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  1. So long as Peter Lawwell stays in post we’ll be OK.



    Celtic would be lost without him.

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    Leave the keepers alone until a new boss can play 4 at the back, keep them all inside their own half and build confidence in clean sheets.





    that will only work whilst there are no fans in the stadium



    i remember towards the end of Agathe’s celtic career when he was playing at right hack where it was as if he hit a brick wall as soon as he came to halfway line, he had obviously been told not to charge too far forward, but the crowd used to go mad at him for stopping at the halfway line



    the same thing would happen these days as well if our full backs were told to stay in their own half, but if theres no crowd to get on the players backs then its an option that might work

  3. @BIG WAVY on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 9:45 AM



    Agreed. People think that bringing in Forster will be a panacea.



    The problems run deeper and having Forster back would only mask those problems for the time being.

  4. The problems do run deeper than the goalkeepers… But to…. Leave them alone…. You have got to be kidding!!!!… They are absolutely rank!

  5. Can’t see Forster coming now, I’m sure Lenny would’ve tried to pull out all the stops to get him back for this season.



    That ship has sailed, unfortunately.




  6. HAs anyone even seen Hazard?



    Barkas couldn’t be directly blamed for any of the goals last night. Could he have done better , I would argue you could say that about most goalkeepers with most goals.

  7. Garngad to Croy on

    I feel sorry for Neil Lennon , his comments praising the centre halfs was baffling but I think he is at his wits end in trying to get a reaction from his team.



    He tried praising them , then he tried defending them , then he tried criticizing them , then he tried roasting them now he is back on to praising them again !

  8. @GARNGAD TO CROY on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 10:17 AM



    Neil seemingly thinks it’s a confidence or motivational issue. I think that is a severe misjudgement.



    It’s clear that structure, discipline and tactics are all more pressing issues.



    Neil is either blind to this or, as has been alluded to previously, doesn’t put much stock in these elements of the game.



    I think we may get some form back in the league but Sevco will take us to the cleaners.



    Much like laat year, our league for was good post NY, but the first half decent team we played defeated us.



    Neil should have left or been shown the door by now, but I fear that a heavy defeat at Ibrox will be the catalyst for change.

  9. Notthebus… But he just doesn’t save anything!!!… At least Bain sometimes saves shots (two penalty saves).. And he’s very very average…. Good keepers can be the difference between winning and losing a league or Cup…… Even his kick outs and passes were rotten last night and that’s meant to be a good point…

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I would have preferred to see a more compact/park the bus formation last night in preparation for the game at Mordor. We’ll get pumped if we try to play ‘the Celtic way’.



    Park the bus, soak up pressure and hit them with a sucker punch is the only way we’ll have a chance.



    Last night was an ideal opportunity to deploy these tactics against a better team.

  11. I wonder who won money off the bookies last night?



    Us to to score first must have been a brave bet.


    Or was it?

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    thats the thing about barkas



    you find it hard to specifically blame him for any of the goals he concedes



    but anything either side of him is a goal, even if its not right in the corner



    he doesnt save anything that isnt right at him, the ball just goes by him. none of the ‘saving it with any part of the body’ or ‘making himself big’ traits that you get with keepers. nothing.



    but its not just the keepers. we have problems in every area and every position. there is no quick fix in my opinion. there isnt 1 player – maybe apart from julien – that i would bother about getting dropped if the manager was trying out different players



    when was the last time we had a squad that didnt have 1 player good enough to be an automatic pick?



    very worrying

  13. Nope, disagree I think he looks very assured with ball at his feet, much more so that Gordon,Bain or FF.I also think he punches well.



    The narrative seems to be Barkas bad keeper therefore bad at everything , bin him.



    Hes a Greek International that was sought after by many club and commanded a £5m fee on the transfer market.



    I remain unconvinced, but I did so with FF first time around, indeed I thought he was useless in his first few months.

  14. the powers that be better start getting money off of the bookies by betting on the/any opposition ! was it Macari (not when manager) who said that in order to raise money celtic should sell paul mcstay and put all the money on the huns to win the league ?

  15. Can’t see anything turning for Celtic without managerial change.



    Same problems evident every week for months now.



    The Celtic Board are a disgrace.

  16. The worst thing about our gk situation is that Neil has started to called him “Barky”….



    It’s another sign I tell ye….

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    Let’s all



    Neil seems to have a number of automatic picks




    indeed he does, i was only giving my own opinion obviously. if he does see certain players as automatic picks then i dont agree with him!

  18. An Tearmann @12.24am thanks for the Jock Stein Shamrock strip video. I had never seen that before. Note the green collar!

  19. glendalystonsils on

    Lenny praising the CB’s can only be a psychological ploy to avoid undermining their confidence further .



    Bitton let his man waltz past him for the third goal . Ajer should have cleared out everything (including MacGregor at the second goal and he lost his man at the fourth goal.



    Jeeeez , even typing that …..’third goals , fourth goals’ !



    BTW I thought Ajer was good coming OUT of defence , but in his own box?

  20. CMcG @ half their goals — in full bin bag mode / just getting in the road.


    Also if he honestly thinks BR will take him to Leicester then he is deluded.

