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  1. Gordon





















  2. Gordon



    Lustig Suminovic Hendry KT



    Brown Ntcham



    Forrest Rogic McGregor




  3. Gordon, Lustig, Hendry, Simunovic, Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, Tierney, Rogic, McGregor,Griffiths



    Bain, Kouassi, Gamboa, Hayes,, Sinclair, Johnston, Dembele

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Eddy out , Moussa half fit . Griff not fully up to speed yet .



    I hope Olly , Tom , Jamesie and Callum have remembered to pack their shootin’ boots.

  5. Well, good team if a little threadbare… Griff has a huge job this evening… Good luck to him and the bhoys…



    We have impact from the bench for the final quarter… we will need it even if we have a result at that point.






    Hail Hail

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    You have to wonder what is happening in training that continually causes muscle injuries with our players.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on

    Probably the strongest team we could have picked. I would have preferred Gamboa at right back and Mik and Jozo our two centre backs.


    2-2 my hope tonight.



  8. The No.13 Shorts on

    Big heap bad luck. No great presence of height, physical strength or strong headerers for crosses into the box from the wing. Cut inside, free-kick city, and long shots from the D it is.

  9. Mahe the Madman on

    Hail Hail from Central California. I actually like that we must come out and play, called me old fashioned that way.


    Gday Gerryfaethebrig ! Hope alls good partner

  10. Gary that made me smile which is nice


    Be as good as we can be – that is all we can ask – don’t go out like a dead kipper

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mahe 6.01pm



    All good here, hope your weather is a bit calmer for you after reading some of your posts recently



    A wee Celtic victory tonight would be most welcome :-)

  12. Brown and Ntcham will be the base for our success. Massive games needed from them – need to strangle this game and let the forwards do their stuff.

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Surely Celtic need to look in to how many injuries we are getting if there was a league for injuries I feel sure we would be top.Looking at tonights team it looks like the best we can put on the park but it must give AEK Athens a boost.Come on you Bhoys in Green. H.H.

  14. hopefully we have a plan B for corners as our only striker needs to be in the box and not taking them.

  15. Good luck Celtic, believe and keep going for the full game, no lapses no throwing the towel in.

  16. Ntcham and Rogic saved for this games starting line up is about the only plus.



    Incredible toll of injuries so far this season, sadly from the evidence I’ve seen at CP, it’ll be the Europa, suddenly it’s the return of the sieve, and we look fragile all over the pitch.



    Maybe if Griffiths starts taking his chances we could scrape scrape something but this is defo a behind the sofa job.



    Mousaka to score late on, and lets hope the ref is not a Homer.



    Feta Complait CSC

  17. Mahe the Madman on

    Gerryfaethebrig, aye it is calmer at the moment thanks. Can change any minute at thats just the way she blows literally. THe brother in law got 2 days home last week, better than nothing.


    2 – 2 would be lovely. I will be logging off at game time and watching when the wife comes home and I can relax with a beer after stay at home da duties. One thing Ive learnt about my new profession is that business doesnt close at 6 on a friday ;) Take it easy


    Hail Hail

  18. I think we’ll need to score 4 as I see them getting 3.


    Would liked to have seen Gamboa for lustig and Kouassi for Rogic (keeping it tight in the midfield)

  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    Not contemplating your word in brackets. Win or high score draw please tonight. :))



  20. they might be too cocky and underestimate us. they think the tie is over.come on celtic get intae them.

  21. saltires en sevilla on

    C’mon Celts



    2 in the net and make them work for a result.



    Tough one but a real fighting chance.



    If anyone looks out of sorts tonite it’s a quick change. No room for passengers, despite the obvious risk of extra time and pens.



    Early double removes any risk of Extra time.



    Just do it NikeCSC

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