Abusive, unacceptable, media on Celtic


There seems to be a culture that it is your right to have a kick at Celtic, whether you have genuine reason to, or just half a story that allows your imagination to fill in the gaps.  The contrast with other clubs is absolute, in terms of the media and the Scottish Government, as well as fans.

These Radio Clyde clips, apparently quoting a Celtic fan, are maybe peak Scottish media.  When Boli Bolingoli broke lockdown rules the line was “for me, it’s all about points deduction”.

Contrast that with the reaction when five Newco players and staff broke rules.  They “hardly got a wink of sleep because they know that they’ve done wrong.  That said, they’ve made a mistake, but as long as they show remorse and as long as they realise the mistake that they’ve made, I’m sure they’ll get one more chance and I think they’re entitled to one more chance.”

You live in a land where a participating in a bully culture against Celtic advantageous.  Celtic are having a nightmare season which opens them to genuine criticism, but this orgy of destructive attack is abusive, unacceptable and must stop.

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    My gran went to St Pats but my mum went to Our Lady and St Francis, Charlotte st.

  2. Paul67 et al



    Not always I agree with you these days Paul but today you are right on the money!


    Bang on in fact!




    Being criticised Charlie Nicholas!








  3. The sentiment of the blog is without fault. I believe those doing the bullying at a political level will pay some price for it at the ballot box. However, are there any suggestions as to how to raise it and tackle it before then?



    I have a few ideas.



    Some well aimed and chosen legal action against selected guilty parties.



    Organised and widespread communication direct to MSP and MPs inboxes – it has to be large numbers but it does work. I know this to be true.



    Developing a much more effective multi media strategy at the club which includes calling this crap out consistently and not leaving it to Neil Lennon who is dismissed as saying these things as an act of deflection or because he’s red headed or, more accurately but subtly the sub text is what would you expect from an uppity fenian with a chip on his shoulder?



    I said after the October Sevco defeat that we had two choices. Circle the wagons, go full siege mentality in the camp or act quickly and get a new coah to give the place a lift.



    The former would have included pointing out the preferential treatment of our rivals.



    But we neither pooped nor got off the pot. So we remain, trousers down, constipated with inaction and completely exposed to the type of bullying, sniping, harassment and demonisation that is taking place.



    That said, once we get off said pot, clean ourselves up and straighten ourselves out the facts will remain undeniable facts and we will still have an opportunity to wield them in self defence and then counter attack.



    The only thing getting me through this season is knowing we are still in the right, still structurally the strongest club in the country and that we will get it, if not fully right, much much better when the action starts in 2021/22. We couldn’t get worse could we??



    So if that comes to pass we need to go full Fergus mccann levels of stubborn on the various parties that are whipping us for their own ends (which are many and varied) because the only way to defeat bullying is to confront it.


    DREW1967 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 2:55 PM





    What age would your gran be and what was her maiden name. My sister will know her .




    Good post m8.



    However CQN seems to have been given the brief of rabble rousing and a number have bought into it without too much encouragement.



    This fight should not be left with individual supporters.



    If Celtic have direct proof regarding these Dubai emails then get it out in the public domain and fight the fight. They might get a bit of respect from the support for doing so.



    Otherwise they’re just pearlclutching and acting “surprised and disappointed” while whipping blogs and supporters into a frenzy.

  6. Paul67



    There is a simple remedy for Celtic, one that will see folks renew, or folks sick and tired of watching a rigged game and will not pay until it is unrigged to pay in again and that is for Celtic to come clean.



    Come clean on where they are on Res11 which is all about cleaning up the game.


    Come clean on why 5 Way Agreement which totally undermines the integrity of Scottish football was accepted.


    Come clean on why they did not take up Regan’s suggestion to take SDM’s testimony at Craig Whyte trial to Lord Nimmo Smith (along with other evidence of dishonesty kept from LNS that was provided to Celtic.


    Come clean on why, having been given evidencr in 2018 of when a payable existed in 2011 they did not take it to UEFA and stuck with the SFA who are not our friends.


    The problem is the Celtic Board and Peter Lawwell would have to risk exposing their own role in creating the very conditions we complain of, but in coming clean there is redemption and with an explanation of the fears that led to accepting the unacceptable a better understanding of their position might emerge.



    There might be too much to forgive but with the truth out Celtic will have rescued Scottish football from the sea of lies in which it plunged itself to protect the undeserving in 2012.



    That would be something Peter Lawwell would get some respect for on his departure.



    Let’s end this farce that has turned Scottish football into a franchise.

  7. I see mention of Steve Clarke as new manager. I don’t know what I think of that. Certainly tactically aware and would potentially be more pragmatic in Europe than we have been in recent years.


    Can he organise a team to play against the type of team he has managed until now? Does he know what to do with a more attacking line up? Genuibe questions. I simply don’t know.



    Also, he will be 100% focused of Scotland and the euros until it is over. Can we wait for that? Are we going to have to anyway in terms of bringing someone in and recruiting players? Euro years and world Cup years add levels of difficulty and expense in my experience.



    I’d definitely wait for someone like Martinez and Maloney. But is it likely that the EPL or la liga will beckon for them? I see Maloney on Sportscene alot these days. Getting back into the ways of the Scottish game or just too much time on his hands? I like to think it is the former but I’ve always been a wishful thinker.



