Abuser hypocrisy, United and Atletico


I don’t know what was said to Neil Lennon after the victory over Dunfermline last week but if it caused him to react I can imagine the tone.  The few visits I made to the South Stand during Gordon Strachan’s tenure left an indelible image of life as a Celtic manager.

Whatever Kirk Broadfoot did or did not say to Rangers fans towards the end of their defeat at Kilmarnock yesterday, does anyone seriously think it contained more invective than has been hurled at the player for most of his career?

The self-righteous indignation some football fans exhibit when an employee earning [insert a completely irrelevant figure here]exhibits intolerance to what would get you barred for life from any other workplace in the country is the epitome of hypocrisy.

Garry Kenneth, who is likely to face Celtic at Tannadice on Sunday, today told the world he will not be renewing his contract when it expires at the end of the season, saying, “Dundee United are a feeder club, it has always been like that.” Ouch.  Whatever Kenneth thinks of United he should at least respect their fans emotional investment in the club to be a whole lot more careful with his words.  Should make for a tense afternoon in the United defence, especially if we can put the big guy under some pressure.

Big game on Wednesday.  A win would fire enormous impetus into our season.  Whatever the outcome, the game will provide Neil Lennon with a guide on how to play in the hugely important month ahead.

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  1. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Had a catch up read of RTC’s latest post. Seems CW is peeing off HMRC big style now. Apart from the Big case and wee case they are also behind with PAYE / N.I. payments conservatively estimated at another £2m.


    It’s a sorry state of affairs…..



    On a brighter note I thought the GB were again excellent on Saturday, they even got the main stand singing!! Can I make a heartfelt plea here? One game at a time, I know, but if you are near or know any fans who haven’t been to CP for a while then plead/cajole/demand they come along for the game v Hearts a week on Sat. If my lotto numbers come up I’ll pay for the briefs!

  2. Get your feet on the street on Wednesday fholks. Get everyone you can out with you.



    Time to show Cameron, Clegg and Osborne and their neocon pay masters all over the world what we think of them.



    Which side are you on?

  3. Paul67 et al



    Regarding the Grauniad / Observer and the reports filed by EM.



    I have just played “Laptop Loyal” bingo and I shout “House”.


    He is now a fully paid up member.



    After Saturday’s good performance – GH’s 20 minute mega strop aside he had the full panoply of excuse as to the fact we scored 5.



    1) Schoollboy howler of a clearance followed by a woeful attempt at a save.


    2) Offside


    3) Poor marking – terrible joke.


    4) Lucky break off a ST Mirren player.


    5) Deflection took it past the GK.



    How can anyone on here say that EM is a quality journalist who happens to support Hertz?



    He is the Phil Space of Grauniad sports journalism.


    His reports give the SPL another bad name.


    Complete muppet.



    You know how much the Establishment are hurting by what the allow into the public domain.


    Any updates on KB and his unique fan friendly motivational style?


    It says something when the mentalists on RM / FF disown him.


    He makes WJ seem almost human.

  4. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    Clink\o/ is Neil Lennon says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:47



    Aw Naw is Bonty Bhoy?



    Shurely Shum Mishtake there Shun



    Truth(sic)1234 maybe but Bhonty?

  5. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    i think it is hilarious the folk round here giving a fellow celtic man abuse because his spelling is not quite up to scratch. like al of you are perfect. like my old dad used to say people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw sticks!



    we all make mistakes bhoys

  6. thomthethim says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:44



    You should have called round. I live about 200 hundred yards away.



    Hope everything’s alright.



    Árd Macha

  7. Where is the dignity in not paying your taxes?


    Where is the dignity in paying employees tens of thousands per week and being dragged up in front of a small claims court?


    Brown Brogues indeed.

  8. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home says:28 November, 2011 at 14:45



    Stringer Bell says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:42



    No no no, he’s the Judas’ peeples fud





    My thanks to PF AYR,THE EXILED TIM,ERNIE LYNCH and most of all,DECLAN.



    Not only was my post unintentionally funny-hands up,what a twit-but you guys really made me laugh out loud with your replies.



    I showed them to my hun flatmate,first time he’s smiled since,oh,about this time yesterday!

