Agility in the football market


When you’re shopping in a sellers’ market, agility is the only way to survive.  You need contacts, sufficient coverage to trawl outlying corners of the bazar, and enough experience to ensure you don’t get burned.

If you’re trying to buy Champions League-calibre players for £100k you’re shopping in a serious sellers’ market but there is good strategy behind the deal Celtic have struck with Icelandic club, Fram, for the signature of 20-year-old striker, Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson.

Holmbert may or may not be the next Ibrahimavic, experience suggests you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs in this game to find the one you’re looking for, but if Celtic are to bring a player to Glasgow who is capable of hitting the top, we’ll have to get him before the hundred-or-so other clubs floating around the wealthy leagues of Europe, which means we shop early.

We can afford to sign a few at £100k in an effort to fill just one place in the team.  The argument could also be made that our more expensive players have only a marginally higher success rate than those signed for six figures or less.

Thanks for the big response to the launch of the second edition of the CQN Annual [which is now shipping]yesterday, as well as CQN Magazine, and the ‘10’ event, which the occupants of the comments section are being given a head start on.

If you are on or near South Uist tomorrow make sure you take in the Hebridean cultural event of the year, when Alex O’Henley has a book signing of his biography of Celtic great, Malky MacDonald at the Dark Island Hotel from 1-2pm, before a Q&A at the Polochar Inn, from 7-8:30pm.

Not only does the book chart the life and achievements of a pre-war Celtic great, it does so in two languages (English when read one way, flip the other way for Gaelic).  It’s a great work, available from the Islands Book Trust.
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  1. BigChipsUK – There are only two SPL teams in Glasgow… Celtic and Partick Thistle




    We don’t (or didn’t) need to strecth the wage bill for Finnbogasson, he’s not on much at Herenveen. We’ve no chance of getting him no given he’s the top goalscorer in Holland. Well done to the scouts/CEO/bootroom cleaner or whoever vetoed that one.




  2. ACGR Supporting Resolutions 10, 11 & 12 with a YES vote on

    Big Nan, I watched your meeting at the SP yesterday and can only say how impressed I was with your whole presentation. Hopefully the issue will gather even more momentum and changes will have to occur.



    I’m proud to say I’ve supported your petition.




  3. Paul67 –



    We have had some gems for sweeties, and some right donkeys for serious poke.



    Due to the sums concerned, we have to hope the management team (and PL of course, since he has final say apparently?) get more ticks than crosses in the latter who are all high-profile signings.



    There is a lot less pressure on those costing smaller sums, so gives them time to progress. If they don’t make it, their removal is usually under the radar (as opposed to “off the radar” which refers to something completely different).




  4. Is there a list for the CQN 10 dinner. Where do I sign?


    Do you book a table?


    Is it one for each clique?


    What do I do as I’m in multiple cliques?




  5. @FindochtyBhoy It means Sevco 5088 is alive & kicking & claiming ownership of RFC. It they’re right RIFC would own nothIng. Who owns S5088?

  6. Sipsini



    You will probably know my late Uncle who worked in B&S. John G, a welder from Drumchapel?

  7. * * * update – now stands at 84 teams – and definately closing at team 88 “Celtic 88 ” * * *



    ! ! Reminder, Closing Tonight at 10pm, with Draw, Winner announced shortly after, looks likely to be around 10.30pm for initial Draw, the ” Calm before the Storm”, so tune in :-)



    The Grand Raffle, is a HCPT UK wide raffle, and is being made on January 7th, your name has been added with ref. CQN , Laura group 77.






    Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust (group77)



    Bhoys and Ghirls, looking for support with a very Important Fundraising initiative for my Daughter.


    Laura is a member of HCPT 77, from this year, having been in the Scottish Youth Group section for several years, (a life changing experience for not only Laura, but the children who attend) acting as an entertainer for Children with special needs, disability, or underprivileged etc, on an annual Easter week Pilgrimage to Lourdes.


    This year is different, her first year as an adult carer, and allowed to fully sponsor and support 24/7 a child throughout this trip.


    To allow this to take place, she needs to raise £1000 by December, to fund the Child



    A Football Card was initially set at 50 teams, now stands at 84 teams, £10 for a team, with a very special prize. (could we hit the magical 88 teams) :-)


    “The Calm before the Storm” a 44″ * 32″ portrait of the Nakamura free kick goal scored against Man utd on 21st November 2006, (it was £500 when bought)



    If you would very kindly like to support this, please drop a note to






    Laura will respond with details on how to pay into the fund and have the chance to win this prize, once payment made, a team will be allocated, and hopefully drawn by next Friday ?


    Now confirmed as Thurs 14th @ around 10.30 pm



    Thanks to all in advance to all who will support



    The prize “Calm before the Storm” print





    And a wee link to how the children feel about this visit





    May also want to view the video at side of this from the Group helpers ?



    As a Thank-you to all who have contributed, your name will be added the HCPT Christmas Grand Draw, with potential to win a nice prize



    See copy of draw your name is being entered into.






