Admiration for both Southend and Henrik


The business between Southend United and Henrik Larsson has been fascinating and reflects well on both of them.  After a run of six defeats, Kevin Bond resigned as Southend manager six weeks ago.  Since then the third tier club have resisted the greatest urge in football – appointing a manager.  They sit second bottom of the table, above only Bolton, who are on minus 8 points following administration.

Speaking to Henrik was an outrageously ambitious play for a club that looks destined for the bottom tier of English football.  They wanted Henrik, but not at any cost, they wanted him to have the necessary support to be a success in the job.

That support included recruiting someone with a knowledge of their league to act as chief scout.  Henrik’s former Celtic team-mate, Tommy Johnson, agreed to be that man, but with contracts all in place and Larsson set to fly in with Johan Mjallby as his assistant, Johnson had a last minute change of mind.

Lots of managers and clubs would proceed as planned and hope to recruit a suitable head of recruitment at a later date, but Southend chairman, Ron Martin and Henrik believed this part of their jigsaw was critically important and without it the picture would not work.

Feeling betrayed, Henrik insisted Martin did not up his offer to Johnson and they agreed not to conclude contracts.

Having waited during summer weeks for a managerial appointment, I cannot imagine how Southend fans are coping.  Without a permanent manager, the club is rudderless and no recovery is likely, but you have to admire Southend.  Better to wait and get it right, even now, seven points adrift from safety, than plough straight into a bad appointment.

But still, can you imagine if it was Celtic sitting on the pot for this time?  They will probably go down, but I hope the delay works out in the long term for Southend.

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  1. MM


    Tommy McGrain? Great player my faither in law said. Danny is my favourite ever Celtic player. Meet him in Clydebank often. Lovely man. Shy and unassuming legend.

  2. DD 11.22pm



    Yourself, Dallas & AoW all love Danny McGrain … and so you should



    We all have our own heroes



    Maestro CSC

  3. GFTB


    My three favourite Celtic players that I watched home and away are Danny McGrain, Henrik Larsson and Paul McStay in that order. Give my love to James and John. Good Knightswood Tims.

  4. DD 11.43pm



    Am a bit younger than you :-)



    Paul McStay, Tommy Burns & Neil Lennon (player) are my top 3 .. but can’t argue with yours



    As for the Knightswood Two, it’s a bad day when out of the three of us am the sensible one :-)



    They are doing fine and still lurking with the occasional post, you might not miss them as much if you had to listen to them everyday … the Knightswood “Jack n Victor” :-)

  5. DD


    Last look in before i leave the hoose lol.


    Yes Tam, and a big Celtic fan.


    Off now for a bit of bear baiting, hun hunting, or stickie stalking.


    H.H . Mick

  6. tough week,


    off work easy peasy.


    clear the house of stuff.



    a friend of mrs h says, take your stuff to the the hub, and the recycle room in clydebank.



    so i did, four days in a row,



    huge wake up call.

  7. Petec 11.52pm



    We don’t lose two league games in a row … that’s not over confidence it’s factual



    4 of our next 5 league games (I think) are at Celtic Park .. these bhoys don’t like the taste of defeat … am sure the Livvy result annoyed them more than us

  8. GFTB


    Good stuff G. Canny argue with your 3 either. My dad’s favourite 3 Celtic players were Bobby Collins, Bobby Murdoch and Bertie Auld. It is an age thing. My mammy loved her Uncle Jimmy Delaney, Jock Stein and Jimmy Johnstone as her 3. 😊👍

  9. DD 12.02am



    I wish I had quizzed ma Da more before 1995, obviously he loved wee Jinky and big Billy but the only player I can vaguely remember him raving about was George Connolly … it really annoys me the older I get how much I didn’t question him .. I probably thought I knew it all in the 90s :-)

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , I hope you are well.



    Just to remind you , I’m a Drumchapel tim who became an ‘adopted ‘ Knightswood Tim, lol.



    Where we stayed in Drumchapel was opposite St Laurence’s church. There was a bus top next to the church where the 105 blue bus (Midland) stopped. I would regularly see a teenage Tommy McGrain and St Pius pupil Jim Rodger with their Celtic Boys Club bags waiting for the 105 bus to take them to training. Tommy looked like Danny but with longer curly hair.



    The McGrain’s stayed in Airgold Drive just along from us on Kinfauns Drive.



    One of Danny’s daughters was a midwife who looked after my wife during two of her pregnancies.



    I was so proud of my son recently , he ordered some Danny McGrain stickers without telling me , fully aware of how much I appreciated Danny. He was delighted with my reaction when he put a smile on my miserable coupon by showing me the stickers which were based on a photo from 1985.

