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  1. They Have a guardian angel looking after their European Journey…Brother Dallas …he is a big influence with whom they get to referee their games …..no…check the dodgy decisions…Benfica strolling the game until the red card for a dive by Kent….

  2. Frimpong and Taylor at full back surely thats not a serious thought . Playing at snake mountain in a few weeks .with 6 6ft 4″ h##s coming up for corners free kicks . I’ve seen mons name mentioned on here for a return , not really my cup of tea but with backing from the absent landlord. We would have big tough guys in the hoops . Guys who wouldn’t get bullied by Jack, arfield, Davis. Kamara .were too soft . Wish the mcginn interest hadn’t been scuppered , he is the type we required and more like him . I felt we played fairly well tonight .maybe some light at the end of the tunnel. HH

  3. BIG WAVY on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 8:53 PM



    I agree that the FF ship has sailed. He didn’t want to come.



    Do you think that Barkas and our defensive issues could be resolved if Julien and Ajer start playing together regularly?



    I wouldn’t be surprised if we sent Duffy back in January and dipped into the market.

  4. Laxalt is an energetic guy with an eye for the tackle.



    With no other redeeming features. We concede loads with him in the team and create nothing from him.



    Taylor’s a LB being asked to be a dynamic LWB. It’s beyond him.



    Not their fault. What are we thinking when we scout and buy?




  5. I said a few weeks ago rangers were riding their luck – its easy to criticize defenses due to the number of goals conceded. however, poor defending also gives away chances not criticized as the attacker fails to convert or lack that bit of luck needed in front of goal.



    Rangers luck is running out – and average teams are exposing their defensive weaknesses. Tonight they could have leaved 4 already – their 2 goals were gifted – a free header and a dodgy penalty.



    They’ve also been fortunate to avoid COVID to key players (unlike celtic) , having key players play 3 internationals in a week(/unlike celtic) and came up against weakened Aberdeen (unlike celtic)



    They are team who will crumble under pressure

  6. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t get the criticism of Laxalt either . Actually I’m beginning to think that every player we sign should be a loan with option to buy . The scouting team obviously can’t be trusted with money , and it would give other people with half a clue a proper chance to assess if a player is worth buying .

  7. Started to read back. Keeper copping a lot of flak. I don’t agree. I don’t think he was at fault for the free kick. Or any of the goals. Expert free kick taker.

  8. Geebee1978,



    They are our 2 best CHs and partnerships are important. The 3 of them having a run together would help build coinfidence but so much more needs fixed too, like Neil’s obsession with 2 wing backs caught up the park.







    I suspect – but do not know for sure – I suspect you are right.



    But this does not strike me as a Celtic team capable of putting them under any.

  10. Wee repost.






    Must be a pen due for Tavhun

  11. Glendalystonsils



    What tangibly does Laxalt give us? We’re praising his all-action style, which I admire but for a game that requires defending and attacking the stats prove he’s not very good at either.




  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Agree Wavy, as does Elyanoussi (a total imposter in my book).



    Recruitment has been shocking.

  13. glendalystonsils on




    Got to disagree about the free kick . The Milan keeper saved an almost identical one from Christie. Positioned himself where the ball was most likely to go , whereas Barkas took a step to his left for some baffling reason.

  14. Ridiculous that after another humiliation, losing four goals to a team effective going through the motions, people are still trying to look for silver linings!


    The manager is toast and everybody knows it , players, coaches, even the manager himself.


    But since the absentee landowner won’t be moved by a mob of 20-30 dafties, he is staying until what?


    We lose to Hearts? We lose to the huns? The 10 is mathematically impossible?


    I feel a degree of sympathy for Lenny being hung out to dry by the board. However when he keeps coming out with nonsensical dross after we’re been humbled yet again that sympathy begins to drain away

  15. Deigo Laxalt has certainly impressed since he arrived. I don’t think we should be writing Gregio Taylor off though.



    Also in the equation must be :- Is it desirable to become totally reliant on a loan player. EG Fraser Forster.?



    HH to all.

  16. JAMES FORREST on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 9:01 PM



    I said this to the old man the other day.



    If this league title race was neck and neck going into the final straight, Sevco could crack under the pressure and our squad of players that have “been there and done it” could get us over the line.



    The fear is, they’ll have a double-digit lead, a bit of pressure off and some leeway to drop points.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Big Wavy



    I would give Laxalt the benefit of the doubt . He’s not long in the door and is still settling in . He can deliver a decent cross although he admittedly he is more in the wingback mould rather than a full back . Maybe if we could fuse him together with Taylor…….

  18. prestonpans bhoys on




    Look again he’s moving to his right anticipating his right hand side target, fair enough but didn’t happen. Couldn’t react to left-hand side cause feet are flat, he’s not on his toes. Well from what I recall😱

  19. I want a new manager more than Chris Sutton does, so why does he describe tonight as an “absolute embarrassment”? We’ve had lots of far more embarrassing results in Europe. Sutton played in one of them. Yes, the defending was poor, but it wasn’t helped by Christie letting them back into the game. There were some signs tonight that we can play decent football. We just need a proper manager.

  20. Laxalt was brought in while we were playing 3-5-2 because Taylor is not a wing-back.



    Now we’ve reverted back to 4 at the back, we’re seeing that Laxalt is not a full-back.



    Maybe league cup games like Sunday and dead rubbers like tonight would’ve been a good chance to give Taylor some much-needed minutes at left-back.

  21. there are far superior goalkeepers playing in the SPL than what we have and would not have cost anywhere near the £5 m we paid for ours.

  22. glendalystonsils on





    . We just need a proper manager




    We just need a proper management team.

  23. 79CAPS on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 9:10 PM



    To be fair, Sutton said our Europa League campaign has been an embarrassment, not tonight’s result.



    He’s spot-on.

  24. I believe that the defence protects the keeper, not the other way around.


    I don’t think any results would have been any different with Forster in goals.

  25. every goal i have watched Barkas let in , he has just fallen over after the ball was going in. Watch the second tonight as a great example. No dive, no idea where the ball is going, just falls over.



    What was the strength we bought him for? Seems to take a cross OK but I remember him nearly letting one straight in. He was nowhere near one tonight as well



    he can’t save long range shots or anything in the box



    The only saves i remember were vs St Mirren in his 6 yard box; bit of reflexes



    Very strange signing

  26. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    We need to drop Christie. Poor deliveries and poor decision making are letting us down all over the park.

  27. Glendalystonsils



    There is absolutely no evidence, data or eyeballs that would back up your assumption that he can deliver a decent cross. Figures running into the Slavia game last week had him 0 out of 14 crosses and in the last 2 games we have shipped 8 goals. Did he deliver a meaningful cross tonight?



    We are seduced by his all-action style (and he was brillant in Lille for tackling) but he’s living up to what he is – a 28 year old with no discernible creative skills. Not a pop at him. It’s what he is. Whotf recruited him?




  28. I got a light hearted post deleted last night.So just making sure I’m not red carded again 😉