  21. The problem with the new GK is that he does not have a personality to match AB / CG.


    He has not settled into the squad and he looks to have lost all confidence.


    The place is in turmoil and it is all passing him by.

  22. When Elhamed arrived he looked like a solid robust defender and now he couldn’t tackle a fish supper. What happened to him?

  23. CALL_OF_JUAREZ on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 11:05 AM


    When Elhamed arrived he looked like a solid robust defender and now he couldn’t tackle a fish supper. What happened to him?





    Trying too hard? Confidence shot? Making bad decisions when your brain is scrambled? It’s where we are now and has been building over time.

  24. NL and his automatic picks — he is just trying to shame the shirkers / Scotland squad into putting in a shift.



    He knows they are at it and tghinks the solution is to force them to up their game just to keep their reputation and profile.



    Not working very well as the rest are starting to follow their lead.

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Notthebus @ 10:36 …



    Good post. You do well to remind those who are angst ridden about the goalie (myself included) about his positives and FF’s slow start in a Celtic jersey.



    Feel sorry for Barkas. He does seem to be lacking confidence.



    There was an early cameo last night when a bouncing through ball was being addressed by both Bitton and Barkas.



    I clearly heard Barkas giving the shout – but a fraction later – Bitton cleared when Barkas was ready to collect.



    No big damage was done but you almost could see Barkas going “Aarrghhh” in his head.



    Little things like that, if drilled, are eliminated … and the group AND individuals gradually gain trust and confidence.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  26. BW @ the fall of El-H



    Looked a mature player when he arrived.


    Now he just looks as if he has just came up from the U16’s.


    Totally lost it — not sure if it a loss of focus because of what is going on around him or he has caught a bad case of te “Fear”.

  27. You know when the Lynch mob are on the loose,all reason goes out the window.Now very talented wingers are not allowed to go past anyone in a Hoops jersey.Since when.If they do,he is a dud.Barkas has never made a save.Utter drivel.What he has never made ,is blunders of the kind I see every week In the EPL,De Gea,the current England no 1,the much sought after and highly priced Pope,from Burnley,whose errors,and loss of form,have battered his reputation.The biggest problem with Barkas is,he is not who the fans wanted.They want a guy who has turned his back on their club,in its most important year,to sit on a bench in England.Get fekin over it.Instead of hankering over a big asshole like him,try and support the players we have.

  28. The Board need to get the finger out, & make changes asap, that is obvious.


    I’m afraid, the more longer they leave this glaring problem to carry on, the


    more it will be, more of the same-as, same as, & Grounddog Day performances.


    NFL knew what he was in for, when he took the job. He was not allowed to


    pick his own backroom staff, which was a shambles. John Kennedy is a waiste


    of space, & so is Stevie Woods, & Nick Hammond, & Gavin “Run-Run-Run” Strachan.


    Their Training Methods & Scouting of Players, is in a complete mess @ present,


    that is for sure. PL is a joke, & is only there to count heated driveways & take the


    money. For example, he offered Craig Gordon a 10K cut in his wages, which


    Craig Gordon refused, & now look @ the state of our Goalkeeping situation, it’s


    a shambles. He/PL then gets rid of Johnny Hayes, who was played out of position,


    & now look @ the state of our Defence, it’s a shambles, even an old player with


    a zimmer frame could score against us. I’m afraid wee NFL has been papped


    under the Club Coach, & left out to dry, & PL will not push him out of the Door,


    cause NFL is a “Yes Man” & that is what PL wants in place @ our Club @ present,


    what a complete mess. Wee NFL, is not going to walk away from a 2 Million plus


    a year salary, would you? So Paul67 is correct, when he says it’s going to get more


    worse than better, the way we are heading @ present, not unless their is a


    complete change asap, that is for sure. PL & DD & The Club’s Narative is aye


    don’t worry, keep the faith, & like that old pop tune yeah things will only get


    better, yeah are you sure about that? Because I, along with many of our


    Supporters & Fans, are not. We are heading for the worst Season in our Club’s


    History, the way we are heading @ present, like 1948 with no light @ the end


    of the Tunnel. We had a Invincible Season not so long ago, & now we are


    heading towards a Catastrophe Season, if changes are not made in the


    foreseeable future, that is for sure. Keeping the Staus Quo (not the Group)


    here, is definitely not a sensible option, which I’m sure most of us Celtic


    Minded fellow Supporters & Fans, would agree.

  29. lets all do the huddle on

    The biggest problem with Barkas is,he is not who the fans wanted.





    ‘the fans’…all of them?



    i wanted a keeper who can win you points (as well as not losing you points obviously)



    wasnt fussed who it was



    i dont see that in barkas




  30. I don’t think any off us are convinced Barkas is the answer, I just find it surprising posters are calling for last seasons 4th choice keeper to start a vital league game because “he cant be any worse”

  31. Has there ever been a manager who has taken their team to a cup final and been sacked prior to the game ?



    Just curious, I genuinely don’t know the answer.




  32. FF has turned us down. That ship has sailed.



    I thought Craig Gordon was a backward step. Wow I was totally wrong.



    I thought. Vasilis Barkas would be a terrific signing.



    What do i know about goalkeepers ?