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Celtic’s Annual General Meeting took place at Celtic Park today as the club and shareholders reflected on a year in which the Scottish Premiership trophy was secured for the 10th season in 11.  Chairman, Ian Bankier (70) confirmed his decision to step down as at the end of next month, 11 years after replacing John Reid in the job.  An announcement on his replacement will be made to the stock market before then.

The most illuminating part of the day was Celtic FC Foundation chief exec., Tony Hamilton, explaining the work your Foundation has done in the past year and has planned for the difficult winter months ahead.  The Foundation continues to feed, educate, aid those in need of medical assistance and help those struggling in poverty.  Whatever happens on the park at Celtic, the Foundation is your proudest boast.

Ange Postecoglou pinned his familiar colours to the mast.  If we are to reach the highest levels of European football, we will not do so playing defensively in the Champions League.  It is an admiral conviction and Ange had more than enough affection to carry this or any other room full of Celtic supporters.  Other outcomes are possible.

It was not overtly clear to the room, but much of Celtic’s planning in recent times has been to be in the right place when Uefa change the Champions League in 2024.  Next season’s competition will feature the last of the Group Stages, a status that has occupied our hopes and dreams for so many years.

Instead, an open draw from 36 teams will see participants play four home games and four away, all against different sides.  Getting into this 36 team contest and remaining is a huge objective for the club.

Chief executive, Michael Nicholson spoke to on-going stadium developments.  The new sports bar opened recently in the Jock Stein Stand, which will help fans who travel from distance in particular.  Lots more work is needed here.  We have a fine 20th century stadium but the more Celtic fans travel to great European stadiums and come back with tales of extravagances, like catering facilities you can reach during halftime, handtowels in the toilets throughout the day, merchandise outlets you can spend money at, from the largest seating area at the group, the more we will realise there is work to be done.

Fan liaison chief, John Paul Taylor spoke about the fight he led (although he took no credit for it) against the regime at Glasgow City Council, who planned to impose a 1m parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park on match days.  This would have displaced the nearest drivers to park 1m away, while many would be forced multiples of this distance.

It was a beyond crazy idea that only a local government/Holyrood/Westminster politician could have suggested.

Chief Financial Officer, Chris McKay dived into the numbers, indicating some significant relief that the years without fans were behind us.  He and former chief executive, Peter Lawwell, had a significant influence on the new Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.  An understated indication of the soft power the club has amassed in the game in recent years.

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  1. AIPPLE…


    THREE WINNERS out of the first 6 Races at Keeneland so far.


    9/1, 11//10 and 8/1 ( BRITISH ODDS )



    Four races to go Tonight.



  2. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Good to hear big CCV seems to have recovered from his injury .


    Now back to the bread n butter stuff tomorrow.


    I for one eagerly look forward to the next exciting episode of the Angeball series . It’s a series I could quite happily binge watch (you know you want to Netflix ).


    Here’s hoping another 3 pts and a great exhibition of exciting attacking footbal



  3. BRRB…


    The 8/1 Winner was Jocky W. Buick and Trainer…Charlie Appleby.


    My Favorite FLAT Trainer and Jockey for some time now.


    They have a Horse called ” SILVER KNOTT” later Tonight at Keeneland…but it now ODDS ON.


    I backed it and the other Winners EARLY this morning.



  4. AGMs are a waste of time if you think you will get answers to unwanted questions, no matter the organisation.

  5. If the main stand is a no goer ,then surely they need to get rid of them pillars which restricts fans views need to go ,with more fans added to them 2 corners.

  6. I am curious as to how as a team we should be good enough when playing the top tier teams if we park the bus, but cos we try and play them at their own game we are shoite, I would appreciate if someone could answer it coherently, cos IMO and it’s only IMO we would get beaten come what may, personally I would rather watch us losing have a go than playing dire defending and still losing.

  7. I agree with Ange, we need to bring better players in, this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, time that many don’t seem to be willing to afford him, shame really.

  8. I spoke to the madrid supporters i know today, all complimentary, experience, not parking the bus, our fans , entertainment and jota goal, who one says will be at madrid sometime

  9. Our postie Pedro who is a lunatic Real supporter was incredibly complimentary about us, he was even more impressed when I pointed out that we actually have money in the bank and are not a billion in debt, surprisingly he reckoned that if the roles were reversed so would the results

  10. AIPPLE and BRRB…


    OOPS I did it again….




    Thats now FOUR Winners out of Seven Races at Keeneland.


    9/1, 8/1, 6/1 and 11/10.


    Three Races to go Tonight on ITV3


    HH Bhoys.

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  12. Evening all.



    I have no interest in horse racing, I could not pick a winner if I tried.



    As apposed to football score predictions which I am particularly good at, just see my Superbru picks, just checked my league position, I’m second bottom. :(



    Horse racing currently on ITV3

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    What year were Rangers founded?



    What was the point of asking such a childishly stupid question at a Celtic AGM, apart from some nomark out to make a name for himself?




  14. VAR is killing the game ,just watching Dons v Hibs terrible decision and the time it takes HH

  15. AIPPLE and BRRB…


    OOPS…I did it yet again Bhoys.


    “MEDITATE” WINS at UK early odds of 11/4 Fav.


    FIVE Winners out of 8 Races at Keeneland…two more Races to go.



    NOT too shabby…so far.



  16. Tom McLaughlin on




    You mean like a few years ago when PL said they were a new club and he was slaughtered on CQN for being a “smartass”?

  17. RON BACARDI on 4TH NOVEMBER 2022 8:20 PM









    I think they were hoping to get the view of our custodians.






    Well they succeeded then.



    It’s The Old Firm in all but name.










    You mean like a few years ago when PL said they were a new club







    What did he actually say?



    As in, a direct quote.



    The smartass jibes were because he ducked the question, not because he answered it.

  19. ‘At Celtic’s agm, Lawwell was asked by a supporter from the floor about the reporting of Rangers in the media as a club founded in 1872, rather than a new club following liquidation last summer. The Celtic chief replied drily: “Rory Bremner can pretend to be Tony Blair” – a comment he later claimed was “just to inject a wee bit of humour into proceedings”.





  20. We all know that the defunct Rangers football club ceased to exist. However another football club was set up with a new company name of Sevco then Rangers International and maybe The Rangers until the supine SFA agreed that they are the same team with its history, but not its thousands of pounds due to its hundresd of debtors.

  21. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Queens Park. It’s a hard life. Big Jimmy, you have more luck than 36 cats. Hats off Big chap. 👏

  22. But would love to have Celtic come out with that. Too late, they should have nailed it then.

  23. bournesouprecipe on

    🎶 We shall not we shall not park the bus



    We shat not we shall not park the bus



    Not for the Hearts the Hibs or the Sevco



    We shall not park the bus 🎶