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  1. prince of keepers on

    2nd goal??? Barkas to blame? Is that the one that hit off Laxalt ‘s foot and looped up into roof of the net.


    Folk seeing things that didnt happen.

  2. there is not a coach on the planet who would have prevented those goals tonight – the issue is with Hammond! He brings those players in.



    A new coach would simply say he needs 2-3 defensive players – would he trust hammond to get them?



    This is the issue – there is a difference between effort and ability. Our team lacks the ability and even Pep G couldn’t fix that!



    Get the players we need Celtic and fire hammond for hurting this team

  3. I seem to be swimming against the tide here but here goes….



    For the first time in weeks / months I seen a Celtic team with


    – pace and movement


    – heart and commitment


    – a balanced formation


    – logical substitutions



    For the first time in weeks, I seen a Celtic team that was set up correctly by our manager and were in this game for 90 minutes. We created more clear chances than Milan and were never out this game.



    Edouard, Frimpong, Brown, Laxalt all put in their best performance of the season.



    I have no fault with any players effort and application tonight.



    Haven’t heard the manager’s post match comments but actually in this game we were undone by individual mistakes, not a poorly prepared / set up team.



    There is a team in there somewhere, what we need is for the manager to support these players, who made individual mistakes rather than chop and change personnel / formation for Sunday.



    El Hamed site rightly critiqued for his individual errors tonight but at present he is the best we have, Frimpong is a great offensive threat but not a right back at his stage of development.



    Barkas is low on confidence but is a decent international keeper and by some distance the best keeper we have.



    Calmac is having a mare in defensive areas but is critical to our play having a pace and rhythm to it.



    Thought Sutton got the mood all wrong tonight, this wasn’t embarrassing, or the same old Celtic. I saw a team that gave 100% for 90 minutes. Who or why that happened is up for debate but it is a sign of improvement from previous weeks.



    and just in case you were wondering, I don’t think Neil Lennon is the answer….

  4. Match stasts tonight






    57% possession


    14 shots


    6 on target


    6 Corners


    8 fouls


    No YCs


    2 offsides


    83% passing accuracy





    43% possession


    14 shots


    6 on target


    2 corners


    11 fouls


    3 YCs


    1 offside


    78% pass accuracy



    Narrow margins



    What does it matter when you score? Some Euro teams deliberately let us have the ball, entice us forward, then kill us on the break. I hate them with a passion, but that was a superb breakaway goal Sevco just scored. If it stays as is, they, as a third pot team, have qualified, whereas we as a first pot team, have a miserable 1 point, having conceded 17 goals. It is beyond embarrassing.

  6. SFTB


    Goals – Milan 4


    Celtic 2


    Points – Milan 10


    Celtic. 1


    The only margins that count.

  7. So that’s 2 games in the Europa league, we’ve had a 2 goal lead ( both away), and failed to win.


    I know the goalie is taking a lot of stick, possibly for 1st goal only in my eyes.


    Goals 2, 3 & 4 all came from our right back area


    When are we going to sign a real right back ?




    2 natural Centre Halfs, not 2 converted 6’5″ midfielders


    I would honestly play Ajer back n midfield


    He coaching as a centre half seems to have stopped



    Can I add, Taylor is nowhere near Laxalt level


    ( incidentally McGregor poor again tonight)

  8. prestonpans bhoys on




    Agreed possession can mean nothing but when you are hanging in on a thread and score totally against run of play……




    Agreed. A year on from doing the double over Lazio, I can’t get excited by “only” losing 4-2 to a vastly understrength Milan side.



    Had our other European results been better, I could’ve written it off but in the context of our season, I don’t see a turning point or anything we don’t already know.



    Going forward we have players who can hurt teams. However, defensively we’ll give anyone a chance – from Milan to Ross County.

  10. My team for Sunday






    Duffy Jullien Ajer



    Frimpong Bitton Brown Laxalt



    Rogic Ntcham







    replace Brown with Soro after 60-70 minutes


    replace Rogic with Christie after 60-70 minutes


    replace Edouard and anyone else needing it later on with Ajeti, Welsh or Henderson



    Struggle on to January and buy some bigger players who can tackle.

  11. From Paul67



    ATROCIOUS defending and appalling goalkeeping saw Celtic collapse to their third consecutive four-goal Europa League thrashing in the San Siro this evening.






    Got to disagree about the free kick . The Milan keeper saved an almost identical one from Christie. Positioned himself where the ball was most likely to go , whereas Barkas took a step to his left for some baffling reason.









