AEK to Kilmarnock


Our Champions League victors AEK Athens are in Lisbon tonight to face Benfica in a dead rubber.  The Greeks, zero points from five games, have capitulated since August, while Benfica’s only win in their five games came in Athens.

Little changed for Celtic until the League Cup semi-final at Murrayfield in October.  Since then we have looked a different team, but those games against AEK will haunt Celtic until we are back in Champions League qualification action next year (caveat scarcely acknowledged).

Last night’s added-time winner for Aberdeen will be a huge boost for Scottish football’s perennial also-rans but any manager would surely swap dramatic wins for consistency.  Second place is not out of reach (they are currently four points short), but despite their drubbing on Saturday, Kilmarnock are worth watching.  They have Dundee, Hamilton, Motherwell and St Mirren between now and the winter break.

If Steve Clarke’s men can take 12 points from those games, which they are more than capable of, they will be comfortably in second by the break, and well-positioned for the remainder of the season.

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  1. traditionalist88 on




    But, if we lose tonight, we are out of Europe.





    Thats not a given. More thank likely if we lose we’re oot, but its a funny old game etc.



    I think we’ll do enough tonight, score draw or narrow victory!




  2. STEVEN GERRARD told troubled Leigh Griffiths that everyone at Rangers is behind him.



    Gerrard, speaking in Austria ahead of Gers’ crunch Europa League match against Rapid Vienna, said: “We wish Leigh well and hope to see him back on a football pitch pretty soon. This is sad news.


    Credit where it’s due….

  3. TRAD88



    Yes, it is a possibility. Leipzig are 1/7 to win their tie and Rosenborg are priced at 22/1 with the draw at 10/1.



    If we lose and Lepzig lose, we could still qualify.



    If we lose by 1 goal, then they would need to lose by 4, I reckon (unless we lose by 5:4 or more; we need to score 4 to overtake their goals scored criteria).




    I do not htink I will have any need to calculate this equation later tonight.



    Bottom line is we need a draw, at least, and the best way to achieve that draw, is to go for the win.



    It will not be easy. Time for some hooped up heroes

  4. traditionalist88 on




    I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick…



    If we lose and Leipzig lose we finish on 9 and they finish on 6 – we qualify.



    If we lose and Lepizig draw we finish on 9 and they finish on 7 – we qualify.



    If we draw and Leipzig win we finish on 10 and they finish on 9 – we qualify.



    We only need to draw and we’re guaranteed to qualify?



    Apologies if I’ve picked up your post incorrectly,




  5. Trad88



    No, you are quite right.



    It was just a reflection of how sure I am that leipzig will win tonight that I had already awarded them the 9 points and then worked out the goals issue.



    As you say, the odds of 22/1 for a Rosenborg win or 10/1 for a draw are the ones that apply if we were to lose tonight.



    But, even with my muddled thinking, I don’t expect to be having to work out anything other than how do we manage to get, at least, the1 point we need to continue in Europe.



    Work starts now.

  6. I heard on Good Morning Scotland that in Parliament the DUP MPs are referred to as “The Members from the Old Testament”

  7. traditionalist88 on




    Yes, totally agree about us playing for the win tonight, dangerous game playing for the draw. At home its only natural for us to attack with the only exception IMO being that against the 3 or 4 very elite European sides I would play ultra cautiously to avoid another PSG style rout…



    But tonight, yes they are a good side but we can cause them a lot of problems too and I think we will,




  8. Wee Anne luddon wearing green dress today when Celtic are playing. What does it mean. Is it a message. Does she care or not.



    And talking with the isles accent.



    Ochone .

  9. Hj.



    Sammy Wilson was on the box other morning advising may that what she was missing in negotiations was the starting point of being prepared to walk away. You should begin with the threat that certain things are non negotiable and you tell your opposite number no deal on these things then we walk away.



    He sounded nuts. But hey she brought them into her tent.



    What did they squeeze out of her. £2bn. That must have been the give us this or we walk away.



    All that was missing was a no surrender.

  10. In my experience, spontaneously great occasions, in any walk of life, are better than those that are manufactured.For that reason, I would hope we don`t `try` to create the `special` Celtic Park atmosphere.Just let it flow. Naturally.






    PS I THINK we will qualify but I am by no means certain.

