AEK complacency ahead of Celtic


AEK Athens have played only four friendly fixtures since losing the Greek Cup Final on 12 May.  They failed to score in three of those games, beating Galatasaray 3-2 at home in the more recent game.  The fixtures have been spread out: with 6 days, 8 days and 10 days between them.  There will be a gap of 8 days between the Galatasaray game and their visit to Celtic Park tomorrow, so there has been no intensity to their efforts.

AEK needed to prepare an entire squad, not just a starting 11, during these games.  This is not appropriate preparation for one of the most important ties of the season.  It feels like an inexplicable oversight, I would be livid if this was Celtic’s preparation for this tie.  Such complacency deserves to be punished.

By contrast, Celtic have played five competitive games and five friendlies since our 12 May Cup Final.  The fitness strategy contrast between our squad and AEK’s is stark.  As a consequence, we have to make tomorrow’s game a multi-ball, unrelenting, occasion.

Even if the game is tight at 80 minutes, how we finish the match could have a significant bearing on who progresses.  This is when you would expect AEK’s lack of fitness to be most telling.  Players lose concentration and coordination when tired.  This is when we should look to push the tie over the edge.

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  1. lenny Bhoy



    I agree that it is a bit early early to say. The window is still open




    In my opinion, we should sell Boyata. It would be crazy to let him leave for free. So I don’t agree with Brendan on this



    On McGinn, he is not proven and would not get in our first 11 so he is a project perhaps to replace Broony. I happen to agree with the Board again(!!!). If he wants to play for Celtic he can wait for January. It would be Celtic laying down a marker.



    What concerns me is that Brendan is speaking out with his concerns to the MSM who are no friends of ours.


    Celtic have been keeping their transfer dealings private with good reason. Talking to these people who are no friends of Celtic does not assist our club.




    This is a greater concern frankly, than either two players who are question marks

  2. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ LENNYBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2018 7:02 PM



    BR thinks that we need replacements for both Armstrong and Roberts, so I would imagine that we are weaker until such replacements in in place.



    Agreed that they were out injured for periods and that their form dipped compared to BR’s first season, but the same could be said for Dembele and Griff and I’m sure everyone would agree that the squad would be weaker without both of those players. Of course, you could argue we have more cover in midfield and so the loss is softened (although still certainly a loss).

  3. BR is having a laugh if he thinks we should hang onto boyata for a season if an 8 figure bid is made. he would be out the door if it was up to me and i suspect most supporters that have watch him over the last 3 years.



    Roberts and amstrong done nothing last season, nothing at all.



    See if we are gonna strengthen the team how about a goalkeeper, rightback and a proper centre back, we have more that enough middle to front, ffs




  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    Videoton have just scored an away goal in Malmo land …..



    game on




  5. AH @ 7.20



    The 2009 Manager beauty pageant — BTM was tenth in a shortlist of 12.


    Only MMcG came out significantly worse when it was discussed on here.



    Cheap and pliable — just what PL wanted.


    To think we seemingly paid compensation to somebody to bring him in.



    Some people find it very easy to spend other people’s money.

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ AULDHEID on 7TH AUGUST 2018 7:20 PM



    “3. Ronnie Daila (sp) was an opportunity to try a different approach with little risk of not winning titles. We won the titles but the experiment didnt work because quality of football was poor.



    In trophy terms only TM was a failure and we had no idea we were in a rigged competition.”



    I think you are being very generous with Ronny. Ronny failed to qualify for the CL and our performances in the EL were woeful as well (did we finish bottom of an EL group one year?). The quality of the team was incredibly poor and we ended up having 30k are Parkhead some weeks. This had the knock on effect of lowering the squad value and generally we were in a downward spiral (culminating with the defeat to Sevco).



    Compare where we were to where we are now. The reason for that is solely down to BR. I congratulate the board in the first instance for getting him, but the fact we have pushed on to the extent we have is solely down to BR. We have received bids totalling £16m (Armstrong and Boyata) for players that were about to leave under Ronny for a couple of million combined.



    We should be doing everything in our power to keep BR content. It doesn’t appear that we are.

  7. John McGinn is the Chief Executive of John McGinn.


    If he wants to be at Celtic Park, he will be. He knows the situation.



    Well done to Wee BGFC. Superb achievement young man.


    Also, very happy for the other Ma’s and Da’s on here whose kids have done themselves and their families proud with exam results. The future’s bright, the future’s Green and White ?




  8. John McGinn


    Not bothered either way


    From what I have seen of him he is nowhere near the player many are making out, not even close, if he wasn’t Celtic minded I doubt there would be a fraction of the opinions or posts about him.




    I see the Mad M fella is spreading discontent again, winker

  9. I posted last week about our inactivity on the transfer front.


    I am now seriously worried we will totally hack Brendan off through our notorious lack of ambition.


