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Are you looking forward to the AGM tomorrow? As always on these occasions, the questions after the votes will be far more interesting than the formal business of the day. The Living Wage appears on the agenda for the third year, courtesy of the Trust. Celtic now pay at or above Living Wage rates, although they have not signed up to the Foundation and the pay increase for lower-waged members of staff was accompanied with the withdrawal of a discretionary bonus.

Not sure what the cost of this was, or the impact on staff, but we’ll no doubt hear about it tomorrow. I should also say that I’m not signed up to the Living Wage Foundation either, as it has no relevance for my business.

The performance of the team (imperious domestically, impervious to improvement in Europe) will be the central concern from the hall. Celtic are a Champions League club, this is our focus. We need to be competing on that platform regularly.

I expect, and hope, shareholders get an update on Resolution 12, which looks increasingly relevant. You can bet questions will also be asked on whether or not there was a conspiracy to break tax, SPL and SFA rules, and to subvert an SPL Commission.

There’s not a great deal Celtic can say on this matter for now, beyond their statement last week.

Many thanks to Jim Craig and Brendan Sweeney for joining us on the blog last night. These events see the blog at its best and last night’s was no exception. You can buy Brendan’s book, Celtic: The Early Years, or Alex Gordon’s latest, The Winds of Change, Managing Celtic from 1991-2005, at the CQN Bookstore.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Give me a few winners and I will 8-)



    Night bhoys n ghirls


    Hail Hail and KTF

  2. It’s just as well Mussolini, Tojo, and, Oswald Moseley are not currently available for employment.


    Who’s next for the board Ian Paisley Jr ?






  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 20TH NOVEMBER 2015 9:33 PM


    What he said.





    “This personal campaign against Lord Livingston is criminally racist. He has been subjected to a TORRENT of base personal abuse in social media.




    Some of the messages are criminally abusive.



    What he said he said.



    “I have not branded our supporters racist and it is outrageous to suggest that I would ever do that. I was only referring to a SMALL number of specific comments which have been made on social media, which I believe are unacceptable, and I know Celtic supporters would agree with me.






    Thank you.



    The distorted version supplied by C.Q.N. worthies:


    He said : Celtic supporters are criminally racist.



    M.S.M. are loving it ,amazed at how helpful to their cause SOME Celtic supporters can be .

  4. RC



    Been listening to my Nirvana cds tonight.


    At the end of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Kurt screams RONNY DEILA! Continuously to end of the song. Do you hear that? Or is this blaw dynamite? :)

  5. OWEN



    I don’t believe a word of any of their bs.


    They looked the other way while the cheating was rife.


    No time for Tories…..especially when they are on the Celtic board.





  6. Banker. Putting the boot into the support.



    Criminally racist?



    A buffoon of a man, no respect or consideration of ordinary supporters like ourselves, crucially no media awareness.



    Our representatives need to box clever on that stage.



    Calling paying customers names at an AGM. Utterly embarrassed for him and us.

  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    The Next CQN Book is entitled ” How to Run an AGM” by Celtic PLC



    Chapter One:



    Take a large room and fill it full of people you have some kind of connection to.



    Place a series of elderly and out of touch officials of the company at the head of the room.



    Place TV monitors throughout the room so that you can demonstrate that you are familiar with the concept of electricty and possibly even “broadcasting”.



    Employ a lawyer as company secretary to make sure that the meedting complies with the Companies Acts.



    Do all you can to deflect from the fact that there is no such thing as “one man one vote” in the room or amongst the members and definitely don’t mention that the number of votes available to you can be influenced by the size of your wallet. Democracy has no place at an AGM despite the invitation to vote.



    Have the meeting conducted by a chairman who can relate to the audience in attendance but who will move the agenda along swiftly. DO NOT EMPLOY A CHAIRMAN WHO IS APT TO RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH AND TURN INTO A PR DISASTER.



    Once the meeting has started according to an agreed agenda, have the directors proceed to waffle endlessly with no purpose.



    If any kind of statement is to be read out concerning shareholders and their rights or objectives, ensure that these are drafted by you so that you retain control of the agenda.



    When dealing with questions from the floor say as little as possible when replying.



    Withdraw the voting rights of anyone who shows any kind of corporate guile or whose beaviour suggests that they may know how to back a board member into a corner or how to manipulate the thinking in the room on any topic.



    Where possible retain the services of non executive directors who nod like a dog ad nauseam but who say nothing.



