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  1. I don’t think I’ve known a season like it, relentless negativity for us followed by positivity for them. Its seems endless.

  2. Astonishing post-match presser again from Lennon.



    You would never believe that we’d lost that match 4-2 after having a two goal lead. You’d never think that Milan played well beneath themselves, stepping up only when they had to. You’d never believe we were rock bottom of the group, dead, buried and out.



    You’d never believe we’re two wins in eleven games.



    Tonight, Lennon’s a swaggering conqueror. After we’ve just been beat, and comfortably.



    I feel a little bit, tonight, like Graham Hess, in Signs, and yes I know it has a happy ending … but it’s not the ending I’m thinking of, it’s the conversation he has with his son when they are watching the TV footage of the alien ships, and they discuss the “two types of people” – those who see “signs” and hope and optimism and conclude that even if the worst is true there’s a God or whatever looking out for them and that it will all be okay. The other type sees those lights and thinks “OMFG we’re doomed …”



    I never considered myself one of the second group, never ever ever.



    But I can only conclude listening to Lennon tonight and knowing that those in the boardroom will be lapping up every single word of it, that we are truly screwed.



    “There is no one looking out for us. We are all alone.”




    It was me who suggested it and I’d rather loan him out than have him sitting on the bench. The reason being, he gets game time, hopefully, plays himself back into form in the shop window and we recoup as much as possible in the summer and put it down to one of those things.



    While he sits on our bench, he eats up wages and his value goes down.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    RAY SINGH-CARR on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:02 PM



    You are a ray (pun intended) of light on another poor night 👍👏👏👏

  5. David17 – Stay possitive fella hopefully just hopefully we start to turn our season around on Sunday by putting on a show.






    D :)

  6. glendalystonsils on




    That’s 3 people who have disagreed with me about 3 different players tonight . Am no playin!!



    Actually , yer all wrang!

  7. 2 wins from 11 games



    3 defeats in a row



    4 games without a win



    1 win from 5 games



    13 wins from 26 games



    27 goals conceded (10 conceded in the last 3 games)



    Free pass for Neil tonight, as will Sunday. His testimonial season takes us to the 20th December and then a transfer window probably.



    HH and Nitol….

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    Big Wavy


    Free pass tonight but quite the opposite on Sunday .





    I’m only passing on what Peter Lawell tells us all….



    Our views don’t count.

  10. Big Wavy add to that list the worst goals conceded record of all 48 teams in EL.



    That alone is shocking.



    D :)

  11. Or sack Neil Lennon and hire a manager who can organise the team to stop giving the opposition as many chances.


    We are soft in midfield. Kamikaze in defence. Our keepers are not great, but the problem goes way beyond just them.

  12. Frimpong creates absolutely nothing. His decision making is woeful and is caught in possession too often.


    I really don’t understand what people see in him

  13. prestonpans bhoys on




    That’s the fun about this blog all about opinions, at least it didn’t degrade to verbal abuse, which sadly is becoming the norm these days😯 on here.



    Oh the old days of CQN congenial discussion, Friday night quiz and then music time to the wee hours.



    Then you wake up next morning and find oot you have posted a whole lot of punk music 😂😂😂😂 and cannae remember😵😱

  14. ST TAMS on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:17 PM



    Our crossing from wide positions is abysmal and we get done down there easily.



    Despite the pace we have, there’s never any end product and we seem vulnerable there too.



    I’ll get my tin hat on as people won’t like this but Laxalt and Frimpong are similar in that respect. Both quick and all-action but very little end product.



    I don’t get the criticism of Laxalt either . Actually I’m beginning to think that every player we sign should be a loan with option to buy . The scouting team obviously can’t be trusted with money , and it would give other people with half a clue a proper chance to assess if a player is worth buying .



    *got me thinking again, that’s twice in one day, but I recall when you started a new job you were on probation, might have been 6 weeks and that allowed the company tae pump you if you didnae pan out, in fact when I started my time I was on 6 months probation before I was indentured or as the song says “apprentice tae trade I was bound”.

  16. D66…last I red…MM was on hols spreadng Covid…has he also been banned? I really need to up my game lol




  17. ST TAMS on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:17 PM



    Seriously! He’s a kid with raw talent. Needs some coaching for sure. I bet Brendan Rodgers could polish him into a much better player. Neil Lennon doesn’t do coaching.

  18. Google translate of that Italian article:-



    Barkas 5: with his feet he risks too much, like when he gives Hauge a ball but the Rossoneri are unable to finish. And he is also surprised by Calhanoglu on his pole.



    Elhamed 5.5: Hauge is in the evening of grace, the full-back cannot contain the fury of the Norwegian: he punctually loses the duel, whether it is offensive or defensive.



    Bitton 5.5: a few too many carelessness, leads a rearguard that comes out of San Siro with four goals on the back.



    Ajer 6: especially in the second half he takes courage and shows great personality, carrying the ball and recovering several balls.



    Laxalt 6: lives a special challenge, against his latest team in Italy. He struggles to keep Castillejo, he is a little better when it comes to attacking and overall he keeps the attention high.



    McGregor 5.5: he has an excellent opportunity on his feet, but he kicks too centrally. He does a decent job of filtering in front of the defense.



