Y Not67



    Hows it going.


    Did you not say to me a few weeks ago, that if the cheating wasnt addressed by the board, then you would not be back?




  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Winning Captains


    Maybe something more dramatic?


    One of those planes-with-banners you sometimes see. Imagine it would be pretty costly mind you. High embarrassment factor though – above Hampden on cup final day!

  28. History is generally written by the victors



    Numerous examples exist of when the truth emerges it is too late.



    Football is no exception.




  29. Weeminger


    I agree, however that’s because the rest get their news from the MSM.


    I thought the leaflet idea was decent, more supporters need to know so we can stand together.

  30. GlassTwoThirdsFull on 17th March 2016 1:23 pm


    Winning Captains



    Maybe something more dramatic?



    One of those planes-with-banners you sometimes see. Imagine it would be pretty costly mind you. High embarrassment factor though – above Hampden on cup final day!



    *or banner(s) with resolution 12 Scotland’s shame and an arrow pointing tae ludge hunden that day.

  31. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Im amazed, on the centennial commemoration of the Easter Rising.


    That so many are prepared to throw in the towel in regard to the institutional cheating.


    If Celtic supporters showed real solidarity….The SFA, would not last long.


    Too much division between supporters….and thats why the bigots get away with it.


    Show some spirit ffs.


    They cheat, because we allow them to, by handing responsibility to a mob of charlatans on the board.


    Cut off the funds….you will be amazed how quickly things change.


    Its not rocket science….really.




  32. weebobbycollins on

    TET @ 12.37…the person who had the balls to stand up to Blatter and Warner was the fat, cowardly Chuck Blazer who only did it to save his own cowardly skin. It’s a massive, massive gravy train and the passengers come from all footballing nations. Money and greed, money and greed, money and greed………………….

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