AEK complacency ahead of Celtic


AEK Athens have played only four friendly fixtures since losing the Greek Cup Final on 12 May.  They failed to score in three of those games, beating Galatasaray 3-2 at home in the more recent game.  The fixtures have been spread out: with 6 days, 8 days and 10 days between them.  There will be a gap of 8 days between the Galatasaray game and their visit to Celtic Park tomorrow, so there has been no intensity to their efforts.

AEK needed to prepare an entire squad, not just a starting 11, during these games.  This is not appropriate preparation for one of the most important ties of the season.  It feels like an inexplicable oversight, I would be livid if this was Celtic’s preparation for this tie.  Such complacency deserves to be punished.

By contrast, Celtic have played five competitive games and five friendlies since our 12 May Cup Final.  The fitness strategy contrast between our squad and AEK’s is stark.  As a consequence, we have to make tomorrow’s game a multi-ball, unrelenting, occasion.

Even if the game is tight at 80 minutes, how we finish the match could have a significant bearing on who progresses.  This is when you would expect AEK’s lack of fitness to be most telling.  Players lose concentration and coordination when tired.  This is when we should look to push the tie over the edge.

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  1. What is the Stars on



    It shows how difficult these qualifiers are for all teams involved.


    Of course its Peter Lawells fault if we can’t beat pub teams like AEK.


    Just think about it. If Lawwell had spent his 50million pension fund we wouldn’t have to watch from behind the couch tomorrow.


    And then what could we moan about

  2. Delaneys Dunky on

    Really looking forward to tomorrow night in Paradise. Would be delighted with 1-0 or 2-0.



  3. Paddy Gallagher on

    John McGinn Will be a Celtic player if that’s is what he truly wants, if it is not what he wants, why would you get upset?

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Cleaning transfer windows…van morrison


    She came in through the transfer window…the beatles


    Cars hiss by my transfer window…the doors


    Look through any transfer window…the hollies


    How much is that doggie in the transfer window…rolf harris


    Steamy transfer windows…tina turner

  5. John McGinn will be a Celtic player, NorrieM has dreamt about this for at least three years:-)



    So it must be true.



    And the we can wait til EPL transfer deadline, or January to get him.

  6. I think what BR is saying is that selling Boyata for £9m wouldn’t be any use to him as he wouldn’t see the money anyway. Celtic’s strategy remains to buy cheap, develop and then sell. So BR would in all likelihood get a coupe of million to spend on a project.



    John McGinn Will be a Celtic player if that’s is what he truly wants, if it is not what he wants, why would you get upset?





    Made that point earlier. If his heart isn’t in it then we move on and look elsewhere.

  8. DD, for the next round, I think he is a must.



    I understand the thoughts of those thinking cash in, but there is a bigger picture, trust in Lawell:-)




    O wrote that out loud too:-)

  9. Bhoy mcginn must be some player cause internet going mental about him going to villa, me well i think think fuck see you later and i hope you have agreat career, if they want a bench warmer i well do it ffs




  10. All on now.Bedwetters,Pantywetters,Shitstirrers,Potboilers,Panic merchants,Nervous Neryses ,Board haters,Board baiters,all spouting the same repetitive guff.Enough for me until this fekin window closes.


    No wonder so many have left the Blog.

  11. See all this stuff about the transfer window and all the Mad Mitch’s posts, just remember that unity is strength.



    Should we question, challenge, criticise at times – of course.



    But always, always look at the bigger picture and ask yourself this – aside from the start of the 20th century and Jock’s team, when have we ever had it so good?



    Celtic are doing great despite many disadvantages = TV revenue, CL jerrymandering, Sky/BT deals for the EPL, MSM, SFA/SPFFL, Jealousy and downright hatred.



    This is a great time to be a Tim and I ain’t no happy clapper. I just know what we are up against and how it sticks in their craw that we are so far ahead of everyone else in Scotland.



    What makes it worse is that we are so well run and on a sustainable business model that there is no end in sight to our dominance. Now I don’t say that as a boast because the thing I hate most about the Huns is the WATP, going for 55 mentality (apart from the right wing, bigoted violence of course), but that’s the reality.



    Unity is strength, faithful through and through and on the one road….



    Hail Hail

  12. stop the madness re: John McGinn



    Brendan wants him, Lennon rates him very highly, Broonie said he is the strongest he’s played against and now Villa are interested.



    He is a player and with the right attitude to become a Celtic great!



