Advertising Standards Authority step into Scottish football


I hear the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have written to complainants confirming they are investigating adverts run by Rangers International Football Club plc, in which they claim to be Scotland’s most successful football club.  You and I know that’s not the case, Celtic are Scotland’s most successful football club, followed at a distance by Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hearts, Hibs, Queens Park, Motherwell, Kilmarnock……. and ultimately East Fife.

The confusion has perhaps arisen following the demise of The Rangers Football Club plc, who laid claim to 54 Scottish titles before their failure to pay creditors ultimately led to liquidation.  Rangers International Football Club plc have traded for less than a year and would be pushed to justify their claim in the face of Celtic’s magnificent domestic and European history.  They cannot, of course, claim to be a now liquidated company.

The Advertising Standards Authority will write to both the advertiser and advert broadcaster asking them to submit evidence in support of their claim.  The ASA will then send a recommendation to the ASA Council for adjudication.

In the event the advertiser accepts the complaint and agrees to change future advertising claims the ASA will write to complainers to confirm the matter has been resolved.

Celtic’s claim is simple, we are the champions of Scotland, winners of more leagues and cups than anyone else still kicking a ball in Britain, Northern Europe’s first European Champions and we observe all football, tax and civil laws.
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  1. Paul,



    Here’s hoping they don’t reveal the names of the complainants, otherwise there’ll be blue murder




  2. would it not be a lot quicker if the sfa issued a statement?



    sevco 5088 since 2012



    only world record crowds and some sectarian singing on live tv can be listed at the moment



    and …….world record loses for a division 3 club….£10 million and rising




  3. The Rangers we knew ARE Deid..



    The rangers international FC are alive and kicking in the lower echelons of Scottish football,the only people keeping the defibrilllator on their chest is the media and chuckles.

  4. saltires en sevilla on

    Also – the price of issuing an apology & retraction -that will really hurt like crazy ….and they will also have to pay cash too. Lovely



    What a shower of eejits!

  5. Cheeko says its all over



    Trainor says its all over



    Wallie says its all over



    Naismith and Whittaker says its all over



    So who needs to say it next for them to understand – PL?




  6. CQN joins FAC demo 6/4



    Just copy add your name and repost if you are joining us.









    Johann Murdoch




    mighty tim


    WDH (For WDH Only: join us at George Square then jump taxi)












    Troon Tim













  7. ‘Celtic’s claim is simple, we are the champions of Scotland, winners of more leagues and cups than anyone else still kicking a ball in Britain, Northern Europe’s first European Champions and we observe all football, tax and civil laws.’






    A t-shirt.



    Put that on a t-shirt. Sell a cartload. I’m in.

  8. The Boy Jinky, no idea but I suspect some Celtic fans will.



    saltires en sevilla, good. Nice wee cheery one.



    Pod I, I’m sure the ASA are experienced enough on that front.

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    If the creditor who called into SSB also complained to the ASA then we might well see a slightly different slant to the argument.



    Does anyone know the guy? Can he be persuaded to register his complaint?



    If only we can join a few dots, this could get very interesting…

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Just read the comments earlier re Coventry. I don’t remember anyone mentioning the “holding company” when Sevco went into administration. It only seemed to come about after they were liquidated.

  11. Paul67



    You will have started another round of




    Can we not just move on.


    How man times do we have to say sorry.


    Kicking us when we are down.



    Blah blah blah

  12. Proud to say I am one of the CQners who wrote to them, also wrote a nice wee email to the girl who is dealing with the case explaining exactly what happened last year.




  13. Those upstarts from Govan – who are a ‘tribute’ act for a defunct and disgraced club – come from the same planet as Giovanni di Stefano.




  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    What about another t-shirt with Green’s quote about if the CVA doesn’t go through everything about the club dies?

  15. SFA – fail


    SPL -fail


    Hodge – fail


    LNS – fail


    UEFA – fail


    HMRC- fail


    MSM – fail



    We’re scraping the barrel if we are now depending on the advertising standards agency to tell it like it is.

  16. Scotland - rotten to the core on

    ASA will ask SFA if they are recognized as the same club – case closed.

  17. Paul



    Will ASA not hammer them for deceptive advertising?



    Or will they get off with a slap on the wrist.



    Silly me: they’ve been punished enough…

  18. The Boy Jinky on




    If the most successful club in Scotland dont have a right to complain about a newco claiming that honour… who does



    Perhaps cfc should run an ad campaign claiming to be most successful current club

  19. mhark67



    13:06 on 28 March, 2013


    Hail hail all


    Just a couple of niggling worries for the demo which I can’t shake off



    1. The timing …. I am sure the uglies from the southside will try their best to create a ” situation” .. How will it be marshalled??



    2. The legal side…. All permissions in place ?



    3. Plod…. Given recent events can we expect to see fair and even treatment



    4. The MSM will turn any negative aspect real or imagined into a Celtic / OF problem



    As I say these are just my thoughts but having many moons as a member of the NUS at an anti poll tax demo at the same venue seen what can happen to a ” peaceful” demo



    I have my worries for all who are able to participate



    I can’t make it. As usual due to work commitments but my best wishes and thoughts to all who can



  20. Tim Malone Will Tell – 12:59 on 28 March, 2013



    It wouldn’t make any difference.



    I wouldn’t bet in this going the way we hope. If the ASA went down the line that they are perceived to be the same club, then they may find the advert was ok.



    “Aha” you might say, that leaves the door open for HMRC to pursue the new club for the taxes owed. Unfortunately it doesn’t as the ASA isn’t a legal body and while it’s ruling could be used in evidence it doesn’t actually set a legal precedent.



    Had I still been carrying out investigations at the ASA, I definitely would have made sure the complaint was upheld.



    It’s not conspiratorial if it isn’t.

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