Abusive, unacceptable, media on Celtic


There seems to be a culture that it is your right to have a kick at Celtic, whether you have genuine reason to, or just half a story that allows your imagination to fill in the gaps.  The contrast with other clubs is absolute, in terms of the media and the Scottish Government, as well as fans.

These Radio Clyde clips, apparently quoting a Celtic fan, are maybe peak Scottish media.  When Boli Bolingoli broke lockdown rules the line was “for me, it’s all about points deduction”.

Contrast that with the reaction when five Newco players and staff broke rules.  They “hardly got a wink of sleep because they know that they’ve done wrong.  That said, they’ve made a mistake, but as long as they show remorse and as long as they realise the mistake that they’ve made, I’m sure they’ll get one more chance and I think they’re entitled to one more chance.”

You live in a land where a participating in a bully culture against Celtic advantageous.  Celtic are having a nightmare season which opens them to genuine criticism, but this orgy of destructive attack is abusive, unacceptable and must stop.

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    ST STIVS who is that to big Roy’s left? Jim Melrose?









    No got my glasses on and was wondering is that Paul Or Willie McStay

  2. Man City’s matchday squad against Arsenal cost £760,000,000…..



    We could buy 217 Patryk Klimala’s with that…



    And probably would :)




  3. Weebobbycollins on

    Saint Stivs…and Neil…………………………………………………………………………………………Armstrong?

  4. “DANSO_1888 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 4:10 PM


    what other scottish club would have got away with what the did?”



    If you substitute `could` for `would`, you will perhaps see the basis of my opinion.



    Like yourself, I detest the way Scotland behaves towards Rangers then and Sevco now but there are many ahead of Celtic in the queue of those deserving criticism.

  5. GENE on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 4:22 PM


    Big wavy


    Or 3/4 of Lionel Messi 😨





    Yep…and we’d forget to take his left foot…




  6. DANSO_1888 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 4:10 PM


    what other scottish club would have got away with what the did?



    If you substitute `could` for `would`, you will see ,perhaps, my viewpoint.



    I share your detestation of Rangers then, Sevco now but I think there are many more deserving of criticism ahead of Celtic in the queue .

  7. Danso


    Of course it hurts and I would like to KNOW enough about what goes on behind the scene to see if that would lessen the hurt.


    Cheerio for now.

  8. As a pass time till we see the Celts, have a read or a watch of JFK address at the Dail, in 1963.


    I only realised a while ago, him and Granda were born in the same year 1917. I was always fascinated by the celerabtion rug that hung on the wall of the Greenock Shamrock for him.



    Have a read if you want a distraction from the woes of this season.






    away to find a picture of the flag.

  9. Paul 67


    you have a fair amount of posters on your blog every day abusing Celtic and Neil Lennon.



    We don’t need these w a t p telling lennie to get to f. onil says lennie banned sky, he would



    maybe like to but sky have a contract with the spfl so that’s no happening but that does not



    stop said poster and the rest of his klan telling Lennie every post to get to f , If they’d had to



    put up with the assaults , bullets.bomb threat and the hatred they would certainly run



    speedily to that place called f… Cowards the lot of them


    DREW1967 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 2:37 PM



    Sorry pal my sister says she does not remember your mother .There was 1800 kids at ST PATS PRIMARY, second biggest school in BRITAIN with ST FRANCIS in THE GORBALS being the biggest.



    She says your mother must have been very clever to go to CHARLOTTE ST {as it was called}. My sister is 84 and she says when it was her turn for senior school everyone had to go to GARNETHILL .

  11. Right bhoys anyone care to share their thoughts on team selection before this place descends into handbags at 10 paces.



    D :)

  12. Favourite Uncle.


    As I recall,as regards Barmulloch and Balornock anyway, Garnethill was for those girls who did well at the Primary School and St Roch`s was for those who did less well. Academically speaking.

  13. Gene`s team apart from Elyounoussi. Unless there has been a fallout, I would think Lenny would go with Ajeti.

  14. SAINT STIVS on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 3:45 PM






    legends, in my 2nd favourite hoops.






    That looks like some time circa summer 1982 on basis of absence of C Nicholas who had broken a leg the previous winter. M Reid had came into the first team at LB in the winter of 1980, D Moyes was getting games at CB around then



    Back row – Provan, P McStay, Moyes, Bonner, Aitken, Reid



    Front row – Burns, McGarvey, McCluskey, McGrain, Macleod.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    After 9 years of dominance did we really expect the bitterness, animosity and resentment towards Celtic to diminish?



    We’ve become fat and complacent. If there’s any good that can be taken out of this season it will be to remind us all this is Scoddland and it doesn’t like Celtic.

  16. DAVID66 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:26 PM


    Right bhoys anyone care to share their thoughts on team selection before this place descends into handbags at 10 paces.




    D :)





    I’d rather talk about that Celtic team that SS put up at 3:45 !!

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    whatever the team selection is it looks like there will be 6 or 7 scottish players in it



    unfortunately scotland doesnt produce murdoch johnstone auld etc these days

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