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  1. That was nowhere near the level that has preceded it



    It was arguably better than Lille away in that we continued to attack and threaten in the second half BUT…………



    We do away with all our good work by being so soft



    I am encouraged that we are playing much better offensively but there are so many decisions to make about the defence

  2. unfortunately we can’t fix the defense until January – UNLESS he plays ralston or welsh. Our keeper is just not good enough for this level

  3. In the last 5 minutes of the match there, the Milan defence play a long pass up upfield out wide and suddenly makes it 3 vs 3. Our wing backs are caught upfield because of dilly-dallying between the forwards and midfield trying to possess ball in final third – this sums up our tactics under NL – nothing has changed. We will always score goals but with this possession football philosophy in the final third involving 7 midfield players we are wide open to counter attacks.

  4. Sorry, but I can’t get as excited as some on here about tonight. Yes, we scored two goals and yes we created chances.



    But once Milan got back to 2-2 there was only going to be one winner. They looked like they could score at will and let’s not forget they made five changes tonight.



    This was a weakened Milan who have beaten us quite comfortably a year after we completed the double over Lazio. Tonight wasn’t progress, it was evidence of how far we’ve fallen.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It’s at times like these you realise the recruitment has been absolutely horrific.



    The guys who have been there forever did Ok(ish).

  6. We will have to stop overloading defensive situations only to run into each other. McGregor guilty of blocking his own players for two if not three goals. Lack of confidence and composure sucks players to the ball like a St Martin’s Primary ash park game at playtime in the 70s.

  7. A few questions for all those slagging off the result tonight.




    Which was the last Celtic team to go to the San Siro as favourites.


    Did they win.


    Has any result there had any noticeable effect on domestic results or even on domestic expectations

  8. DANSO_1888 on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 7:53 PM



    neil knows who does not want to stay get rid of them in jan







    But he still picks them every week.

  9. anybody that thinks that Ajer is a defender is living in cloud cuckoo land , if AC want him just leave him in Milan good riddance .


    add Elhamed never a defender also

  10. Lille knock out Sparta in last 10 minutes, so don’t need to beat us now. Will probably send a reserve team. And probably won’t make any difference to the result.

  11. spikeysauldman on

    before hot smoked gets all hot and bothered, i never boo at the games, I never leave leave before half-time, the blog is a place to write done your thoughts, otherwise, the comments page would be empty or would be 20 or so folk typing COYBIG repeatedly.


    That said, do we have any players who started that game who we’d like/or expect to be in the starting 11 this time next season. I cant think of 1. The supposed decent players and loanees will be for the off. Broonie will have hung up his boots and the rest are squad players at best.

  12. Hypothetical situation:



    If the two goalkeepers were reversed tonight, what do you think the score could have been.



    Sometimes you get good players, they just need to find the right club.



    HH to all.

  13. Well,take a bow wee Jeremy.What a performance.Great skill,amazing energy,if you could improve that final ball abit,they would be queuing up for you.Great effort tonight,difference Milan never missed a chance we did.Outplayed them for long spells,and in his too brief cameo,what’s not to like about Soro.


    Take this into the more important game on Sunday,and we win.

  14. That was undoubtedly better



    We undoubtedly still have major issues



    There is potential there



    Think I maybe flaked out second half, so my opinions are half right at best

  15. thought the overall performance was better than of late,but F me that defence need a lot of training on how to


    fecking tackle ,defend as a unit ,the basics,are we sure theyre internationals? ‘cos they sure as hell don’t look like it

  16. 1 point really bad if we had been told that at the start would have laughed at them think about it 1 point ffs

  17. I think the criticism of Barkas is way over the top. Frimpong just runs with his head down and creates absolutely nothing.


    Also thought Laxalt had a very poor game

  18. Thought tonight was a vast improvement…. But I’ve said it a hundred times…. If you don’t have a keeper you’ll win feck all.

  19. I want a new manager asap but the players can’t be accused of not trying tonight (and even Neil was a bit animated). A lot of good pressing and some good play but only as far as the penalty box, against a team of CL quality. Some good moves broke down with Rogic who should have been substituted much earlier. Elhamed’s defending was very poor. Laxalt – is he really better than Taylor? Bitton was good. Frimpong excellent, that’s where he should be played. This bhoy should not get so much criticism, at 19 he was our best player tonight.


    The keeper? Hmm. It was never explained why Craig Gordon was dropped by BR after he had been our only good player in the defeat at Ibrox. Not keeping him now looks like a terrible mistake.

  20. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Can’t help feeling that we should have been resting players for the SPFL match this sunday. We could have got some miles into the legs of the fringe players and freshened up the first picks. 10IAR is our main goal now, has been for a while.


    If we can go on a run throughout December and hang in there then come January we can regroup and get in some defenders.


    For me it is still game on in the League, but we are not helping ourselves by exhausting our stronger players.


    More poor decision making by the management, and further evidence of how dangerously out of touch the thinking is.

  21. Good attacking segments and competed in midfield, defence excluding Laxalt who dug in against a diving bampot is useless utterly useless, the goalkeeper saves nothing, Hatem is a cart horse with no left foot Ayer and Bitton will never do in there, Christie sold the first goal with a stupid dive in and the keeper is just shocking we need a new keeper or 2, 3 defenders around the scorer for the second he gets a shot off, 3 could have tackled the winger at the third and poor again at the 4th with ayer running away from the player.


    We have no defence no lack of effort but no defenders other than Laxalt.

  22. Greenpinta,


    Silly question.You could say that about every game.Any player.Not at fault for any of the goals.

  23. Ajer, as a raw talent, could have been coached into being a decent CH. He was a work-in-progress under BR, he has regressed since his departure. Just as Calmac, Christie, Griff and Brown have.



    Can anyone name one single player who has improved under Lenny’s mngmt?

  24. The Lazio game was the only one we have won in Italy



    They are also not one of the traditional top 4 teams in Serie A in the past 20 years whereas Milan are



    In the end 4:2 looks like our usual losing performance away from home but anyone watching without an agenda knows that was a much better performance tonight



    But it was no corner turned and defensive issues are still huge



    But it was the start of an improvement

  25. Tell you another thing.No difference between Laxsalt and Taylor.Certainly nowhere near a 7 million gap.But he is foreign,and Taylor played for Killie.



    before hot smoked gets all hot and bothered”



    Hot (smoked ) and bothered? Moi? Cool Hand Luke is based on me :-))

  27. Garcia Lorca 5:34 pm, the last time that I recall us wearing the shamrock strip was in a quarter final game against killie who played in a Hun like blue strip. We won 3-2 although the score line flattered them. This would be oul Jimmy’s last game as Jock would takeover in the Monday after his hibbee team knocked deidco out of the same cup.



    Seemingly it was Jock’s idea tae dump that strip.

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