    In the event of the company finding itself in a difficult position on a particular topic, have a board member or the chairman say something outrageous to deflect from the topic in question. Make sure that the comment concerned is ultimately of no significance, inflamatory and within earshot of the press.



    After the AGM have the director concerned issue a press statement clarifying or withdrawing the statement in question.



    End the meetig with a topic, possibly a video piece, which appeals to the passions of the mebers and which they can and will unanimously support.



    Take minutes, have them typed up, and file them for posterity. Reading them is optional.



    Provide a free bar.



    At the conclusion of the meeting take a stiff brandy, a long holiday and forget about the whole experience till next year.



    The end.

  8. Listened to TheHuddle’s 1st recommendation……can’t copy the link…..falling behind ;-))




  9. Why am a watching Celtic tv claiming


    The club have given serious money £30K, &40K and £50K to charity, the club have not given a button, the foundation, another company completely your desperate from Celtic Plc are


    Raising and donating all that money, ok there are a few directors milking the charitable works too but what else do you expect from greedy corporate pirates

  10. Delaneys Dunky on 20th November 2015 10:13 pm



    He’s signing ‘A denial’. Hope that’s not an omen.

  11. Blantyre Kev at 9.37 m


    That is a good summation of today’s events





    The Ian Livngston ‘issue’ is an interesting one


    Some want a better deal from Sky / BT and some don’t a Tory Lord on the Board


    Dilemma , Irony, or both?

  12. OWEN



    I’m slagging the PLC off….because they are gutless and clueless.


    Happy to insult Celtic fans….but say nothing about the biggest cheats and bigots in world football.


    What did they have to say about Neil Lennon being attacked at Tyncastle?


    Anyway…Lets agree to differ, no harm done.




  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Hamiltontim on 20th November 2015 10:05 pm



    I`m genuinely sorry to hear that.


    I have no doubt that you and your colleagues are passionately committed to what you see as an important issue.I would be more convinced,however,if you extended your campaign to other organisations.


    Do you take your campaign to supermarkets,cinemas and other employers.


    If not,why not?


    Why should your public spirit be directed solely toward Celtic?


    Is this a matter of principle,decency ,concern for your fellow man?


    If so,then that concern should be directed towards other organisations and not focussed solely on Celtic.


    Should it not?



    Now.I`m referring solely to the issue of the “living wage.”

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    About the size of it



    Cringeworthy today …Bankier is an overpaid liability

  15. Have no idea nor interest in Bankiers’s background in terms of religion or politics. It simply does not matter.


    Notwithstanding, I’ve been to the three AGMs where he has participated. In all three he has come across as as far from a Celtic supporter as I could imagine. I think he has insulted or embarrassed me every time. OK, I’m just Joe Bloggs but I’m a genuine Tim.



    So, how the hell did he ever get appointed?


    Why does he continually insult us?


    He seems to have as much connection to us as Roger Mitchell – ie, none whatsoever.


    How do get shot of him?



    Of one thing I’m sure, PL is a Celtic man through and through. Bankier? Well, there’s a rude rhyming word that sums him up IMO. Bob Kelly would be spinning in his grave thinking such a low calibre man had succeeded him in his position as Chairman as Celtic – rightly so.

  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Hamiltontim, you are definitely a man true to his convictions , and your efforts and those of the resolution 12 four, are definitely due our respect and gratitude.

  17. Completely off piste…just watched a brilliant ad on C4 for WWF , sound track sung by Will Young. A perfect example of how to get a message across. A great cause as well.

  18. Macjay



    All of the people I work with on the Trust are committed to every company paying the Living Wage.



    You hear about Celtic purely because we commit so much to the club, financially, emotionally and in time given. In addition this is a Celtic blog.



    I hope you’re recovering from The Dolphin exploits :-)

  19. BRTH


    You forgot to add that everyone on the stage should be male, 50 + , and a CA.


    If we want some original thinking we could start by breaking that particular mould.

  20. Delaneys Dunky



    Two questions: Is it black and oily, and did it come in a Spanish sweetie wrapper?




  21. BRTH



    In other words shovel the farmyard shit, give it a good rake, move it around and give it a better location to fester in for a year.



    Got it.



    Farmer off message.




  22. lennon's passion on

    How far removed is this board from the fans. If this was 1952 the tricolour would be getting removed from paradise.

  23. We all know how much PL takes from the coffers, how much does all the members at the top table take including free hospitality for themselves and their freeloaders?



    I’d like a breakdown on it, the living wage could be paid with one of them gone…guess who?