    Really disappointing to say the least

  10. kevinlasvegas on

    My two bob is, Brendan will get players in that he WANTS, not just for the sake of it. Armstrong did nothing last year as did Paddy, so no loss for me. I would sell Boyatta in a minute.



    I think the knee jerk is pretty bad and board bashers need to stop reading the papers.



    Under Brendan we have not put a foot wrong yet, so have a bit of faith. Not fussed on McGinn, For what its worth he will sign for us in Jan or take the mega money from england. we’ll see.



    We are in a really good place to sell a bit part player for 7m and knock back 12m for a hit and miss CB. Unheard of times for us, Enjoy it.




  11. Possible CL Play-off opponents 1st leg tonight ..


    Malmo 1 – 1 MOL Vidi (Hun)


    So after Greece maybe Hungary ?

  12. Neustadt-Braw on

    so 1 to 1 …off to Slovakia …dinae notice anything to scare us …would rather not play against a team with a Larsson in it though…



    smiley sweet memories thing




  13. MadMitch



    Re Dancing to The Pointer Sisters if Celtic get a good result against AEK.



    Will it be “I’m so Excited” cos we won



    “Automatic” cos they’re only a pub team we should be beating them



    or “How Long” do we have to put up with Celtic winning when I keep telling everyone they’re pish.




    May I suggest “Wang Dang Doodle”?




    We should be doing everything in our power to keep BR content. It doesn’t appear that we are.



    I’d disagree with that. Not everything.

  15. Never understand the set price of £49.



    Why not call it an even £50, or even £49.99?



    £49 just looks odd.



    HH. ?

  16. Paul67 et al



    Could we no get Fulham to put in a £9 mill bid for Jozo?


    Heated driveways all round!



  17. I have been on the Villa Forum Heroes & Villains. They are all assuming the deal for McGinn is done.



    There is a quote



    “McGinn at £2.1m initial and 15k per week is circa £1.3m”




    What happened to £4m? Petrie is a wee shite!

  18. I think Hibs might find Celtic very difficult to deal with should they be looking for any of our fringe players

  19. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Pedro Chirivella is keen on a move to Celtic after turning down a move to Rosenborg, according to Goal.com .’





    Oh so we’re all internet bampots now are we.

  20. BIGBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2018 8:25 PM


    I have been on the Villa Forum Heroes & Villains. They are all assuming the deal for McGinn is done.




    There is a quote




    “McGinn at £2.1m initial and 15k per week is circa £1.3m”






    Ultimate power lies with the player, if he wants to move to Celtic that’s what will happen. It doesn’t matter what Hibs do.

  21. BOURNESOUPRECIPE i think shr shoyld druve himself to the airport no like he is short of a few bob.



    He wanta to leave so dont think we shoyld stand in his way, it never works out well for anyone




  22. From what I hear, Villa are not going to offer more than what we have offered…Petrie is a dick. He has passed the ball to McGinn, question is what he does next, his decision.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. What is the Stars on

    2 big games against AEK coming up. It would be a magnificent achievement if we can get through to the group stages. Absolutely magnificient



    Brendan Rodgers has set very high standards in his 2 seasons here


    So high that if we don’t get to the champions league group stages there will be huge disappointment…there will be a meltdown if we don’t win a treble.


    Enjoy these times and stop fretting over nonsense that we can’t control.


    The mentality of some that gives Lawwell no credit for any of our recent success but all the blame for any future disappointments is crazy.


    Pro Board West Brit £49ers

  24. My own wee opinion, based on nothing more than that – a personal opinion. BR is frustrated with the lack of movement in bringing in new players who will improve the 1st team away. I think Boyata will leave if Fulham add a bit more to their offer which is likely and as a result will leave us short of an experienced CB. Don’t honestly believe we even have a replacement lined up should DB leave. Brendan has also put to bed the myth that we are just as strong as we were last season with his using SA & PR to emphasise the point- no replacements for these two 1st team players as of yet and I doubt BR would even mention it if we had replacements lined up.



    all in all an interesting 3 weeks ahead for us.

  25. Stepbhoy, how do “we” know he wants to leave?



    I haven’t seen any quotes, Agents play a game, let them play, and let BR get the Boy signed long term, or se him for short term goals.



    Senario: Boyata leaves this week for £9m, we fail at the next stage of qualification, or we keep him and he helps us get through. From which scenario would we earn more? Straight forward cash terms never mind glory, reputation etc.




  26. First 5 games in tonight’s CL Q3 finished so far ..


    2 away wins and 3 score draws – 2 with 94 min pens for home team to tie


    Other 2 games into second half currently both draws.


    Not a lot going right for home teams tonight – hopefully ok for tomorrow night !

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