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  1. I had no Idea who controlled Celtic until OldTim put up those in Control.



    No fans Allowed. Expelled.






    The World Economic Forum roasters are pushing on this new Dependancy system.



    The Middle Class being wiped out.

  2. Petec


    I met a Yank Protestant preacher like you whilst in Iraq.


    One night in particular, Before troops were sent out on a scoop up mission to gather peasants from a field mortars had been fired recently, he calmly quoted an Old Testament passage about murdering women and children, something about smashing enemy babies heads against the wall, all in the course of war and God’s will.


    Quo vadis?

  3. HJ,



    God Bless. You been through a lot.



    Celtic is Strong.



    I’m a snowflake but not.



    Lenny has been given strength frae somewhere.



    Imagine the Referees started officiating straight in Ecosse?



    Praising a 15 penalty Scorer.



    Aye ye couldnae make it up.



    Big Sutton is influencing where he can. I hate having influencers.



    Best players best team just go for it.



    Lenny has been spooked by the Fraser decision.



    That is not to say…….




    Is Everybody in the place?



    Lets go.C..S..C

  4. Manager completely delusional. Support not angry anymore just laughing at him —— its hysterical the nonsense he comes out with. He has completely lost all credibility.



    Of course Lawwell ( the multi season architect of our downfall ) and Dermot too can see it.



    So why not change.



    The players have zero respect for him. The backroom staff don’t even talk to him. The Milan manager spoke regularly to his no 2.



    We have a manager in name only. The Celtic ship is heading for the rocks ——if change doesn’t happen soon kiss goodbye to next season too. Covid will be with us in the summer —- don’t believe all the hype about vaccines yet.



    20k season tickets next year as fans will not pay with no attendance the shambles of this season. All self inflicted and when it is staring us in the face the CEO just ignored it all played the numbers game and ensured his last bonus.



    Even the Lawwell fundamentalists can’t defend the indefensible.

  5. Good morning CQN from another frozen day in the Garngad



    I think the reason we looked slightly better last night is that Millan came at us, contrast that with 2 banks of 5 in the SFHell. This is why we need to up the tempo back in Scotland, get at teams quicker especially if they have opened up and came forward. We are to static and slow at the back, watch our keeper gather the ball and all our players walk out with heads bowed.



    MM – Hail Hail Amigo. Moderator please take note, good bhoys being turned away from this mega site.


    Big Jimmy still waiting on his snail mail.



    Bring on St Johnstone who would get football banned.



    D :)

  6. We all want an improvement in the short term and the long term. Short term, sacking of NL needs to be accompanied by sacking the coaching staff otherwise I can’t see a big change in fortunes. So even a new manager brought in soon would need to insist in bringing in his own coaching staff – are the board up for it? If it was Gordon Strachan say, you can be sure there will be no change of coaches and that might also be the case with others with a Celtic connection. So I’d say no Celtic connection. You don’t need to have been a Celtic supporter or player to know what the team means to its supporters – if you don’t already know have a word with an ex manager and they will soon enlighten you. And anyway it’s not just Celtic fans that have a special relationship with their club. It’s the case with Man U., Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and much lesser clubs – every manager can understand that.



    Long term I think Celtic need a Board and a manager that is serious about Europe and that means modern manager, players, tactics fitness and the rest. It’s pathetic that Celtic winning the SPFL satisfies so many supporters. Brendan Rogers started Celtic’s modernization but he himself couldn’t achieve much in Europe due to his lack of realism and his vanity and they were interconnected. His players couldn’t follow his system against really good teams because his players were inferior but he thought they could all be coached by him to achieve beyond their present ability. It was clear by the end of his tenure that things were going off the rails so to speak: poor results in Europe and poor result against a rangers team who did their own high pressing leaving Celtic unable to get out of their own half, other teams like Hearts did it too with success. Rogers didn’t have a plan B. It only required better players, either improved from the existing team by his coaching or bought for higher fees and wages which of course is were it all went wrong with the Board digging in and BR realizing it was never going to work so he left at the first opportunity or second if the China offer was considered.



    I think at the AGM supporters have to make it clear they want more information: who is doing what? Who coaches the defense, the strikers, who does tactics, why are there so few youngsters making it? Why do we take players who have not played for ages and waste time getting them up to speed only to discover they are not that good here too not just in the EPL. Why do we have so many transferees who can’t get a game? We need to hold their feet to the fire to get answers.

  7. Despite all the evidence to the contrary there are posters her who want a Celtic team containing Duffy, Rogic and Ntcham all at the same time? Lets just completely surrender and hand the huns the treble now.

  8. The hand of God on

    Celtic started the game superbly then this season’s failings manifested themselves…2 midfielders playing at centre half a right back that cant tackle and a goalkeeper that hasn’t made a save of note since he’s been here.Ryan Christie contributed to our downfall with a ridiculous challenge just outside the box against a team with on of the best free kick specialists in Europe .Logged on this morning to see what posters thought about the game but instead read about Follow Follow and Catholics and protestants then about the almighty not sure if the Vatican live YouTube channel link has been posted yet…what’s all that hot to do with Celtic ?

  9. 2-0 up got me going, we need to keep the faith. We have some challenges ahead for sure. Neil Lennon and Scott Brown have more dig, more courage, more guts, more resilience than 99.999% of the bloggers on this, or any other site.



