AEK to Kilmarnock


Our Champions League victors AEK Athens are in Lisbon tonight to face Benfica in a dead rubber.  The Greeks, zero points from five games, have capitulated since August, while Benfica’s only win in their five games came in Athens.

Little changed for Celtic until the League Cup semi-final at Murrayfield in October.  Since then we have looked a different team, but those games against AEK will haunt Celtic until we are back in Champions League qualification action next year (caveat scarcely acknowledged).

Last night’s added-time winner for Aberdeen will be a huge boost for Scottish football’s perennial also-rans but any manager would surely swap dramatic wins for consistency.  Second place is not out of reach (they are currently four points short), but despite their drubbing on Saturday, Kilmarnock are worth watching.  They have Dundee, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Mirren between now and the winter break.

If Steve Clarke’s men can take 12 points from those games, which they are more than capable of, they will be comfortably in second by the break, and well-positioned for the remainder of the season.

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  1. You will be fine Garry, you are where you are cos you are a strong man, life throws crap at you, the more you soak it up the stronger you get, Oh and it helps if you are a Tim :-)



  2. Denia




    I love the Glasgow answer to,”How are you?”


    “No bad.” Is the usual answer. I have never understood what ‘no bad’ means. ?



  3. david17 on 12th December 2018 10:33 pm



    You know nought what you speak. Celtic have a fiscal responsibility to their shareholders. The reason Boyata wasn’t sold is the £12M plus addons could be countenanced by the fiscal reality that losing the managerial team and the cost of hiring a new team would cost more than the loss we’ll have to sustain when Boyata leaves on a freebie.

  4. Sipsini


    You are a champion to me.


    You have been there when I need a pal to chat to.


    Lucky Man


    Richard Ashcroft CSC

  5. Everybody is so hung up on money, it’s quite sad really.


    Boyatta cost us very little in the grand scheme of things, if he leaves for free, so be it, he has paid his way and prob cost far less than many of the players who have cost us plenty in the past, all this we must sell so we get money for him is sad, is it not.


    I’m surprised not at the way folks think these days, the conditioning is working a treat, and no just the football, working people voting tory takes the biscuit, but they have managed to brainwash the masses, how else are they in power.


    Sleep well Timland

  6. WITS


    Sunday in Leith will be magic, but, One Game at a Time.


    Buzzin for Salzburg tomorrow in Paradise.


    See you Sunday Mo Chara.



  7. THE EXILED TIM on 12th December 2018 10:59 pm



    How romantic. If only capitalism/ fiscal responsibility to shareholderrs worked like that we’d be living in my socialist utopia.

  8. HJ


    Romance has feck all to do with it as well you know.


    Since you mention responsibility to the shareholders, I’m still waiting, they are derelict in their duty to us, to say any different is deluding yourself, to allow yourself to be cheated time and time again etc, etc…….

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Garry , some good friends of mine have suffered from really bad depression , dragging them them into bleak places.



    They told me wen they could finally express their feelings ,it lifted their gloom but did not completly lift them out of it but it was a start .



    My good wishes are with you and all others suffering depression, anxiety and stress .



    Another two tough matches coming up for us.

  10. THE EXILED TIM on 12th December 2018 11:06 pm



    The shareholders are “us” unless you want to accept deluded hun thinking that the Club and PLC are not incorporated?

  11. Dallas


    Don’t know if I will ever be fully out the rough, but following Celtic home and away in these fine times is very therapeutic.


    “Let’s Come Together Right Now,


    Oh Yea In Sweet Harmony”


    The Beloved CSC

  12. HENRY JOY on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 10:50 PM


    david17 on 12th December 2018



    Yeah, Brendan refused to sanction the sale, which is what I said. So you agree with me.

  13. DAVID17 on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 10:33 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 9:55 PM


    I am quite enjoying what Brendan is doing thank you very much and looking forward to tomorrow night. Brendan has brought great times to Celtic, i quite agree.


    However, i feel we should not forget that Brendan had to go through the media to get a hold of the transfer strategy on the eve of the AEK tie as the Board were busy botching the Mcginn deal and trying to punt Boyata behind his back.




    I know, I know, I know.


    A board doesn’t have to be accountable, when it knows it is guaranteed, 53,000 season tickets, year in, year out.


    Its all about emotions.


    Weak emotions, cave in and hand over the money, to those who’ll fit you up as being, the other side of the £49:00 Old Firm note.


    Strong emotions, will leave empty seats, that lead to the fall of the corrupt, bigoted, rigged establishment, like Sinn Fein did with Stormont. Two years later, and Sinn Fein can almost taste a united Ireland.