    The Milan free kick was central and therefore could easily go either side. The free kick was closer and therefore less time to react. The shot was just over Browns head and dipped low into the corner. Almost unstoppable. Christie was keeper friendly height. Milan shot was struck harder.



    p.s. the Milan free kick expert was also their corner taker. And he often hit the first defender. It’s not as easy as some believe.

  13. Iniquitous



    Agreed. I wish people had drawn the same conclusion when we were winning narrowly in the SPFL but then it was lways somethign wrong with the performance and the stats showed that :-)






    I haven’t seen a single poster that was “excited” about a 4:2 defeat (well maybe- One Night in Lisbon was) but a lot of us were encouraged with a markedly improved performance (going forward)




    Your point about players playing in their best position in this Celtic team always makes me think of that scene from Ben-Hur where the Arab sheikh has his four white horses for his chariot team.


    They’re all excellent horses but he’s got them all in the wrong position in the team.


    Yer man takes 2 minutes to see that they have potential but only if they’re played in their correct position in a rigid team shape.


    He does a bit of the old Jock Stein magic & voila – they’re transformed into Champions of the Circus Maximus or wherever it was when they beat Messala.




    Trivia Corner



    Stephen Boyd was the actor who played Messala in the movie – excellently in my humble opinion.


    His real name was William Millar & he was born in Glengormley, Northern Ireland.


    Like many provincial folk back then, his native accent ensured he got no gigs in movies or theatre so he worked at eradicating that so he could get jobs. Once he was famous, his agent changed his biography & he was presented as Canadian for a wee while.

  15. SuperSutton



    I read online that the turkish guy who scored the free kick is 2nd , only to Linel Messi, in direct free kick goals in Euro competition.



    Barkas should have been positioned better but I still think, on balance he would not have saved it. He might have saved himself some positioning criticism though.

  16. RC on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 9:37 PM



    Are you sure it was written by Paul67? I wasn’t sure if he wrote all the articles on this site. Certainly didn’t seem like his writing style.

  17. Geebee78 @ 9.13



    Sorry, you’re right about that. I can’t disagree that the whole campaign has been embarrassing, especially the two games against Sparta Prague. But tonight’s game did have some positives, mainly that it showed the players do actually care. But that should not be enough to save Neil.

  18. SFTB…which is why you’ve opted to giving him yer blessing by opting for Hazard in goal….;-))




  19. I know sweet fa about football tactics, but why are Celtic playing two holding midfielders as centre halves instead of playing one of them instead of Broonie (whom I love).? We cannot win the ball in midfield which makes French Eddie look crap. I would love to see Bitton as the holding mid and a decent left sided centre back helping Diego (who is brilliant). Oh, well it is all too late now, and we have made a crap coach and a crap team feel good.

  20. I feel that Calmac is being played in too defensive a role. He has always been an attacking midfielder and is our only player who can shoot from outside the box. His goals in Europe have dried up since he stopped playing behind the striker(s). I would give Christie a long rest and play Calmac in his position.

  21. I think all our good players who are playing poorly, out of position, is down to poor management.



    Nuthin’ else.

  22. I feel that Calmac is being played in too defensive a role



    the only reason he is playing there is to cover for Broonies mistakes.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    While we are without James Forrest and Mikey Johnson I would like to see Jeremie Frimpong played more as a winger as he was tonight. . He is so much better going forward than defending , to say nothing of his lack of height in the full back position.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on




    Well agree and disagree !



    He offers no protection to the full back, recall elbhoy looking at him as the Milanese ran amok down the wing

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The goalkeeping debate is intriguing.



    Ordinarily I am not one for impulsive transfer moves nor do I like commenting on the inner workings of the football department at Celtic (as I have no insight to them) …..



    …. Here comes the “but”






    I find an earlier suggestion that we send Barkas back to Greece on a half season loan and “just go and get Forster” for a similar period extremely compelling. (Apologies – can’t recall who said it).



    Equally, criticism from a distance is easy but there is something odd about our Head of Recruitment – an ex-goalkeeper – coming up with Barkas?



    Possibly a good guy in a confident team after a decent settling in period but not what we need right now?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  26. Prestonpans Bhoy



    trying to console myself by thinking about the national coefficient and the fact that the amount of games they will be required to play is mounting up.



    Cold comfort though.




  27. DAVID66 on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:00 PM



    True. The two games against Lazio and last year’s league cup final spring to mind. While Barkas might not have made too many errors, had he played in those three games, we lose all three.

  28. Free Big Jimmy, Rocky and unleash Melboutne Mick the Handsome Hun Hunter.



    Sounds like a good Defensive unit.



    D :)