    By the way, how many staff did brendan Rodgers take with him when he left? I see it mentioned quite a bit. What positions did we leave vacant? Who went? Who stayed? Fitness and conditioning coaches? Nutritionists? Analysts? Who was this coterie of experts? Again, seriously, I don’t know the answers and I’m not fishing for a row!

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    according to bbc website



    uniteds central midfielder booked already



    “there didnt appear to be much in it”



    i bet there wasnt



    its all these small refereeing things as well as the major displays of cheating that add up to major differences



    look for him getting a 2nd yellow

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “but this orgy of destructive attack is abusive, unacceptable and must stop”.



    Respectfully Pablo, this stops when two things happen.



    1. Celtic fans in sufficient numbers cease participating in mainstream media led debates, stop buying their product and simply starve them of income.



    2. The Celtic board ditch their “responding to this vulgar behaviour is beneath us, ignore it, stay focused and clinical” approach and PUBLICLY stand up to these bullies.



    Lots of fans (lamentably not enough) have responded on no.1



    Other than “Celtic are disappointed” statements once in a blue moon? ..



    … Precious little on no.2



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  10. Squire D – good points. My ideas are just that, mine. Open to debate as per the original point of this blog and you’re correct, the club needs to do what it needs to do. They have the info, the documents, the resources etc I don’t have any faith in them to do it. But perhaps for that reason what also needs to happen is the board get added to the list of people the support needs to badger about this.

  11. Remember how we laughed at the Fans of the FOD when they lamented a biased media always against them and craved a right good statement from their board.



    Between chuckles, we hoovered up every domestic trophy on offer, and tied our colours to their goalposts.



    Our craven approach in maintaining Old Firm-ism and coaching ineptitude have most certainly turned the tables.



    Who’s the laughing stick now?


    Bleating about press coverage now sounds a lot like sour grapes.


    Our Board can’t even deliver a decent statement!



    HH jg

  12. MELBOURNE MICK on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 12:48 PM



    Good to see you back, Mick.






    Agree with every word.

  13. AULDHEID on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 3:13 PM



    I used to think that I would renew my ST until the time when I was too old to climb up the four storeys to 405.



    You have nailed it for me.



    I have eventually grown “sick and tired of watching a rigged game” but what makes it worse for me is the scales falling from my eyes about the realisation of our willingness to actively participate in the process.



    I salute your optimism and perseverance in fighting all that’s happened since 2012.

  14. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I am tired of the pantomime that is this season. These remaining 9 games can’t come quick enough for me for this seasons end.



    Get them over with and address the on field ineptitude with new first team management while letting any non committed or disruptive players go.

  15. Inter 1 up first half.


    Their keeper makes 3 world class saves in first 5 mins of 2nd half..



    Now inter 3-0.



    What a decent keeper brings to the team.☘




    My mums 85 mate no sure what my gran would be lol..grans name was Wallace..


    My mums maiden name was Maureen Barclay..


    DREW1967 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 3:43 PM



    My sister 85 also. I will ask her if she knows your mum and get back to you.

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Back to Basics @ 3.17 has saved me voicing an opinion on this. Agree with every word HE wrote, although I still think way too many Celtic fans consume SMSM output.



    This is one of my main criticisms of Peter Lawell and the Board – they haven’t been seen to stand up for the Club. Is it any wonder the SMSM believe they can do and say anything they like when it comes to Celtic?



    If only we had someone like John Reid as Chairman. Oh wait…..



    I’d just add that complaining about the SMSM is like complaining about the MIBs……….do it when you’re winning and on top.

  19. Melbourne Mick


    There is a percentage on here whose constant negativity is harmful to Celtic. The more people like yourself drop out because of them, the more the balance swings in their favour and the more harmful is that to Celtic.


    I have felt like doing similar to that which you have done but we must stay and fight our corner.


    Get yourself back on here .

  20. BR obviously a top manager/trainer. Look at what he is doing now.



    Beaten by our biscuit tin.



    We obviously do not have enough ambition.



    Dreadful season. Poor manager. Dreadful coaching.



    Sounds like a Celtic Brexit to me.

  21. “DANSO_1888 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 4:05 PM


    a nine year old club dictating how scottish football is run shame on all the rest of you”



    Do you really think it is as simple as that?

  22. TONYROME on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 4:05 PM






















    he is in that team photie, along with Danny, Tommy, George, 4 captures for the price of wan.



    much underrated player,

  23. Auldheid @3:13pm…


    Absolutely agree…until the swamp of the corrupt Scottish Game is drained there can be no moving on….Yes Celtic plc board need to come clean and divulge the full reasons why they would/could not support R12…Now R11…and … worked with the corrupt bodies SFA, SPFL, SFL and LNS etc to aid the lie…Until they do…CELTIC…will ultimately be the loser…


    They have gotten away with the biggest sporting fraud ever and we have allowed it…


    I believe that there are too many honest fair minded among us that will turn our backs on this rigged circus…Yes there will be those who will still pay to watch the corrupt game, as is their choice. However let those who do, understand fully that they are supporting the corruption (financially) and can have no complaints as the cheating continues…


    If We, The Celtic support want to have a fair uncorrupt game in this country, we have the power in our hands….Celtic Plc. Board come clean!!! …Supporters withhold your financial support for ALL away games and SFA Competitions …it would be hard but will bring the game to its knees….and you never know from the Phoenix a fair sport might emerge…

  24. i will tell you none would have now sit for a moment and think about that there is only one answer corruption in favourof one club with our blessing.

  25. i dont care what anyone says we are a corrupt club we facilitated corruption via lawell and desmond

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