    Ye see, its one thing, to sing about rebels. But, how does it make you look, when you have been presented with mountains of, Supreme Court backed evidence, that proves that there was collusion between the SFA, and Rangers FC, maybe even Celtic FC ?, to swindle £140 million + of hmrc tax, to cheat Celtic manager’s, player’s and supporter’s, out of at least, 22 trophies, and complicitly silent Celtic PLC, just to keep the Old Firm alive, and yet, 53,000 Celtic season ticket holders are, turning up, to prop up, a PLC board who flung the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels, under the AGM bus, last month, for being the messengers with the evidence.


    Hail! Hail!



    Nurse! Nurse!




  14. “The Board tried to sell Boyatta behind Brendans back”.Really?You know this how?Its not the way I remember the story going.


    “The fiasco in trying to sign Mc Ginn”.Would that be the same Mc Ginn,who repeatedly tells the world,he chose to sign for Villa.

  15. David 17,


    Brendan refused to sanction the sale.


    How do you know this?Has Brendan ever said this?

  16. Leigh suffering from depression considering the endorphins he should get from football, training etc is a real worry. Hopefully the breathing space with professional support will manage the situation successfully.


    When I came out of playing football I was depressed and lost for many a year. Had it not been for my family/friends keeping faith in me despite all the trials and tribulations I put them through I dread to think what would have happened to me. My outcome is luckier than most and I will never forget nor refrain from showing gratitude to those that stood by me.

  17. DD


    I bought The Beloved ‘Hello’ in 1990 and loved it so much I bought the album



    ‘Time after Time ‘ is a classic




    Yes, right on all counts. We are finally on the edge of recognising such ailments and pressing on to


    address them.



    Well said!







  19. GerryBhoy on 12th December 2018 11:54 pm



    Thank you.


    The support network made all the difference in my case but each case is different. Underlying issues more often than not complicate matters. It’s difficult for anyone blessed with “normal” issues to understand, empathise or even sympathise with experiences they haven’t endured, especially when the victim seeks no solace or help, to proud/ashamed to reach out in any meaningful way.

  20. The ‘deep state’ are running a smear factory from Fife.


    An anti Jeremy Corbyn smear campaign has been funded by the government to the tune of £2 million of tax payers money.


    The establishment know that the empire is finished. Good. GIFRUT.



    Jungle bells for Santa Corbyn, the new Prime Minister.



    Don’t be shooting the messenger CSC




  21. Good morning CQN from a dark and chilly Garngad



    Some heartfelt posts on reading back.


    To all who are suffering or have suffered with MH issues, God bless.






    D. :)

  22. Now what about tonight, I think we will get the result we need.


    This tie is a tricky tie as they are a good team, but the fact they have also qualified means nothing.


    They could sit in and hit us on the break or they could just go for it, I would prefer them to come at us, this would allow us to counter attack.



    The Huns will get pumped 4-0 or 4-1.






    D. :)

  23. Good morning Bhoys from the Departure Lounge in Dublin Airport.


    Heading back over to see the mighty Hoops and hoping for another superb result and visit over like Saturday’s game. Big crowd of Irish Tims going over for the game. Best wishes to the Bhoys tonight and also to Griff on his recovery.



  24. Good morning, friends. The sleeps are over, get the Disco Lights ready for tonight we qualify for European football after Christmas.

  25. DD,



    Just lost a big mad long winded post. Ads started eating the screen.



    Bottom line, best wishes on your continued recovery.




  26. The Ads will be the death of this blog!


    Anyhoos, looking forward to tonight. All to play for in the last game. I just hope we don’t think that we just need a draw as that will be the rock we perish on. To me only needing a point is the worst case scenario – go for the jugular Celtic. I would also play Saturday’s starting lineup then we can see if this team is as good as we think it is, Broonie on on the 2nd half if things are going well. Just a wee word of warning – beware of low flying Luftwaffe pilots if the lights are on tonight.



    * The above post was brought to you by adsfreecsc and hermangöringcsc

  27. Tough and very important match tonight.



    We could lose at Ibrox on the 29th, in a match that seems to loom larger in the minds of many than tonight’s does, and still win the league. We have lost there many times before and still ultiately triumphed.



    But, if we lose tonight, we are out of Europe.



    Oddschecker have us as 83/50 for the win: Salzburg are 15/8 with the draw at 12/5, so we are slight favourites.



    There is an adverised offer on the top of the page, from Mr. Green, that offers celtic at 30/1 for the win but they are limiting your bet to £1 and you have to deposit £10 in a newly opened account with them.

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