    It might finally come down to money – and not just marginal. If Villa offered substantially more than Celtic then it would be difficult to turn down. Football is a short career.



    Bottom line for me is this – BR wanted him and we should have got him before the qualifiers.



    We made as ton of profit on recent sales – ok, if we give Hibs more than our valuation , who cares. Same with Aberdeen – the more money they get the better they will be against the angry mob!

  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    John McGinn will not be in our team v AEK tomorrow. Getting bored about speculation over his future. He is a huge Celtic supporter. See if he fancies playing for Celtic? Maybe he is like his fellow Bankie Kevin Gallacher and disnae fancy the pressure of playing for his team. I hear from people close to J McG that his ambition is to play for Celtic.


    Time alone will tell!



  14. Mahe the Madman on

    I see the Mad M fella is spreading discontent again, winker



    TeT, knock that on the head pls

  15. Just noticed I can’t spell I either FFS.



    Enjoy the game tomorrow fholks, hoping to make the Wimbledon CSC to watch.

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2018 9:23 PM



    Productive comment. Look at Rodgers is saying:



    “He’s a player from a few months back I was really interested in. When you don’t complete a deal it opens the door for other teams… we’ve lost players, the bare minimum is to replace them.



    “We don’t want to wait. We need to keep improving and that means signing quality…”



    “It was important we kept ahold of players like Tom Rogic, but running alongside that is strengthening with quality.”



    “That is something we need to do and I hope we can do. You need to strengthen when in a good moment.”



    We lost Stuart Armstrong and haven’t got a replacement yet. Patrick Roberts has gone out and we haven’t got a replacement yet…our job this year was pretty straight forward in terms of bringing players in. We only wanted quality.”




    It’s clear that he is (if not unhappy) at least unsatisfied with the window so far. Should we all agree that everything is fine? It’s clear to all that you strengthen from strength. Rodgers is saying as much. Now if we haven’t weakened (loss of Paddy and SA), we certainly haven’t strengthened.

  17. hearing DB a done deal at over 12 million , at nearly 28 years of age he sees this as his big move back into the EPL.

  18. When you want quality that must be harder than when you simply want quantity?


    Or is that just me?

  19. Delaneys Dunky on



    Been concerned about you and your family. Hope you are breathing good air and away from danger.


    God bless mi amigo.



  20. DOC



    Naw of course he said that too.



    They only copy and paste the bits that drive their agenda and miss out the rest.



    The board will get blamed for no signing McGinn and blamed for no selling Boyata



    The board will get blamed for selling Boyata



    The board will get blamed for no selling Boyata



    The board will get blamed CSC

  21. Mahe the Madman on

    DD,,thanks bro. Air isn’t great but hey.


    God bless you too brother. Take care


    Hail Hail.

  22. Brendan Rodgers is giving you all signs he is unhappy and lawwell is at his usual games. Celtic will by now have over £60m in the bank and yet we are threatening our position for about £500k.



    It’s madness but some of you won’t see it until it hurts.



    It was ever thus.



    Meanwhile Paul posts squirrels and avoids the real talking points.



    It was ever thus….

  23. So in tonight’s 7 CL Q3 ties ..


    2 away wins, 4 score draws and finally a 1-0 home win.


    Would we take that result tomorrow night ?

  24. Goood Evening CQN – ???????


    Transfers ??


    I’m just glad that British Legion poppy appeal advert has disappeared from the side bar



    Once the EPL window closes, there will be lots of options opening up, may include a player or 2 we have tried to sign in the past


    I wonder what our new super scout is up to and where he’s been looking, plenty options should be available outside the absurd EPL



    Hail Hail

  25. BSR, it has always been thus, yet we look forward to 8, in hope of course.



    Despite our travails.



    We endeavour to persevere.



    The Board will always be blamed, they are in charge and any perceived error will be theirs.



    The scourge of responsibility.

  26. Jock Stein Friendship Cup


    Cliftonhill, Coatbridge


    Tuesday, August 7, 2018






    (Ewan Henderson 12, Aitchison 23, 28, McInroy 31, Caffrey 67, Savoury 75, Deas 79, Hendry 82)

  27. Sid1888 Great post we should enjoy what we have rather than what we want! Blog unusually negative today.

  28. If Boyata gets transferred to Fulham,and Brendan Rodgers doesn’t get new players in,Well I’m afraid he will be for the off,and if that happens,Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond, should hang there heads in shame,and the two of them should seriously consider of training,at Celtic,I know we are a well run club,but over the years we haven’t built on a position of adding quality players to the Squad.