    I can’t wait until Neil Lennon and Broony lift the quadrupple treble. I will applaud the Celtic legends that took us here. What an incredible achievement.



    All the haters GIRFUY. Hail Hail. Cmon the hoops.




  10. Random thoughts, though still on the same wave length as my post in the last couple of games.



    Elhamed was isolated against a very good winger. Why? And there was one point where the commentator said something along the lines of “Elhamed has gone narrow and is asking Frimpong why he wasn’t covering wide”



    Who told Elhamed to go narrow? Did anyone let Frimpong into that plan?



    Now, in the formation of 4 at the back, my understanding is that Frimpong was a winger. Not a wing back. And if Elhamed is going narrow that should mean in line with the 18 yard line, not halfway into the penalty box.



    I said it before. Changing formations and players is causing confusion. Pick your system, put players in to suit that system. Give them clear instructions on their role.



    Manager and coaches to blame.

  11. When is this nightmare going to be over. Lennon thought last night was good. He thought we played to a “very high standard”. He is past delusional at this stage.

  12. I never saw any evidence of the players not playing for the manager last night or not trying….. What I saw was little positive signs.. Decent passages of play against the Italian league leaders……. Cut out silly mistakes and get a keeper (desperately need a keeper)… Our midfield looked better balanced with Christie on the left…. We have to remember we were a JF golden opportunity of going 3 up in the San siro….

  13. 2 wins in 11 games. 27 goals conceded. So much to be positive about. Neil Lennon is not up to the job. Never was, never will be. The longer he stays the more damage will be done.

  14. The only way fans can have any hope of influencing what happens at the Club is to stop buying season books.



    If enough fans did it, and reverted to buying tickets for individual games, the board would have to take heed.



    And things would never have got to this stage.



    Not that it’ll ever happen.



    So suck it up.

  15. And the board would sell the whole of the Lisbon lions stand to sevco, I have no doubts about that.


    Money is all that matters to them.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’ve always been one that didn’t take much from any managers post match interviews


    a) we all see the game in our own way and different things are important to each of us


    b) we don’t know, prior to the game, what the manager is looking for from the team


    c) sometimes they’re just fulfilling a contractual agreement


    d) it’s his job to look for positives and address negatives but in the main he’s always planning (no laughing at the back ) for the next game



    So while I think he’s been talking sh*te for a long time now in the end their meaningless, though the longer this goes on the more fans get fed up with it. It’s all about fine margins, as were told, and little things like talking pants in interviews after another gubbing just adds to many supporters ire.



    For the record he was a decent mid season option when Rodgers dumped us but that should’ve been the end of it, shouldn’t have gotten the permanent gig.



    PL called for unity, he only wants unity when it suits him, there’s nothing unified between a fair chunk of the support and the board and that’s all on them.



    Despite glimpses of good play we still got gubbed by a weakened Milan team.



    Let’s hope we can skelp the Perthshire brethren

  17. Our defence is criticised but we allowed them only 6 shots on target (same as we had) which is probably their least amount in the san siro this season.



    I reckon our defenders are nervous wrecks (including Duffy) because of the goalkeepers they’re playing in front of.


    Needs fixed on January 1st but absolutely nothing to lose by playing Hazard on Sunday.



    That’s the 1st time I’ve seen Frimpong played with a defender behind him and he looked braver and more confident because of it.



    Edouard’s running and skill were same as last season.



    Christie, for once, feigned to shoot and played a great assist instead, which we’ve all been going on about all season.



    And did Broony look a bit lighter and faster?



    All about Sunday and kicking off a quest to win 6 league games in a row.

  18. My friends in Celtic,



    Scraping the car on this cold and frosty morning has fairly focused the mind.



    We played better, but ultimately not good enough and the end product had a familiar feel to it. The dreadful stastics cannot be ignored or attributed to a blip.



    Neil has to go, but at a time befitting his legendary status. ( After the Hearts game )



    More than ever I stand by the team I put up days ago. We need change and not just in management. We need new blood and it’s unfathomable why we are not playing our fringe players.



    We have many good established players who will easily find a new club. Their time at Parkhead is up.



    HH to all.

  19. A Lot of us supporters don’t fancy Barkas or Bain,so the only alternative is to try the 3rd Goalkeeper Hazard, Could possibly be one of the answers regarding the defence.

  20. Hotel de Paris on

    You don’t improve a football team if you repeatedly have to sell its best players because you need the funds to cover the shortfall between trading revenues and operational overheads including your bonus.

  21. “Neil has to go, but at a time befitting his legendary status. ( After the Hearts game )”



    There you have it. The Neil Lennon testimonial season has gained more importance than the historic 10IAR it seems. Not for me. This thinking is a symptom of the hubris and complacency across the club (the need to have Neil be the one to win the ten).



    If anything comes of this is the change to a modern professional club using every penny wisely and moving away from the sentimentality of needing old legends as managers, no matter how mediocre they are, to have some hold over our progress.




  22. Leave the keepers alone until a new boss can play 4 at the back, keep them all inside their own half and build confidence in clean sheets.



    Our system sucks.




  23. The only thing about those who see “the Hearts game” as a more fitting point for Neil to leave is that they may be an assumption that we ate going to win. But if we were to lose the Scottih Cup Final to a Championship side that’s be even worse than Neil leaving now. CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM