Act before talk of shaming the club


“I said to the players at half time that we were shaming the club at the moment and they had to go out and show some pride in the shirt”, the words of Neil Lennon to the BBC after the game on Saturday.

Pride in the shirt is a requirement any manager should ask of his team, and it is notable that the subsequent goal-scorers both have strong connections to the club, but it probably had little to do with the second half performance from Anthony Stokes, Charlie Mulgrew and our the impressive James Forrest.  Calls to pride are limited in what they can achieve, genuine talent is far more effective.

At the AGM on Friday and again in his post-match comments on Saturday, Neil alluded to the fragility of his own position.  Had the game finished 3-0 to Kilmarnock I think he would have walked away.  This would have been a great pity.

Neil is learning on the job. He was not gifted the benefits of experience without actually having to work through difficult times as a manager.  Before his thoughts turn to his own position, before our season is too far gone to save, he should recruit an experienced assistant.  Someone who knows the challenges of working with a disparate group of players, who can deal with the challenges of a demanding board and supporter base.

The need for a mentor was evident 18 months ago and is screamingly so now.  For the sake of Celtic, do the necessary.

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  1. McNair is the greatest



    I agree, Sion getting reinstated will be the straw imo. and I would hope that Celtic are activly helping with this.


    Euro League reconstruction may well be in the pipeline.

  2. ernie lynch says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:35


    Por Cierto says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:28


    ‘It may be that Peter Lawwell’s comments were to prepare us for some kind of rescue plan for them.’



    The rescue plan will be the Celtic board supporting the phoenix huns application to be allowed straight into the SPL.



    Good luck with selling season books after that, Dermot.






    Yes cannot disagree with that outcome por cierto.

  3. bjmac says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:36


    Dick Byrne says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:24



    Good to see you posting! Hope you’re well. You in the same room as BlantyreKev? ;-) lol







  4. Celtic used to hold shares in the huns years ago before selling them (foresight there) they had a financial inkling into their health.The big hitters on our board will have kept upto date with the goings on there, mind you the huns know what our accounts are all about.

  5. Dear Mr J



    I am writing to update you on our progress with your appeal regarding


    Sportscene: Scottish Cup Final.



    We have received 27 appeals regarding this programme. As a result, we consider that all these appeals should be consolidated and considered together across the full range of the issues raised before making a decision on their admissibility to the Editorial Standards Committee.


    This is to ensure that all issues are captured and considered in a fair and efficient manner.



    We are currently completing this work and expect to be able to write to you with our conclusions on admissibility by the start of November.


    Again, we will keep you informed if for any reason we meet with delay during this process.



    Yours sincerely,



    Lucy Tristram


    Complaints Advisor

  6. I understand from my Ibrox insider that M/s Greig & McClelland have suspected for some time now that they were being deliberately excluded from Ibrox boardroom matters.



    The Greatest Living Ranger & the Alfred Lookcock hitchalike…..I’m sorry, I’ll read that again – the Alfred Hitchcock lookalike…. had already learned that the other board members were meeting up surreptitiously every Friday night at Frankie & Benny’s, before going on to a movie at the Odeon, Springfield Quay. Seemingly the final straw came last Sunday afternoon, however, when Craig Whyte deliberately failed to invite them to a snowboarding session he had arranged at Braehead Xscape.

  7. gallagher says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:22 Reposted from last thread



    Iknow that and I agree with you 100%. Its Kayal’s attitude I find distasteful. I f he thinks letting his teamates down on the field is a viable strategy to secure an improved contract then that – IMHO – highlights a flaw in the man’s character.



    I could never trust him again. I really want the board to tell him if he wants away put it in writing and then grant him his wish.



    As for Brown? His contract should have been sorted. I fear he’s for the off. Pity because we need his type right now.




  8. The need for a mentor was evident 18 months ago and is screamingly so now. For the sake of Celtic, do the necessary.



    He didn’t want Stuart Baxter then why would he want anyone now? unless that’s Martin O’Neil

  9. Paul67 – I’m not sure why Willie McStay left, but do you think he could come back and help Neil?



    I know Willie is at Stockport County now, but surely we can afford to compensate them. (thumbsup)

  10. Lurgan 53



    Brow’s ankle will prevent him from going anywhere and a new contract will only be completed or not, once the full extent of the injury is known.

  11. Another piece of lazy journalism by the scottish media,


    Mr Craig Whyte Trazillionaire and saviour of the mighty glasgow renegers has released the following:


    “Contrary to the information currently being circulated within the media, I would like to personally clarify that renegers fc have not lost two directors, both individuals were playing hide and seek with sally and were hiding behind my personal £55 million war chest”



    statement ends

  12. Por Cierto says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:42



    Yes, thats true. I had forgotten about the injury. Hopefully it gets sorted and then his contract too.

  13. philvisreturns says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:41


    ‘Paul67 – I’m not sure why Willie McStay left, but do you think he could come back and help Neil?’




    Wry smiles all round.

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Lurgan 53 12.39 How can you say Kayal has an attitude problem rather than just a lack of form? Do you have inside information the rest of us dont have? I think you like me are makng assumptions I think home sickness and a loss of form has affected his confidence.H.H.

  15. can’t see it happening, it’s neils call and such a move would surely be like a red rag to a bull for the media? “LENNON ADMITS HE’S A FAILURE, CALLS IN HELP”; hypothetically, who could we get? Roy Aitken or someone of that ilk?

  16. PS – If I was pitching this idea to Neil, I’d drop the word “mentor”.



    I’d point out to him that successful managers, just like successful players, need a strong team around them to give them the best chance of winning games.



    The Celtic coaching team would benefit from the right man being added to the mix, and it would be good to have someone whose experience can help inform Neil’s decisions, someone the manager can bounce ideas off, a trusted advisor and colleague.



    Would Alex Ferguson be as successful if he didn’t have the right coaching team behind him?



    It is not an admission of weakness to realise that you could use a helping hand. (thumbsup)

  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    JF – even if our esteemed board were acutely aware of the perilous situation at Mordor, it doesn’t excuse their failed business strategy which has seen us tumble from a last 16 CL team to third in the SPL in 4 short years.


    And it certainly doesn’t compensate the fans for the misery we’ve had to endure during that period.



    Unless we have a cast-iron guaranteed route out of SPhell, then don’t kid yourself that our board won’t help them out. They’ve shown their Old Firm credentials far too many times for that, with the Carling deal being the latest example.



    The SFA, SPL and the other clubs will be only too happy to help out the establishment team to preserve the status quo and remove any threat to the current TV deal.


    The major fly in the ointment is HMRC – if they win the big case then the Huns are doomed and no amount of assistance from Scottish football will change that.




  18. philvisreturns says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:41




    No chance of that happening. He tried to do the dirty on NL.

  19. Neil Lennon’s “mentor” will be come the next red herring on CQN. A bit like his mythical 4 2 4 formation.



    No neeed for a mentor. Just some serious support from DD and PL.

  20. (a) 4-2-3-1



    (b) 4-3-2-1



    (c) 4-5-1



    (d) 4-1-2-2-1



    this is the puzzle.



    One of the formations above is the system that will be good enough to beat the Huns.



    the trick is you can only work out what one it is by STOPPING playing 4-4-2.



    when you find out the system that protects poor defenders in stead of trying to make poor defenders better. (i am sure many fans know its a holding midfielder.)



    if the system is good enough to beat the huns then surly it will work against hearts,inverness you get my drift.



    we have the players to win the league, with that i am sure. we have more strength in the squad from last year. not by much i will say but by a small amount non the less.



    the concerning thing for me is that ONCE this season to my memory(im sure i will be corrected if i am wrong) we played with a holding midfielder and that was against Udinese. it was the tightest i have seen the balance,tempo of the side and that protected the shaky defense and made their job easier on the night.



    why are the management team not viewing our tactical game like this??



    well, i think they will be but not going with it for a reason i am struggling to see.



    tictalker talking tic

  21. Por Cierto says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:33



    Giving way to what you’re saying re his ankle. Hope the op’s a success.







    Lurgan 53 says:


    17 October, 2011 at 12:39



    He might well be for the off but in a planned timetable ie next summer, my point is it should’ve been sorted this summer past.


    I’m just totally scunnered with all that’s been going on of late and hope that we now have focus and volition throughout our squad.




  22. Sorry Paul, have to disagree with you. I think it’s time to change the manager. A team of Celtics stature should not have a rookie in charge of them. I believe we are reaping the seeds sowed from hiring an inexperienced manager.



    I don’t blame Neil, he has tried his best in extremely difficult circumstances, especially off the park and he must be commended for this.



    Also some accountability should surely be asked of PL for his poor choice of the managers in the last couple of years.



    I think if we do not go in a new direction of manager our slim chance of the league this season will be zero.




  23. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Your article saddens me. Since when did the remit of a Celtic Manager include taking on a mentor?


    This is a top job in world football. I’m backing Lenny but he needs to step up.. And soon. The minute he needs a mentor he is not celtic manager material.



    Imagine MON, JS, BMcN, DH, TB, even WGS needing a mentor?



    If PL appoints a mentor he would be as well offering the guy the manager’ job.



    Lenny needs to be supported and he needs to step up not undermined by a mentor!!

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