  11. 1 Salzburg 17 14 3 0 41 15 +26 45 DWWWW


    2 LASK 17 8 7 2 29 17 +12 31 DDWWD


    3 St. Pölten 17 8 5 4 22 15 +7 29 WLWDD


    4 Wolfsberger AC 17 7 5 5 29 25 +4 26 DLDWW


    5 Austria Wien 17 7 3 7 18 19 -1 24 LWWLL


    6 Sturm Graz 17 5 8 4 21 19 +2 23 DWWDD


    7 Hartberg 17 7 2 8 28 31 -3 23 DDLWW


    8 Rapid Wien 17 5 5 7 16 19 -3 20 DWLLD


    9 Mattersburg 17 5 4 8 22 32 -10 19 WDDLL


    10 Wacker Innsbruck 17 4 4 9 17 26 -9 16 DLLWD


    11 Rheindorf Altach 17 2 5 10 20 27 -7 11 LLLLD


    12 Admira 17 2 5 10 17 35 -18 11 DDLLL

  12. HRVATSKI JIM @ 9.07



    ” The Members from the Old Testament ”



    A cap which fits them to a T.



    To quote the London Correspondent of La Repubblica –



    ” The Parliamentary representatives of a culture which thinks Catholic equality puts Northern Ireland on the road to Armageddon and that The European Union is nothing more than the political wing of the Vatican “

  13. DD, YNWA pal. Will be in the BV around 5.30pm, meeting my brother, if you fancy a couple of jars and a catch up. Really looking forward to the match tonight and hoping we can continue on with a similar performance as v Leipzig and v Killie last Saturday. HH

  14. CQN is clearly not an “inclusive to all” blog as I note the lack of people coming to the defence of the DUP. Shame on us.

  15. HJ


    I continue to defend the DUP to the same extent as I have always done.





    A most accurate description :-)



  16. Celic and Salzburg each at 13/8 with William Hill. Last week, Salzburg were 21/10…hmm…


    Is Red Bull giving them wings?

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 13th December 2018 8:36 am



    I wonder a what point McLeish and in particular McFadden will offer sympathy considering the amount of criticism they expressed against him recently, surely they knew something was afoot

  18. !BADA BING!! on 13TH DECEMBER 2018 9:28AM


    SS- The DUP with all of that money, and der hun finding cash from somewhere?



    Lol BB you could be onto something there,if I remember correctly,the old club had just swirled doon the pan Charles of Normandy took a team with blue jerseys on a fundraiser to see what funds he could get from the “youth club” set up in Belfast,meeting a few “youth leadets” at the time.


    ps I still think the material warning bout going concern in january will come into play….Oh maybe hoping.


    It is incredible tho after Mintys 20+ years of ‘dippin’our game rules are not in place to stop similar happen in again,esp with a 49 times convicted criminal with hundreds of money laundering charges ‘bargained’ out.


    Looking forward to tonight :-)



  19. Big Jimmy @7:19



    How ya doing? Maybe a bit of an over-reaction/misunderstanding perhaps?



    To be fair, I read BP’s post as blog banter. Also, I didn’t read the post to suggest that you scare animals; I read it to suggest that you had scared me, which is obviously not the case, and which, again, I took as just blog banter.



    How about, in the spirit of the holidays, you asks the mods to delete that post.



    And to help us all get in the holidays spirit, here’s Vanessa Williams with a beautiful jazzy version of Whose Child


  20. North Cyprus (Baku no more) Bhoy on

    Further east in the Mediterranean, it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon here in North Cyprus.


    However, this time last week, our area (around Kyrenia) was recovering from a day and night of torrential rainstorms, which left at least four young people dead, and dozens of people washed out of their homes.


    We’re still without mains water, but that’s not a real problem, by comparison with many other folks.


    Anyway, back to lurking.



  21. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Tonights the night


    It’s gonna be alright


    Coz i luv you bhoys


    Aint nobody gonna stop us now.


    Been singing that all day, to myself of course, my voice is like


    a frog with larin.. laryngi.. with a sore throat.


    Although the game is not tonight for us antipodean tims but early


    tomorrow morning, no problem, coupla cans laid out ready, don’t


    want to faff about with a kettle and tea in the morn. it’s too


    distracting. two sannies wrapped in cling film, and a wee bottle


    of Auchentoshan for full time.


    You’re Celtic united


    You make me so exited


    you’re every schoolbhoys dream


    you’re a rhapsody


    A melody…..


    Go on Rod we’re with you.


    H.H Mick

  22. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “new article posted.”





    must have been posted with a 2nd class stamp cos its not been delivered yet

  23. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH DECEMBER 2018 11:25 PM


    David 17,



    Brendan refused to sanction the sale.



    How do you know this?Has Brendan ever said this?





    Brendan did say quite clearly and strongly when the media revealed the Fulham bid that, “Boyata’s going nowhere.”

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