Abuser hypocrisy, United and Atletico


I don’t know what was said to Neil Lennon after the victory over Dunfermline last week but if it caused him to react I can imagine the tone.  The few visits I made to the South Stand during Gordon Strachan’s tenure left an indelible image of life as a Celtic manager.

Whatever Kirk Broadfoot did or did not say to Rangers fans towards the end of their defeat at Kilmarnock yesterday, does anyone seriously think it contained more invective than has been hurled at the player for most of his career?

The self-righteous indignation some football fans exhibit when an employee earning [insert a completely irrelevant figure here]exhibits intolerance to what would get you barred for life from any other workplace in the country is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Garry Kenneth, who is likely to face Celtic at Tannadice on Sunday, today told the world he will not be renewing his contract when it expires at the end of the season, saying, “Dundee United are a feeder club, it has always been like that.” Ouch.  Whatever Kenneth thinks of United he should at least respect their fans emotional investment in the club to be a whole lot more careful with his words.  Should make for a tense afternoon in the United defence, especially if we can put the big guy under some pressure.

Big game on Wednesday.  A win would fire enormous impetus into our season.  Whatever the outcome, the game will provide Neil Lennon with a guide on how to play in the hugely important month ahead.

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  1. THM



    no you were right



    Craig Whyte


    Carter-Ruck is advising Rangers FC and its Chairman, Craig Whyte, in respect of the BBC Scotland programme “Rangers – the Inside Story” broadcast on 20 October.


    Mr Whyte and Rangers FC are represented by Ruth Collard and Athalie Matthews.

  2. Raymac says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:17



    Unbelievable the decisons that we haven’t got in the last 2 games from handballs to blatent obstruction. Anyone would think the refs support the huns??

  3. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo 28 November, 2011 at 13:26:


    Well that explains hiring the best.

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:17



    thats Football.



    Lenny has came through it, hopefully Sammi will do likewise.



    Don’t hold grudges just because people booed Sammi or were not happy with Neil.



    Neil unified this club. Neil knew he had to bring the club together on all levels. He more than anyone, understands Divide and Conquer.



    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/celtic/8728818.stm 5 minutes in.

  5. Raymac at 13:17



    Some shocking decisions from the “ex-Rangers player’s brother” on Saturday. Some awful decisions on wednesday night too. Obstructions waved away when Celtic in possesion, yet the same offence resulted in a free for the opposition.




  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    cant see it, the libel case is a personal issue, it is an attack on his charcter no the clubs, :oD, trying to bring the hun into it is an obvious ploy, I doubt very much HMRC will accept it as a legitimate expense.


    The pont about trying to delay the LSE investigation is a more likely agenda, hopefully the investigation is over and its too late for this tactic to work.

  7. philvisreturns



    I watched the programme a couple of times and heard nothing that I could term libelous against the hun, him yes.



    He will be hoping for an out of court settlement, it will be interesting none the less to see how the beeb spin the story.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Petec. I certainly dont hold grudges as you say that is football however, my point is still that Lennie and the Bhoys need our support and encouragement even more when we are struggling.Anyone can be United when things are going well a real knowledgeable fan knows that the players feed on the mood of the fans so booing our own players isnt going to make them play any better. I hope this new unity you speak of lasts until at least the end of the season.H.H.

  9. jimmci


    houston…we have a problem


    how much would he cost again? hmmmm





    hire broadfooteggchinheid to stick the nut on him


    before he goes onfield to instill the fury



    too many true, loyal and staunch double-agents hanging about here

  10. BTW defamation litigation can drag out for many months or even years.



    Rangers might not exist by the time this is concluded.



    In the meantime, Mr Whyte has retained plausible deniability in the eyes of the hunnic horde.



    More discerning minds are wondering why he didn’t apply for an injunction to stop the programme airing in the first place.



    Perhaps because he had no grounds to do so? (thumbsup)

  11. Lovely selection dilemma(s) for Lenny on Wednesday night with confidence, talent and dynamism running through the mid-to-front.



    Hooper on a high after assists and goals; Stokes on a sustained run with goals aplenty, Sami looking interested again…



    Wanyama as sweeper, Samaras out wide as an outlet; McGeouch and Paddy in reserve for tired legs post-Bernabeu……all good stuff and nice to feel positive and focused primarily on football again.



    Day flight from Dubai and nervous at the early kick-off.



    Hail Hail

  12. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:06




    Instructing a QC could mean getting an opinion on the likely success of winning a defamation action.



    If this was going anywhere the summons would have been served by now.

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    does it have something to do with both parties being in the scottish domain ??

  14. Oh joy! Declan has teamed up with Bhontybhoy, or at least wants to be on Bhontybhoy’s team. Meanwhile ol’ Bhonty is looking at him the way Wee Craigy looks at creditors i.e. ignoring him completely. This leaves Declan confused, as his braincell overloads. Bhonty still has the same problems over answering simple questions, such as “Do you not understand that not paying tax undermines British troops abroad?”. The evasion is–“but it could also be undermining the funding of hospitals, education, old people’s homes etc. etc.” Everybody knows tax is sliced and diced, but a percentage ALWAYS goes to the armed forces. Rangers have not provided that percentage. QED.

  15. THE EXILED TIM – Yes, I thought the BBC covered themselves very well on that front.



    The most damning thing about that show wasn’t, in my opinion, Craig Whyte having been banned from being a company director, or his former association with a man who was later convicted of fraud, or even the fact that so many of the companies he has been involved in ended up being dissolved.



    It was the fact that he didn’t have the decency to pay that cleaner the money she was due. A couple of thousand pounds isn’t a lot of money to a billionaire, but it’s a lot to a working woman with bills to pay.



    You can tell a lot about people from the way they behave in situations like that. I don’t believe Sir David Murray would have left that cleaner high and dry.



    I bet Craig Whyte thinks of himself as a “fly man”.



    He’ll never get a knighthood at this rate. (thumbsup)

  16. philvis –



    Didn’t he say something like “We wrote them lawyers letters. Hunners an hunners a lawyers letters. But they went ahead a showed it.” or words to that effect.



    So valid point – if he was so sure of his position, why not apply for an injunction to prevent the programme being broadcast until any perceived slight was addressed/cut from the report?



    Answer – who knows, the guy is a highly-polished 5-star bell-end.

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:45




    The programme was available to view in England. He could sue there.



    Easier to win and far higher damages.

  18. Craig Gordon



    With the bookies no longer taking bets on Steve Bruce being sacked, should we make a move now before a new manager comes in?

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:35



    I have always called for all the players to be supported at all times. When we are unifying there is no real need to cast up things against the support, that is being divisive. Theres no real need for the comment unless you want to look a better supporter in the eyes of others, which I’m positive you are not.



    Hail Hail m8.

  20. ernie lynch –



    “Why would anyone chose to sue in Scotland when London is the libel capital of the world?”



    Nail on head my friend. Whyte would argue that “this is not about the money”.



    But in that case, why select Carter-Ruck – that’s their stock in trade? I suspect CR have had a look at it, realised there no gold there and advised it gets subcontracted to a Scottish law firm to go through Scottish courts.

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    must be cheaper in scotland then, also probably a far more sympathetic hearing, would it be a jury event, if so then I expect its a done deal and a record award :o)

  22. ‘South Korea’s president has said he will wear thermal underwear during the winter, as part of the government’s effort to avoid power shortages.



    Lee Myung-bak, nicknamed “bulldozer” for his no-nonsense style, said the underwear was uncomfortable initially, but he gradually got used to it.’



    -look for the Gazebhoys to be following this piece of sensible sartorial advice over the coming months.

  23. NatKnow – So valid point – if he was so sure of his position, why not apply for an injunction to prevent the programme being broadcast until any perceived slight was addressed/cut from the report?



    Ever played poker with a man who only knows how to go “all in”, even when he’s holding nothing? (thumbsup)

  24. ASonOfDan–get Craig Gordon in if at all possible. Just a little short of world-class, and I mean that. A far better goalkeeper than McShagger. I know big Forster is doing well at the moment, but he’s learning his trade still. Good to see him become a bit more aggressive, if that’s the right word, but his fumbles on occasion means I worry if I will see Christmas. Meanwhile–where was Bhontybhoy when the blog was in meltdown yesterday and Saturday? I think we need to put a tracking device on that boy. Declan already has one round his ankle.

  25. Kenneth for ibrox then



    or Scunthorpe or some other low to moderate rated club



    get at him on Sunday and i`m sure the DU fans will do the rest

  26. Raymac



    Gordon spends at least half the season injured



    we cannae afford his availability to wages ratio

  27. The owner of Rangers FC has brought in lawyers to sue the BBC over a documentary it aired about him last month.



    Craig Whyte has instructed Bannatyne Kirkwood France (BKF) and Co in his attempt to sue the corporation for defamation over the programme it screened.



    The Glasgow-firm confirmed that earlier this month it was instructed by Mr Whyte to begin proceedings against BBC Scotland over the documentary, Rangers The Inside Story, which was shown in October.



    No action has been formally raised yet in the Court of Session in Edinburgh against the corporation.



    After the documentary was screened, the Ibrox club withdrew from cooperating with the BBC, accusing those behind the programme of “muck-raking”.



    Twenty minutes before the documentary was aired, a statement was issued on Mr Whyte’s behalf which refuted the “unfounded and defamatory allegations” and also claimed that he had instructed his lawyers, Carter Ruck, to commence immediate legal proceedings against the BBC.



    London-based lawyers Carter Ruck are not able to raise an action in Scotland and, as a result, Mr Whyte has instructed BKF in the case.



    Under Scots Law, Mr Whyte has three years to raise an action against the BBC from the date it aired the documentary.




  28. ASonOfDan says:


    28 November, 2011 at 13:49


    Craig Gordon


    With the bookies no longer taking bets on Steve Bruce being sacked, should we make a move now before a new manager comes in?




  29. philvis –



    You think he was hoping the BBC would fold or would settle on the steps of the courthouse?



    If so, he has miscalculated. BBC seems very confident of its position on this one, no?



    Would explain his behaviour though. Which may well be a first.

  30. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    philvisreturns @13:48



    I heard somewhere that Celtic fans chipped in to give her the money owed to her by whyte, is this true?

  31. Raymac



    Bhontybhoy has better things to do and Declan is a ‘Staunch & Loyal’ CQNer



    Getting Craig Gordon would be a superb bit of business. I was impressed with big munster on Saturday, whole team brimming with confidence just now. They have came through some of the roughest months they will probably ever see in their careers.

  32. Thindimebhoy – Craig Whyte has instructed Bannatyne Kirkwood France (BKF) and Co in his attempt to sue the corporation for defamation over the programme it screened.



    Remember when The Matrix was cool?



    “Stop trying to hit me and hit me!” comes to mind.



    Ask yourself: why is this in the press? The story effectively is “Craig Whyte still thinking of suing the BBC.”



    Doesn’t seem like the actions of a man who has a strong case, IMO. If I had been defamed by Auntie Beeb, I’d be dragging them through the courts to ensure I got my apology and award of damages asap.



    But what do I know? I don’t owe any cleaners any money. (thumbsup)

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