AEK to Kilmarnock


Our Champions League victors AEK Athens are in Lisbon tonight to face Benfica in a dead rubber.  The Greeks, zero points from five games, have capitulated since August, while Benfica’s only win in their five games came in Athens.

Little changed for Celtic until the League Cup semi-final at Murrayfield in October.  Since then we have looked a different team, but those games against AEK will haunt Celtic until we are back in Champions League qualification action next year (caveat scarcely acknowledged).

Last night’s added-time winner for Aberdeen will be a huge boost for Scottish football’s perennial also-rans but any manager would surely swap dramatic wins for consistency.  Second place is not out of reach (they are currently four points short), but despite their drubbing on Saturday, Kilmarnock are worth watching.  They have Dundee, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Mirren between now and the winter break.

If Steve Clarke’s men can take 12 points from those games, which they are more than capable of, they will be comfortably in second by the break, and well-positioned for the remainder of the season.

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  1. Just about EVERY football fan in Scotland has been made aware of Celtic`s poor Away record in Europe but are they aware of this :



    ” Rangers have won just one of their past 19 away games in European competition (including qualifiers), a 1-0 win at Croatian side NK Osijek in qualifying for this season’s Europa League (D12 L6).”



    As well as this:


    Rangers’ 3-1 win over Rapid Wien at Ibrox in October remains their only ever victory in the Europa League since the competition was rebranded in 2009-10 (P9 W1 D6 L2).”




  2. Saint Stivs,


    During my time in Nigeria, I met guys through work who were called Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday..


    No-one could tell me why male children didn’t appear to be called Wednesday…….


    A strange country in a lot of ways, but full of lovely people.

  3. In the likely event that Sevco go out of the Europa League tomorrow, how long before we read that it is a really good thing as the can now concentrate on winning the League?




  4. Hot Smoked @ 8.59.


    Are you on Twitter? If so I hope you post that fact. If you’re not I’m happy to steal it and pass it off as my own work ;-)

  5. Jobo


    Plagiarise away. I am not on Twitter but I would like that to be made available to a wider audience :-)




  6. My girlfriend said I ruined her birthday. I don`t know what she is on about. I didn`t even know it was her birthday .

  7. Almore


    Love bouncing off Tims like you and Jim in Coias. We live in the best of Celtic times. Wish you could be with me in Paradise tomorrow pal.



  8. DD



    ” We live in the best of Celtic times. ”



    I quite agree. It is not always easy to appreciate what we already have but I think, because of the way we are received in Scotland, many Celtic supporters are seeing and loving these excellent times for what they are.



  9. So, Hot Smoked, it’s good news and bad news. I tweeted your 1 win in 19 stat, and thought to myself “that’s a good one, how popular I will be….” After less than 2 minutes “JustEddie” quite correctly queried the accuracy of my post, reminding me that this is Rangers* first ever season in Europe so 19 away games seemed excessive.


    I should have thought this through!

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    So first video out of Vienna Hun singing 10 German bombers, they do have a wonderful choice of songs

  11. AEK have 0 points from 6 matches and a goal difference of -11 having scored only 2 goals. We should not forget that the sheer incompetence of our Board in undermining Brendan, our double treble winning Manager, ended with us inexplicably losing out to them.

  12. Jobo


    I hang my head in shame. So eager was I to point out this well kept secret I forgot about the miraculous resurrection. As a penalty, I will ban myself from the Blog until tomorrow.


    Goodnight all,




  13. ” We should not forget that the sheer incompetence of our Board in undermining Brendan, our double treble winning Manager, ended with us inexplicably losing out to them.”



    Well, I did say MANY Celtic supporters. Obviously not ALL :-))


    Definite ` Goodnight` now.



  14. Hot Smoked – I was the one left holding the baby. I expect to take a pounding on Twitter over the coming hours! I’m usually so careful, too… ;-)

  15. The Nigerian word for Wednesday is DEM-BELL EE.



    with special emphasis on the spacing for pronunciation.



    For Nigerian males the surname is written first then the Wednesday.



    There are now loads of these DEM-BELL EE playing in Europe.



    Young Wednesday karoamoke is currently at Celtic.




  16. Maley Bhoy


    Thank you.


    Surprised and lucky that I am still alive, and posting here. Spoke to one good man who knew. That was all it took to start the end of my depression.



  17. Sorry to hear about the Griff, but happy that he is at a club who will look after him, hopefully he can get it under control and get back to doing what he does best, scoring goals.


    Agree that a statement about taking tickets is a bit of a joke, they steal from us, they cheat us and not a feckin peep, they have their priorities arse about elbows imo.

  18. Re Celtic accepting Der Hun guarantee over safety concerns. When your enemy is down stick the boot in. This will cost cash strapped Sevco a small fortune in safety provisions. We have both feet on their squirming throat, no quarter asked, none given.


    Ave Ave

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Garry, my relief , and much more importantly , your family’s relief that you are here with us , enjoying you being you in person with your loved ones and your online family , has lifted some of the negativity of what’s going on about us in the world.



    Griff , you will get there , most importantly for your children.

  20. My thoughts are with Griffiths today.



    I hope he gets and takes all the help he can get and come out smiling the other side.




    Delaney’s… glad it worked out for you bud




  21. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    BATEEN BHOY on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 9:04 PM



    Years ago I read a biography of the Italian Primo Carnera, The Ambling Alp, who was world heavyweight champion for a year in the 1930s.


    Never mind the murkiness of his dealings with The Mob – what stuck with me was when somebody asked him about his name, Primo, and he looked bemused and told the interviewer that it wasn’t so odd because he was first born, and his brothers were called Secondo, Terzo and Quarto.

  22. DELANEYS DUNKY – Delighted you are still here and posting. Most of the time none of us know what others are going through and few of us tell anyone when we are in a bad place. Whenever we meet people we ask how they are knowing that 99 % of the time the answer will be “great” or “all right, thanks, what about yourself?” or “fine, and you?”.



    Here in Spain it’s the same. Several times a day you will be asked “Cómo estás?” and everyone replies “muy bien gracias, y tu?” (“How are you? Great thanks, and you?)



    Then we all go out about our business pretending that all is fine and imagining that everyone else is fine too. No one wants to burden others and few want to hear the burdens of others.



    We live in a world of make belief.

  23. HOT SMOKED on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 9:55 PM



    I am quite enjoying what Brendan is doing thank you very much and looking forward to tomorrow night. Brendan has brought great times to Celtic, i quite agree.



    However, i feel we should not forget that Brendan had to go through the media to get a hold of the transfer strategy on the eve of the AEK tie as the Board were busy botching the Mcginn deal and trying to punt Boyata behind his back.

  24. DD…



    You were strong enough to get sorted and get well back to a good place.



    Hopefully the Griff finds the strength to do the same. HAIL HAIL. ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘

  25. Dallas


    Thanks J. Never thought an ailment like depression would hit cheery me. A rapid succession of horrible happenings with my family, changed that. Makes strong men weak. Still not perfect, but better. Got a ticket for tomorrow and Easter Road Sunday ?



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