Abusive, unacceptable, media on Celtic


There seems to be a culture that it is your right to have a kick at Celtic, whether you have genuine reason to, or just half a story that allows your imagination to fill in the gaps.  The contrast with other clubs is absolute, in terms of the media and the Scottish Government, as well as fans.

These Radio Clyde clips, apparently quoting a Celtic fan, are maybe peak Scottish media.  When Boli Bolingoli broke lockdown rules the line was “for me, it’s all about points deduction”.

Contrast that with the reaction when five Newco players and staff broke rules.  They “hardly got a wink of sleep because they know that they’ve done wrong.  That said, they’ve made a mistake, but as long as they show remorse and as long as they realise the mistake that they’ve made, I’m sure they’ll get one more chance and I think they’re entitled to one more chance.”

You live in a land where a participating in a bully culture against Celtic advantageous.  Celtic are having a nightmare season which opens them to genuine criticism, but this orgy of destructive attack is abusive, unacceptable and must stop.

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  1. paddy McCourt at the Greenock Celtic a feww years ago is one of my favourite Celtic events, he was brilliantly funny, articualte, comedic timing, and that cool Derry accent, quite tall, anf fit, charismatic even.



    He said he could not believe the fitness needed to catch up with the team, and also on getting introduced to WGS who enquired “who are you son ?” so not a managers signing I would assume.



    The drunk on the plane story is very very funny.

  2. It is Mark Reid, aye, someone few steps back has named them all accurately, i wonder were the actual match is.

  3. Jamesgang


    The least critical I can be about that clip is to say that Mr Oliver did not come over as a man of substance :-))



    Hope all is well with both of you.



    SAINT STIVS on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 3:45 PM




    legends, in my 2nd favourite hoops.




    That looks like some time circa summer 1982 on basis of absence of C Nicholas who had broken a leg the previous winter. M Reid had came into the first team at LB in the winter of 1980, D Moyes was getting games at CB around then



    Back row – Provan, P McStay, Moyes, Bonner, Aitken, Reid


    Front row – Burns, McGarvey, McCluskey, McGrain, Macleod.



    I think that’s a photo taken prior to a game at the pre-season Rotterdam Tournament, which was organised by Feyenoord, por cierto

  5. JG


    Yes, I am, thanks.Now that the snow has gone, it feels like Freedom has been restored ie Cycling and golf :-)

  6. Celtic: Bain, Taylor, Brown, Turnbull, Kenny, Christie, Rogic, Edouard, Ajer, McGregor, Welsh.


    Subs: Hazard, Griffiths, Ajeti, Klimala, Soro, Elyounoussi, Henderson, Ralston, Laxalt

  7. c’mon Lenny you are allowed to try something anything different , 1 up front and 6 midfielders, on a wee tight park, gies a break.

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Are we surprised at the line up but it’s no longer an 11 man game



    Cmon the hoops 🍀

  9. Phil Bhoy ,I do support the team ,but this season has just been one big letdown,do you after all these years supporting Celtic I have never felt deflated as I have been this season

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