THE Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs have this evening released a Statement on the Supreme Court ruling from Wednesday last week. Here is the statement in full:

“Since the Supreme Court ruling last week concerning Rangers (pre 2012) use of Employee Benefit Trusts and the final judgment that they were used illegally, The Affiliation have been gathering the views of its delegates.
“Our delegate’s views are clear. Scottish Football needs to move on and for this to happen we must have full transparency and robust governance from those who run our game. At the moment we have nether.
“For the above to happen we require a full independent review into the European Licensing procedure for season 2011/12. This is widely known as Resolution 12.
“We also ask for the Lord Nimmo Smith Enquiry to be set aside and a full independent review into the illegal use of DOS/EBT’s to be commenced.
“While calling for these reviews we have no desire to see the game in Scotland destroy itself. We ask for these reviews so the game in Scotland can move on for the greater good of all. This call, the process of any reviews and the outcomes of these reviews should be respectfully observed by all involved as we have a duty to the game.   
“It’s notable that numerous other fans groups have also called for independent reviews and improved governance.
“That so many are calling for transparency and without fear or favour governance tells you all you need to know about how those who run our game are perceived. This can’t continue.
‘We urge all fans to contact their respective clubs to make their feelings known on these issues.”     

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