    ALL proceeds will support the Funding of a special Child and a Pilgrimage to Lourdes



    thanks once again



    Hail Hail

  8. Soooooo, the Craigster is going to pop up and claim what is his thus rendering the current huns dead in the water and everything they’ve done should be obliterated from the record books?



    Educateaneejit csc

  9. Well done Big Nan yesterday. They sure dont like being questionned. One of the things I dislike about Scotland is the fake air of politeness and decorum that the establishment pretends it has.



    All false pretence etc – I found it particularly illuminating that the mocking tone frequently missed the point. In particular I found it amusing that the questioners were keen to point out that there would be practical difficulties – without even considering the risk of misscarriage of justice. Priorities in the modern scotland??



    Paul I agree with our approach to signing these youngsters – but Celtic as ever are letting us down when it matters (as always) – when we really need to good striker we continue with a slavish approach to our signing policy! Anyway quick question for you – do you think the Board will explain why we shouldnt be worried about their silence pertaining the the corruption in scottish football tomorrow?

  10. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    Just looked at a couple of zombie sites :))


    They have not seen the Sevco5088 tweet yet or are lying on the floor sobbing :))

  11. FF rejoices at reports of Celtic Park getting a “facelift” for the Commonwealth Games:



    “Let’s not forget that the Games’ organisers are a cabal of high profile Celtic supporters and the sole purpose of applying to host the CW in the first place was to have an excuse to refurbish CP at taxpayers’ expense. It is no coincidence that all of the new facilities have been built immediately adjacent to CP and that shower will now benefit from all of the new infrastructure linked to being at the centre an international standard sporting campus. Glasgow didn’t ‘win’ the Commonwealth Games – Celtic did.”




    “So a favour kind of thing then? They’ll make money from this and get a nicer looking stadium. Not bad for a team that majority of their fans won’t be supporting Britain.”




    “Odds on her maj getting booed at this event ?”




    “Makes you boak at how un embarressed these fecks are”




    “Once again decisions made by their ‘type’ in high places which ultimately serve to provide them with free/cheap services and refurbishments courtesy of us the ‘British’ tax payers……



    Sticks in my throat,



    We really are being over run in this country”




    “Here’s an idea why don’t we start a PUL party and put members up for council and Scottish parliamentary elections, or i’m i being naive?”




    “this turns my stomach



    “The Queen’s Baton Relay will end its journey also having visiting the 71 Commonwealth nations and territories”



    an absolute disgrace if Mam only knew the bile sprouted out at that stadium week in week out”




    “The very thought of Her Majesty The Queen being welcomed to that dark and horrible place by Lieswell and his crew, sends a shiver down the spine.”




    “this is getting more like a state funded club every month”




    “If Scotland wasn’t so utterly f***ed, questions might have been asked why the taxpayer is funding this.”




    “no doubt aided by taxpayers cash”




    “They will start the protests alright but not until every single penny on their midden and surrounding area has been lavished on them straight from the taxpayers purse.



    They are morally bankrupt and this whole thing stinks of corruption.”

  12. Hi Paul67,



    Thanks for the elucidation on the transfer activities – with Tony Watt, Amido Balde, Denny Johnstone, Pukki etc etc in various levels of development, buying another Striker “Project” (don’t like the phrase myself) can be seen as nonsensical, but there is certainly logic in securing Holmbert Aron Fridjonsson’s signature if the Scouts think he has potential and the powers that be endorse it.



    “Holmbert may or may not be the next Ibrahimavic,”



    In fact, even Ibrahimavic, wasn’t the next Ibrahimavic for most of his career.



    Good luck to the lad…



    From last Post…

  13. greenmaestro


    11:50 on


    14 November, 2013


    You’ve heard of the Multiverse theory..



    The Multi-jers theory.




    hehehe you are either Grigori Perelman…..or you have been at the cake! either way …braw!

  14. This From last Post



    Weeminger @ 12:09,



    Well it seems to be the way it’s going – let’s hope he proves a few wrong.



    Steinreignedsupreme @ 12:21,



    Good points – getting someone out of environs that are haveing a negative effect is always a good idea, it certainly makes sense.



    Hail Hail

  15. I’d quite like to see Pukki line up with Balde against Aberdeen.



    Pukki looks like he could be a number 10. I find that his main problem is the pace of the game. He needs to release the ball that little bit earlier. A lot of his shots/passes tend to get blocked.

  16. So how does this table thing work for next year’s dinner?



    Is there an official seating plan – mineshafters on one side and happy clappers on the other? Do I need to await an invite from a clique? Book a seat and take my chances on the night?

  17. Bhoys and Ghirls ,



    at the risk of stepping on the toes of CQ-TEN , The Kano Foundation is pure dead chuffed to announce our 4th Annual Dinner-Dance to be held in the Radisson-Blu in Glasgow on 29th March 2014 ( should be the next pay-cycle !) .



    If you are interested , please drop a line todance2014@thekanofoundation.com . 2 years ago we had 7 tables from CQN attending the dance and a great night was had – would be wonderful to repeat it.



    Alternatively , I’ll be out on both Friday and Saturday (got a partial pass for Friday and will be raising a few glasses with SJD as I arranged to do , on Saturday) , so if you don’t want press-ganged into attending , best avoid me .







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