AGM ahead


Are you looking forward to the AGM tomorrow? As always on these occasions, the questions after the votes will be far more interesting than the formal business of the day. The Living Wage appears on the agenda for the third year, courtesy of the Trust. Celtic now pay at or above Living Wage rates, although they have not signed up to the Foundation and the pay increase for lower-waged members of staff was accompanied with the withdrawal of a discretionary bonus.

Not sure what the cost of this was, or the impact on staff, but we’ll no doubt hear about it tomorrow. I should also say that I’m not signed up to the Living Wage Foundation either, as it has no relevance for my business.

The performance of the team (imperious domestically, impervious to improvement in Europe) will be the central concern from the hall. Celtic are a Champions League club, this is our focus. We need to be competing on that platform regularly.

I expect, and hope, shareholders get an update on Resolution 12, which looks increasingly relevant. You can bet questions will also be asked on whether or not there was a conspiracy to break tax, SPL and SFA rules, and to subvert an SPL Commission.

There’s not a great deal Celtic can say on this matter for now, beyond their statement last week.

Many thanks to Jim Craig and Brendan Sweeney for joining us on the blog last night. These events see the blog at its best and last night’s was no exception. You can buy Brendan’s book, Celtic: The Early Years, or Alex Gordon’s latest, The Winds of Change, Managing Celtic from 1991-2005, at the CQN Bookstore.

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  1. West End of East End on

    There are two periods in Celtic’s calendar year that I don’t look forward too, poppygate and the AGM. Brings nothing but conflict….


    CHARLIEBHOY on 19TH NOVEMBER 2015 12:07 PM


    BMCWP it was my grandaughters baptism ya numpty……..our family surname begins with c so wee rose has great initials……and for any lurkin huns……?????





    Numpty is right,mate.



    Grovelling apologies!

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    skyisalandfill on 19th November 2015 1:01 pm



    Is p67 on sport sound tonight?



    Thant sound be well worth listening to.



    I wonder how they’ll cope with a healthy dose of reality



    – ———–


    If he is live on the show it will be good.



    Alternatively it’s more likely to be a play-back of an interview with him which will be ripped apart by their usual crowd of Sevco-loving guests.

  4. “Bloody John Lewis”






    That sounds like a ‘no very good’ boxer from the 30’s:)





  5. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    I hope Celtic make it clear, that if/when it is legally proven (after 2nd December), they will adopt a Putin stance on illegal Registrations… “You cheated us? We will hunt you down and destroy you!”

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    TONY D 67 @ 1:09 ( AND AGAIN @ 1:10)



    Very good 0:-)


    The lhads do have a point, though. The more hits Phil receives, the better it is for him.




  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I agree with your comments about the anodyne nature of the questions and the predictability of the answers last night. I wanted to ask the most basic questions re same Club and title stripping . I refrained because I felt it might be embarrassing for the two guys, particularly Jim Craig. I didn`t want to put him on the spot whereby some churnalist would pick up on it and use it out of context.


    Maybe Tom Boyd would be a more in tune candidate for a future CQN talk in?




    Geordie Munro @ 1:15


    Very good 0:-)))




  8. timaloy29 on 19th November 2015 1:17 pm


    McGeady needs games apparently


    I’d love him to come back



    Not if he’s only coming back for a short term loan to get fit for the Euros.


    Permanent deal only.

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Tony D 67


    I think, when you posted Phil`s stuff, some CQNers were thinking: Wow! Tony`s writing standards have improved! On the other hand, of course, they might prefer Tony D67 to Phil.


    Incidentally, I was pretty confident you were doing it unwittingly and that , as you say, once you knew, that was enough.




  10. mullet and co 2 on

    Aiden is one of the former Celts Ronny was talking about. Can’t see him coming back with our wages. Him and Maloney would have been perfect for this season. Money talks

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    You should know. As far as I can see, you have started the rumour 0:-)




  12. No Ads – use Adblocker plus on Firefox. Also I will be at AGM.. I was only person who put hand up for PL to ot be re-newed….. AND also DD thougha few others raised hands last year

  13. TONY D 67 @ 1:09 ( AND AGAIN @ 1:10)



    Although we may not always agree on all things….



    can I just say your immediate response to constructive criticism



    to repost as directed is to be commended …………..many would have flounced :-)))



    or replied with an inflammatory remark………….. respect(not that that counts for much but just wanted to say that)




  14. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    Re AGM article above



    Celtics status in Europe can not be described as Champion’s League anymore. Nor do I believe is it our focus. The best we could describe ourselves nowadays is as a former CL team with aspirations to return there. I’m not even certain those aspirations extend beyond the fans.



    I’m not hopeful of any honesty tomorrow. In fact im certain difficult questions will be avoided.


    We’ll be reminded how fortunate we are compared to RIFC.

  15. Hail Hail from a balmy Southern Florida. High of 84F/29C, low 72F/22C.



    Thank you WC for arranging and hosting the Q&A last night. Two finer Celtic gentlemen you will not find.



    If anyone is introduced, or hears from an Ayrshire punter going by Andy at the AGM tomorrow, who has a healthy dose of rapid-fire old Ayrshire Scots in his narrative, it will be my cousin. Please shake his hand for me.



    Qualifying for the Champions League is simple: build a team, pay them competitive wages, and KEEP THEM!

  16. P67 on Sportsound tonight?



    Only one question you need to ask in the face of any panel snideness, Paul: ‘During the EBT years, how much money did YOU pay to watch rigged football?’



    Hundreds of thousands of tax-paying supporters following tax-paying clubs spent millions with hope in their hearts only to find out now that Rangers were cheating the system in order to run a squad able to combat anything their clubs could throw at them without going into heavey, heavy debt.



    Cheating. Hun. Bastards.

  17. dena29



    It was put to me properly and I stood corrected, and rectified my miste ASAP, but thank you dena, a little civility goes a long way, it’s fun being the good guy for a change :))

  18. Macew on 19th November 2015 1:53 pm



    :-)) barge away it’s a blog…… everyone else does.




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    Football Aid 2016 – Play at Celtic Park


    By: Newsroom Staff on 19 Nov, 2015 09:48



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    The unique concept was the brainchild of businessman and Football Aid Founder, Craig Paterson and funds raised from this year’s event will benefit the work of a charitable project nominated by the Celtic FC Foundation, as well as projects nominated by Football Aid’s parent charity Field of Dreams.

  20. Gary67 on 19th November 2015 1:24 pm






    In the summer I have no doubt Aidans reaction to the lure of a 50% pay cut would have been ‘aye right’, however we have been indirectly presented with one of two opportunities that can play a greater part in the decision making process than pound notes.



    Euro Championships.


    World Cup.



    Go back Celtic and ask the same question – because you might get a different answer.

  21. A tweet doing the rounds-on Murray headed notepaper ,from one of his flunkey’s dated April 2005,telling HMRC ‘there are no contract variations or side agreements with any players’


    Looks authentic,maybe someone can post it……

  22. CQN magazine link to the bhoy being threatened by Policeman



    looks like its going to be removed , when I try to post on it getting message



    “unable to post comment”



    and before any of you say it ……there is nothing derogatory or sweary words in it




  23. This content is no longer available


    The content you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired or you may not have permission to view this page.



    this is the message I’m getting ????




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