Abusive, unacceptable, media on Celtic


There seems to be a culture that it is your right to have a kick at Celtic, whether you have genuine reason to, or just half a story that allows your imagination to fill in the gaps.  The contrast with other clubs is absolute, in terms of the media and the Scottish Government, as well as fans.

These Radio Clyde clips, apparently quoting a Celtic fan, are maybe peak Scottish media.  When Boli Bolingoli broke lockdown rules the line was “for me, it’s all about points deduction”.

Contrast that with the reaction when five Newco players and staff broke rules.  They “hardly got a wink of sleep because they know that they’ve done wrong.  That said, they’ve made a mistake, but as long as they show remorse and as long as they realise the mistake that they’ve made, I’m sure they’ll get one more chance and I think they’re entitled to one more chance.”

You live in a land where a participating in a bully culture against Celtic advantageous.  Celtic are having a nightmare season which opens them to genuine criticism, but this orgy of destructive attack is abusive, unacceptable and must stop.

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  1. Squire 😂



    Gene – I would try and fit Brown and Soro in.



    But your team will be nearer than the 1 I put up earlier today.



    D :)

  2. After Sevco beating United today,the remains of any hope I had left are zooming round the Large Hadron Collider.

  3. Can’t say I’m really looking forward to tonights game…..live in hope for a performance



    There only ever one way to beat a bully……batter them……..next season to stop it……we batter them…….I’ll not hold my breath……..we need to build a team capable of beating rangers……we do that…everything else will fall into place.

  4. I do think we are missing natural widep men and I dont mean Wee Cheeky Grff.



    We need width to stretch the game and some to go past people.



    D :)

  5. If Ajeti is fit I think he needs to start every game now. If you were giving him the benefit of the doubt, you’d say he’s missed a lot of football over the last couple of years and is lacking sharpness. Well, that only comes through playing and training well.



    If there are to be changes next season, he really needs to be playing for his Celtic future here. I’ve not written him off quite yet but we really need to start seeing a £5m striker.

  6. So Sevco just need 10 points to win the league,and that’s a cert,The day they win it ,hopefully Lennon and Co will depart from Celtic,he with his tactics and selections have handed the league title on a plate ,mind you aided and abetted by this Cowards on the Celtic Board who have all played a part in this Shame on them,and what really gets to me is The big Celtic supporters that sit in the directors seats have also allowed this to happen,Willie Haughey etc.

  7. Far too much football talk on here at the moment. There is a fairly straightforward article by Neil Oliver in the Times today which might interest those interested in the SNP ( A mate gave me the article , honest !).




    Great place Anderston.Even when my mum mivedvto Knightswood she still took us to the Berkley st (Dr McGuire)cos he was a good tim.Spent a lot of xmas’s as a wean at the Columba club parties aswell.If you knew Hughie McManus he was a great friend of my dads, tho my dad was fae Airdrie.




  9. DAVID66 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:53 PM



    Have you seen West Brom’s rhubarb and custard kit? Nasty.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Did Celtic not hire Gerry McCullough from, err, Radio Clyde?



    I’m sure I’ve seen Daily Record and Radio Clyde adverts on the pitch side screens.



    A cynic would say fans just get milked whilst the insiders make a nice living from a circus.


    HOT SMOKED on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:31 PM



    CORRECT as usual JIM. My sister is 10 years older than us and lived in YORKHILL/ANDERSTON so it was GARNETHILL or ST PATS senior school.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    even in the seasons over the years when we havent been great, it is still good to have 1 player who does stuff on the pitch to entertain you to make the ticket money worth it



    mccourt was one of them



    with the obvious ones being naka, mcgeady and lubo



    they could just do individual bits of magicness that put a smile on your face

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    Did Celtic not hire Gerry McCullough from, err, Radio Clyde?



    I’m sure I’ve seen Daily Record and Radio Clyde adverts on the pitch side screens.



    A cynic would say fans just get milked whilst the insiders make a nice living from a circus.








    i cant imagine any PLC having a business model set up to ensure that the few at the top are guaranteed to rake in fortunes regardless of what happens to the staff or the customers, or indeed at the expense of staff and customers



    they wouldnt do that would they?




  14. “DAVID66 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:56 PM


    Hot Smoked dont you start.


    Yellow card.”



    It was only a bit pf michief, ref but I suppose I deserve the yellow.

  15. DREW1967 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:54 PM



    Dr Maguire was a decent man. I have a centenary history of St Patrick’s Parish at home dating from 1950. His family were benefactors of the parish in its infancy.



    His son is a family friend and is also a good guy.

  16. DREW1967 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 5:54 PM



    I believe that Dr Maguire who would’ve retired in the 80s-90s was the son of a GP and there may even have been three generations of Maguire GPs

  17. Celtic: Bain, Taylor, Brown, Turnbull, Kenny, Christie, Rogic, Edouard, Ajer, McGregor, Welsh.


    Subs: Hazard, Griffiths, Ajeti, Klimala, Soro, Elyounoussi, Henderson, Ralston, Laxalt

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    St stivs



    Is that mark Reid to the left of big Roy?


    The strip would be too early for jim Melrose I think.

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