  10. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on




    Should that no hiv bin STAINES (although you are quoting yer da so he could hiv said anything for all we know)

  11. Declan is brilliant! There-I’ve said it. Can we keep him? Please? I promise I won’t make funn of his spellnigs, and I also promise that I’ll call Bontybhoy by his rite naim and not call him Bhontyboy. There. I’ve said it. If any of yousuns disargee with me I’ll hold my breath until I’m blue in the face as well. Or stamp my foot until it hurts. Then you’ll all be sorry! Basturts.

  12. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    BJ MAC



    Feckin Splitter! (ed note – if he wis a Tim he wid hiv bin a Splinter)





    DECLAN 1454



    The expression is “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”



    Or,as in your case,take baths.

  14. ….PFayr says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:48


    ‘however ….could there be a jurisdictional issue tho`’




    The programme was available to view in England (I think it was shown on News 24 and was available on BBC IPlayer) so he could sue in England.

  15. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on




    Spellnigs is a racist term and Stan Collymore is already investigating………………..DeLanc


    RAYMAC 1501



    Yer outed as a hun for yer spelling of b..sturt!



    Refer back to my shockingly bad post of about half an hour ago.



    Apart from that,only kidding. I may be a wind-up merchant,but I know where to draw the line…..

  17. Declan has to be a Celt taking the mickey. Taking the Mickey–geddit. Oh! that he were real. Rab C Nesbitt is but a talentless phantasmogoria to our Deccy. Can I call you Deccy? May I call you pal? You can call me Al.

  18. Gets even better–called a H**. That spelling is in case Special Branch are patrolling. I was pulled of a flight going to London once. Aldergrove (or Belfast International as it’s now grandly termed) had an SB station in situ. I prefer the term orc myself. I suggest the Green Brigade start using it as soon as possible. Thank yew BMCUW’s.

  19. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    row z – i will have you know my mother (god rest her) kep a very clean house. staines? there were no staines in our house. at all. i dont know why you would say something like that on a good celtic forum


    RAYMAC 1512



    It was a poor attempt at humour;if you were offended,I genuinely apologise.



    I hope you weren’t,and are only trying to make me feel bad-in which ,well done!

  21. Árd Macha says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:54



    thomthethim says:


    28 November, 2011 at 14:44



    You should have called round. I live about 200 hundred yards away.




    Now you tell me!!



    Justs up for an EMG test. Shocking, it was!:>)

  22. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    PFayr – no. i have said loads of time. i am not the best with this computer thing. sometimes i get annoyed and jump on stuff. reading back i got the wrong end of the post from row z.

  23. I have never posted under anyone else.



    Paul67 can easily testify to that.



    In fact I hope he does as that might open the flood gates for other inquiries !!!!!!!



    I have to admit the Declan posts are class.



    I wish I had the capability to have came up with that one. Steve Coogan couldn´t manage that IMHO



    Hail Hail

  24. Declan



    I have the same problems with the computer thing, it drives me mad sometimes, so much so that I also get annoyed and jump on things, well that would be an exageration, I usually kick the cat when the wife isn’t looking, if she saw me kicking one of her cats she would kick me, so I have to be carefull.


    DECLAN 1523



    Fair enough. I know what you mean. About three years ago,I couldnae even switch a computer on. Now look at me-I can almost press the correct buttons in the correct order!



    Though obviously not all of the time….



    Stick with it,I’m sure there are plenty of people on here more than willing to help you progress by pointing out your occasional error.



    We are here to help,and once you are accepted,anything goes!

  26. Declan



    If you are not very good with the computer, why not shout one of the Librarians over to help.


    That is what they are there for.



    What time does the Govan Library shut anyway?

  27. Shocking to hear about big Kyle Lafferty’s car in Paisley. That said, I’m waiting for the CCTV footage from the garage forecourt to prove that the car didn’t just crumple to a heap, clutching its headlights, with no one anywhere near it.

  28. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on




    Should that not be wrong end of the stick (or stickie even). What’s yer NUJ number?

  29. Real big fire at the old co-op building (flats) next to the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow just now.

  30. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    Aw Naw



    I posted under ma wife once…………………..got to get yer priorities right!




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