  11. Dallas 12.20am



    Art of War walked about the office with the Danny McGrain sticker on his shirt pocket to wind up the Sevs :-)

  12. GFTB


    My dad chucked going to Celtic matches in 1977 when we sold Dalglish. He was a board hater and despised the Kelly’s and White’s. I tried to get him back to a game when Fergus took control, to no avail. He died listening to us beating Linfield in 2013. He had no time for Desmond or Lawwell either. Red Clydesider who thought that us and the huns should unite to overthrow the Government. 😊

  13. Dallas


    By the same token, I am a Partick bhoy who moved to Knightswood. My father in law played youth fitba with Tommy and met my mother in law, who was a neighbour of yours through Tommy. Patricia Tracey. Hope you are well my old friend.

  14. DD 12.25am



    As a young 7yr old I was gutted Kenny Dal left … but for me 1977 only means one thing … my first game I think it was SSW Innsbruck ??? I think the programme was 10p and the prize was “win a ball”



    As for a Celtic board … never liked any although I think these days they are a far lot better than the Kelly & White regime … at least this mob realise we need results on the park :-)

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , its too wee a world , Glasgow is the biggest village with all the conections some posters have.



    My best wishes to the employees at Watt Brothers who hopefully will get new jobs sooner rather than later. The brother of Saltires en Sevilla is one of those affected, he worked in Watt Brothers in Clydebank.



    I hope Marcus is the only Ross County player who plays well later today and that horrible tattooed hun , Foster , gets ripped apart by James or whoever he is up against.

  16. GFTB


    Meant my dad died listening to us beating Cliftonville in 2013 not Linfield. Huge difference in Belfast teams. 5-0 was the score I think? Like to think he died happy with Celtic winning.

  17. Dallas


    Marcus is a Celtic man, but Ross County captain. Hope he is on the losing side tomorrow. Normally I wish his team to win. Not tomorrow 😊

  18. DD 12.49am



    Am pretty sure your dad seem a lot worse Celtic times than 2013



    Marcus, like any other Celtic fan will try his best tomorrow, hope he plays well and Celtic get the 3pts



    I like the fact that Celtic supporters try even harder against us … Scott MacDonald should be their inspiration, you might still get to wear the hoops

  19. I can confirm that I walked about with Danny badge on to wind up Sevs


    Dallas has forgotten more than I can remember about Hoops.


    Melbourne Mick is my hero.


    Canamalar is stirring up shite again. No reason. Just stirring John


    Beware Ross County – good start.

  20. Gooood Morning CQN




    Good luck to the Bhoys today


    Still in sunny Cyprus, so will be missing today’s game



    Hail Hail

  21. Dallas & Art of War out of lurking mode, just goes to show, most of us are still reading if not posting :-)



    Wet & miserable in ML5 hope it clears up for the fitba later, any victory will do but still got that feeling the bhoys will be itching to get that Livvy result out of their minds, as many say, only a fool would predict a score



    4-0 to the current Champions, although by many accounts Stevie Gee’s Sevs have already won the league in October

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    If you’d been paying attention but you don’t do you, pretty pathetic dig I’ve come to expect from you.

  23. Magical to see you back on CQN G-Thang.



    Efter the game the day me and Aidan are going for 2 hours of snooker (not either of our preferred game) at the olde Celtic Club.



    Got a snazzy new cue howevaaaaah as the bog standard issued…… och it disnae matter.



    RC are going well and will give the Celts a game, the last team in Scotland I’d want to hammèr.

  24. I need help.



    Any mechanics out there, I need to replace the ignition coils in my car, the choices are Haas (cheapest) Era (mid range) Bosch (almost double mid range).



    Doing a lot of miles in the one drive, car isnae used much else. Commuting to England weekly.



    Any advice most welcome.

  25. Good morning friends from a relatively wet and grey East Kilbride. Off shortly to splash my way round Strathclyde ParkRun. The back on here after half 10 to remind everyone to vote for their top 3 performers today.


    After that it’s the Christmas-Eve like exciting build up as, today, I get yet again to go, in person to see The Champions play.

  26. Good morning CQN from a wet, windy and cold Garngad



    This Brexit pish is doing ma nut in.



    There I said it, fed up with the whole shooting shebang.



    How much do these arsehole get for turning up at the commons today?? I bet it’s north of a £1k for 1 sitting. HUNBELIEVABLE



    Rip off



    D. :)

  27. David 66



    As ` This Brexit pish ` is doing your `nut in`, why mention it on a Match Day? Why not talk about Celtic instead? That should soon cheer you up :-))



    Someone mentioned the other day that Ross County hadn`t lost since August. That, if accurate, is impressive but it does mean a defeat is due !


    2-0 to The Bhoys.

  28. Incidentally, the player whom I consider to be the one who does most to make us tick and the one I consider (ed) could become World Class, are bothe experiencing a dip in fortune. Calmac has been just below his normal , brilliant self and Big Kris has been making some damaging mistakes.

  29. Hot smoked your correct.



    I think both Cal Mac and KA will shine today.



    4-1 to the leather belts






    D. :)

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