    Brown 6.5: he is the man everywhere of Celtic, he can be found pressing in all areas of the median on the opposite Rossoneri (from 78 ‘Soro sv).



    Christie 6: illuminating the through ball for Edouard for the doubling that made Celtic dream, then after the warning disappears from the radar. It is reviewed with a punishment on which Donnarumma is forced to overcome (from 86 ‘Klimala sv).



    Rogic 6: right times for pressing on Krunic and to win the ball for 0-1, a few minutes later he goes close to his personal double. He falls at a distance (from 67 ‘Ntcham 5.5: he does not enter the game very well, without being able to leave his mark).



    Frimpong 6.5: offers an important contribution to the team, often targeting Hernandez and sending him into trouble.



    Edouard 6: excellent agreement with Christie when he sends him in goal for the double: nice touch underneath to overcome Donnarumma

  19. glendalystonsils on




    The good old days , when the blog was fun and Celtic could defend!-)))

  20. ST TAMS on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:17 PM


    Frimpong creates absolutely nothing. His decision making is woeful and is caught in possession too often.


    I really don’t understand what people see in him



    hate to say it but i agree!

  21. I have this much from a reliable football agent of a Celtic mind – Never mind the the transfer window, Southampton already have offers for Forster we couldnt touch even with his outstretched arm on our side. Forget it.

  22. Think about this, and how we have got here


    Barkas – allegedly unsettled in Scotland ?? Who has s helping here ??


    For me Elhamed a poor right back


    Bitton & Ajer, stopped developing as Centre Halfs, and should return to midfield ? Although looks like Ajer will be sold


    Laxalt – a loanee at left back


    That’s a full back 5 we need


    ( yes Julienne to come in, but Duffy to go out as well ?)





    Scott Brown in his last season, Christie, Ntcham & Rogic all want away, if rumours are to be believed ? Plus Elyanousi to return to his club


    Bring in Turnbull, still to be compnvinced Soro has any future ?


    Still means we need 3 other midfielders





    Edouard to go, will Griffiths ever get back to playing regularly for us, now 2 years since he played regularly, Klimala needs to go out on loan to develop ( he will nneed t at Celtic with current coaching set up)


    So at least 2 new forwards



    That’s 10 new players required to stand still



    How on earth did we get to this position, and who is to blame ????


    Manager or above that level ???

  23. TLT – Hecsaid he was going to self exile if Big Jimmy was Red carded.



    I have not seen him post so I presume he is in exile.



    MM – If I am wrong come on and give us an update.



    D :)

  24. glendalystonsils on




    We Should have a list of possible keepers with more than FF’s name on it anyway.

  25. NORRIEM on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:29 PM



    The buck stops at the top. People might want to point the finger at managers and head of recruitment with some justification but the ones at the top appoint them and continue to employ them.




    Exactly. FF was only ever on loan anyway and we knew what kind of money he was on at Souuthamton. We should’ve had a plan B and plan C in place.



    Barkas to me looked like a bit of a panic signing.

  27. Big Jimmy – keep checking those emails.



    Although I think it might be 2nd class post with how long it’s taking or pager.



    D :)

  28. prestonpans bhoys on




    I remember one Friday night I started a comment with the first sentence of a rebs song, then others joined in.



    Lasted about two hours or more likely we were to drunk to continue😂😂😂😂

  29. Go tell the Spartim on

    Most galling stat











    With one game to play, this 20/21 Celtic team currently ranks 570th of 576 when ranked by fewest goals conceded in the EL group stage. Only 6 times has a club conceded more than 17 goals.



    If Lille score 3 against in the last game we’ll have matched the record for goals conceded.



    But hey we played well …….

  30. Long time lurker etc , etc but watching that catastrophic defending tonight took me back to MO’Ns appointment in….. 2000 i think ; his first signing , I’m sure , was big Joos and was followed up fairly soon after with Bobo . Our defence was shored up in a pre-season and we went on to win the treble in Martin’s first year. We need that sort of defensive mind set now . We could also do with at least one hard ball winner in midfield and that would release our two wing backs to play to their strengths.




  31. Hello again all you young rebels.






    As I explained re- the red card for a good poster who has no contact


    with anyone apart from the good people on here was reprehensible.


    He also has failing health problems and as we all know he was goaded


    to the extreme, and the mods obviously just listened to the whines of


    the agitators instead of looking at the whole picture.


    However if big Jimmy gets back then I’ll be happy to join this dear


    green place again.


    Bit better for The Bhoys against Milan, but mega changes needed all




    H.H. Mick






    The good old days , when the blog was fun and Celtic could defend!-)))



    *and after a loss like this we had the comfort of dropping intae the Europa.

  33. JAKE73 on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:44 PM


    Long time lurker etc , etc but watching that catastrophic defending tonight took me back to MO’Ns appointment in….. 2000 i think ; his first signing , I’m sure , was big Joos and was followed up fairly soon after with Bobo . Our defence was shored up in a pre-season and we went on to win the treble in Martin’s first year.



    *After losing 1-5 at hades with a team that was minus Lambo injured and Stubbies health concern he went out and signed Lenny and Ramon the Treble, as he called him.

  34. prestonpans bhoys on

    TONTINE TIM on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 10:47 PM



    We cannae even drop into the league cup😵😱